Hey, podcast people. Are you looking for the next audio drama to fall in love with? Are you a fan of weird but heartfelt stories? Do you have an inexplicable passion for public transit? Are you listening to Greater Boston yet? Do you like 

  • stories with unique and unusual premises?
  • audio dramas that use the medium of sound to their advantage in creative ways?
  • amazing soundtracks?
  • ghosts, maybe?
  • innovation in terms of format and storytelling that is so clever and well-crafted and fun that it fills my little writer’s heart with joy every episode?
  • mild surreality and “weird fiction”?
  • (or just regional gothic memes?)
  • Dunkin Donuts?
  • slice-of-life stories that still build a great central plot?
  • mysterious messages from tuna-eating corporate executives?
  • deep sea exploration?
  • LGBTQIA+ characters? (cranky lesbian moms! gay characters! ace characters!)
  • political intrigue?
  • human beings named “Extinction Event”?
  • ensemble casts of incredibly well-developed characters with their own unique arcs and motivations as well as complex and interesting interpersonal relationships?
  • Molasses???

Then this could be the podcast for you! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll probably get way too attached to a dead guy’s Google Calendar! Seriously, try Greater Boston! It’s an amazing show that’s not receiving anywhere near enough love around here and it deserves more attention.

Se a conversão ao cristianismo não melhora em nada as ações exteriores de um homem - se ele continua sendo tão esnobe, tão rancoroso, tão invejoso ou tão ambicioso quanto era antes - devemos, na minha opinião, suspeitar que sua ‘conversão’ foi, em grande medida, imaginária.
—  C S Lewis
  • Britain: Where's America, Australia?
  • Australia: We just stepped out of the shower. He'll be down in a minute.
  • Britain: Alright listen, you guys can't go... Did you just say we?
  • Australia: What?
  • Britain: Did you just say "We just stepped out of the shower"?
  • Australia: ...I said "he".