he had finally lost it. it wasn’t the typical break down and crying sort of break down either. this time, he was out of control. shattering glasses, tipping tables, knocking down lights and ripping up photographs. the singer could only take so much before he burst. simply how anyone was whom had some sort of feelings. holding them within for so long can only result in something this extreme. though as soon as he hears the door swing open. he pauses, the blackness that was clouding his eyes from his fit of rage fading before he looks at the other, swallowing thickly. liam was never usually like this, when his father had passed though, certainly it took its own toll on him. but, it’s only been building and bubbling up since it happened this time only a couple years back. sniffing, he wipes any tears from his cheeks. ❝ don’t        … just don’t. i’ll fuckin’ clean it all up. please…. let me be right now. ❞

What saddens me even more is that the cfans are so loyal and supportive like 10x of any of us… They buy like 40% our album sales. They give us leads in votings. They make sure to attend every MAMA held in Hong Kong. They bought k versions over c versions for us because they contribute to the Gaon charts.They support the comebacks even when the only chinese member isn’t in it and the rest of EXO hasnt step a foot there for over an year. Zero concerts last comeback. The videos are being taken down from streaming sites. The chinese films and dramas exo members were in got banned from release. This year, even the MAMAs arent gonna be in HongKong most probably. Yet they buy billboards for exo members birthdays, hold collections to buy albums, lease a plot in Scotland under the name of Sehun, donate towards raising forests for their anniversaries, hold fanart exhibitions, do everything that is possible under the sun to contribute… Exo M no longer exists but C EXO Ls stayed… I just… I feel so bad. They have no access to twitter or youtube… They cant even interact with the rest of the international fans but they still stayed intact and powerful.

fanartists: *make designs for aquamarine that, aside from the occasional quirk like her being a cyclops or having black sclera, use the standard homeworld uniform and are generally unnotable*
crewniverse: *use a design that creatively incorporates a school uniform motif, fitting with her supposed childlike demeanor, while also using her gem placement to reference infamous teardrop tattoos that gangsters get, as a nod to her supposedly being “ill tempered”*
su cr*t*c*ls: theSe….COLLege GRADuaTes,… , gERTTing paid FOrr STUPID shit like THIS Whille i… a maRTser of cHaractTer wIrrtING ;; and dESINgn… must suFFER??

            ❝ i ain’t so bad huh ?? ❞ he questions as he looks up at the other, he dragged them to a music store. mostly because he could test out instruments and see if they caught his eye enough for him to purchase them and use them at a gig sometime. though, if he bought every musical instrument in sight, he’d end up using some more than others. ❝ you play any instruments ?? honestly, i’d take you as a guitar kind of person. i think you’d look good in that sort of light. ❞ he replies with a laugh passing his lips before quickly becoming distracted by another object he could interact with. // @blvza

> You were out and about, taking a stroll through the same city you had previously visited on behalf of a certain redblood. You figured it would be worth it to get the proper lay of the land, after all.

> You spent much of the night clambering across rooftops and checking around for security cameras. Pesky things, those were. You couldn’t disable one without some surly teablood coming out to yell at you about it! How were you supposed to mess with highbloods if they had evidence of your messing around in action??? 

> Now you were seated just under one such camera, purposefully sitting in its blind spot, possibly in an effort just to annoy whomever could have been watching through it at the moment. You watched the trolls passing by in the street in front of you from behind your bizarrely opaque seeming glasses.

“ | Not -v-n cold w-+th-r stops you guys, th+t is +musing. +lthough you +ll s–m to b- in + big hurry now…. |”

> You drew your jacket more closely around your shoulders. You weren’t a fan of the colder perigees.

“ | Com- now, com- now, no sp+r- coin for + b-gg+r? H-+rtl-ss trolls, th- lot of you. Sp+r- + c+-g+r for + t+l-? On- you c+nnot h-+r -ls-wh-r-? |”


the first word he said to me

Oops, I just tattooed it on my body

Oops, we have tattoos all over our body that coincidentally matches

Oops, I made the first word he said to me into a sweater

Oops, I made him a Hi sweater too

Oops, we are literally the most disgustingly cheesy couple ever

Oops, we love each other

—  Louis Tomlinson probably ©

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Rosy hi,can you exacly say what Eliza said in this con? bc i'm so confuse she said she never love again,Lx was the love of her life?,please for those fans that are losing their hopes,what it's the truth that she said, and you still think Bellarke it's gonna happen? bc for a part i think she said that bc she needs to be careful with her words for the clx but for other reason i think if it all this is true? and 3 seas of Bellarke develop for nothing?the show it's gonna sink if they go on with Clx.

I woke up to so many asks about this. I have to say, everyone is freaking out over nothing. We already know the C/L fans are rude and manipulate what is actually said in order to fit their ship. We already know that what happens in cons and interviews and on twitter is not canon and is instead marketing. We already know that Eliza is in a delicate place stuck between her job as an actress and a group of fans that are obsessive and aggressive.

So this is the only time I’m going to talk about this today. First this is a transcript from that panel that @abazethe100 shared.

Hey, this is what Eliza ACTUALLY said about if Clarke will have a “new relationship” next season:

“I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s a possibility for her given with what she’s been through. I hope it is, but ummm… in honor of L/xa ummm… it would be … I think it would be hard for fans. So I don’t know. I want her to be happy though … so ya’know, which it is The 100 (implying no one is allowed to be happy on The 100 for long) *laugh* I have no idea. [X]

Second: Here is the video from the panel


Third: Leave Eliza alone. Do not get angry at her for saying things you don’t like (if in fact she’s actually saying those things, which it seems like she’s not, but rather people are interpreting her words to fit their particular head canons.) Even if she is saying those things, it doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does. Remember the trouble the CL fans got into for taking interviews and social media out of context and as canon. Just stop.

Fourth: Stop spreading all this nonsense. This is the same old ship wars stuff again. There is no reason for this. The new season won’t even have C/L in it at all. It’s going to be about the delinquents, together. Whatever happens with the delinquents, you can make your own prediction. Ignore the antis. They LITERALLY have nothing left to fight about, their ship is over. It was canon and now it’s gone and the story continues on. All they can do is try to make Bellarkers feel bad. But we have nothing to feel bad about. 

When you give them an audience for their ship war nonsense, you are giving them a voice and attention and you are actually making them valid again. You’re fighting people over their fanon, when you have canon. Let them continue on with their delusions about some poor 18 year old girl who should just shrivel up and die.  We know they are wrong, because YIKES. What an awful thought, that anyone’s life should be over because they lost a love interest. Enough with that. This isn’t even a romance story, it’s an action story.

So this is what I am saying. Don’t listen to the marketing, or how Eliza is trying to get around the negative attentions of some people. 

Focus instead upon the POSITIVE.

Don’t like how mean the C/Ls are being to Eliza? Flood social media with how awesome you think Eliza is, how wonderful it is that she and Bob got the chemistry nod. Praise Bob. Praise all of them, frankly. 

Don’t fight negativity with more negativity. IGNORE THE BITCHES. Fight negativity with rainbows and unicorns and happiness and representation and how great you think the story is and the chemistry of Bellarke and the building romance and the amazing delinquents. Support bisexual representation. Talk about how you feel Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Miller and the rest are good representation for you. Talk about how you see yourselves in them. Even how wonderful L was, as she was part of Clarke’s development that has gotten her this far… if that’s how you want to look at it. 

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