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I’m Doing a Podcast???

Due to my influx of free time and desire to purposefully re-read the Harry Potter books, my good Potter friend (we met on an HP fantrip) and I are doing a Harry Potter podcast. As people who’ve listened to HP podcasts since MuggleCast and PotterCast were the only ones, we’re really excited.

In it we’ll be re-reading the books, having in-depth discussions of what we read, talking about the fandom, and doing some other fun things, too. I’ll post more info here as soon as we get it all set, and you can follow us here on tumblr. We expect to post the first episode in April, so expect more soon.

here’s a headcanon: ginny always talks about pushing back marriage for her career so harry starts proposing to her with random objects. like really bizarre household stuff like toothbrushes and garden plants ?? and then one day, he bends down on his knee and before he can ask for her hand with an old spoon he found in the kitchen, she screams ‘YES’ in frustration because hell, if she wasn’t done with his bullshit then, she sure is now but the moment she says yes, harry pulls out a ring and has this tiny little smile on his face as if all his confidence disappeared in a second. and ginny realizes that he had the ring all along. of course he did.

make hogwarts school musical a thing but instead of harry being troy make it ginny. ginny singing bet on it with dramatic passion on the quidditch field, ginny not knowing whether to stick with quidditch or to follow her passion for writing, harry being the shy newcomer to the wizarding school who has secret talents in DADA and quidditch. ron is chad and hermione is taylor, draco and blaise are sharpay and ryan

because some of y'all ugly snape/snily stans are really getting on my nerves, here are some gentle reminders about the overly pompous arse: james potter— boy extraordinaire

• james grows up in a happy family. his childhood is filled with first magic celebrations and awkward tumbles from quidditch practices and it’s an overall, nice kind of picturesque apple pie life

• so when james goes to hogwarts and boards the train it’s not— it’s not anything new. at least not yet.

• it’s not until he finds himself at odds in finding a seat that it really strikes him as a whole new world compared to something that always seemed given to him

• so robes and wand in hand, he swerves past bustling students (damn him and his athletic abilities) and peers into a nearly full compartment

• he knocks lightly (okay, loudly, alright? when has james ever done anything without a thundering finesse) and a boy with straw hair and sullen eyes slides the door open and offers a silent sweep of his hand to an empty space next to a boy with dark grey eyes and a contorted expression of a scowl and a grin. he’s a black: james has seen him in passing when the rare invitation for galas or balls somehow finds its way into the potter house; sirius was his name. sirius orion. james remembers laughing when he first heard about him.

• when their robes are changed and a mousy kid named peter starts talking with more excitement, sirius cracks open a smile and remus chews on a chocolate bar and james realizes that magic isn’t something you take, but something to be given.

• he meets lily

• and it’s like—

• it’s like the world tilts on a dangerous axis and starts spinning off course

• it’s like she’s the centre of everything, and the very thought of her sends him in orbit with brand new fervour

• lily’s the exact moment that james realizes that magic isn’t something to abuse, but something to cherish and hold, and break into parts until it fits into the heart of someone else

but the thing is.

the thing is is that she hates him

• so naturally, he hates snape

• and it’s childish and crude, and if anyone asks him in later years, he would say that snape deserved every bit of it

• but in truth, he would recall the quiet and warm voice of remus, snuggled in a fetal position on the gryffindor common room couch, mumbling in the wee hours of dawn

• ‘lily isn't— lily isn’t something you own, you know? she’s like the muse of every artist, but she isn’t some untouchable painting, prongs. she's— she’s human. nothing less, and nothing more. you shouldn’t immortalize her, that’s the same thing as snape’s twisted fantasy of his minuscule chance with her.’

• and james had blinked over the glaring light of his horrid glasses and paused into nothingness— too quiet, that remus had lifted his head to check if he was still breathing

• and then he had laughed and said, ‘do you have a crush on her or something? is she you’re mate? is that even a thing??’

• the ‘fuck off, prongs.’ wasn’t missed to james’ ears

• skip through time a little and he stops obsessing. he doesn’t steal obscene plants from the greenhouse to present to her, and he stops paying the ghosts to sing renditions of elvis songs in the middle of the great hall

• and it’s not until sixth year that lily starts to notice

• so the first date goes along smoothly, and the first hand hold is without any sweaty palms, and the first hug is comfortable enough

• but the first kiss is absolutely awful

• there’s fumbling and teeth against teeth and it’s all very trial and error

• and then lily tilts her head back; all soft eyes, and bright hair, and golden mind, and james can see the glow of fire around her in the setting sun

• 'it’s okay, james.’ she says. 'we’re okay.’ and she slowly leans in again, and meets her mouth against his and she tastes like home. warm, and pliant, and pure happiness.

• when they go into hiding years later, james still visibly sags with relief every time he hears the familiar coo of harry’s giggle, and the everlasting wonder of lily’s sighs of content

• and when voldemort leaves his body cold and empty, he remembers the taste of her lips against his.

• home and magic and everything good in between.

Remus Lupin is so fucking extra though? Like, everyone calls Sirius dramatic but Remus has like two settings: 0 and 100.
Like in Snape’s Worst Memory he’s all: hexing is bad and I want no part in this, but then he sees Peter and is like: hey friend time to die
He’s on Sirius’s back all the time like ‘chill man we need to think things through’ but then he’s like ‘so I married Tonks but in hindsight nah I’ll ruin her life so I’m coming on an adventure k?’
He’s super chill paring off Snape: 'marauders map? Nah mate no idea I guess I’ll just take it off yours hands goodnight’ then at the mention of Sirius Black’s name he throws his suitcase half way across the room 'how dare you? accuse me? Sirius Black?!?’
He’s just either so chill or so over the top like oh my god

Harry Potter: Albus Dumbledore [INFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING BY: infj-the-cynical-idealist

[Spoilers Ahead]

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Dumbledore often acts like an intelligent but scatterbrained old man. But while he may look like Ne at first glance, later books show a more calculating, farseeing nature. Dumbledore never acts without a clear purpose, as proven by his innumerable actions that seem random at the time but turn out to be integral, and intentional, later. He grooms Harry from day one, seeing the role he must play in the coming conflict. Dumbledore plays the long game expertly, withholding information from Harry until he needs it. He has no doubts that Harry will sacrifice himself in the end, counting on what others would think of as a long shot. While Dumbledore understands Fudge’s fear of the coming battle, he has little patience for those who cannot look at the big picture, especially since he has such a clear and unwavering conviction in what he has foreseen. Dumbledore has such confidence in the plans that he has set in place that he will even die for them, letting Snape kill him after planning it out in advance.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): When dealing with other people, especially children, Dumbledore has a way of putting them at ease. Part of his scattered old man act is designed to make people more comfortable with him, when in reality he is a ridiculously powerful and intimidating wizard. Dumbledore presides over Hogwarts fairly, doing his best to keep his students safe and happy, even when he works in subtle, unseen ways. His choice in staff reflects his sense of compassion and willingness to people a second chance. Hagrid, Mr Filch and Professor Trelawney. are all not especially qualified for their jobs, but Dumbledore keeps them on out of a desire to let them show their good qualities. Dumbledore’s past is a perfect example of Fe’s dark side. Paired with his visionary Ni, his Fe led him to consider extreme actions like taking over the muggle world, “for the greater good.” Dumbledore puts an immense amount of trust in others, first trusting Snape to kill him as promised, then trusting Harry to go to his “death.” 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Dumbledore has a brilliantly inquisitive mind. He is prone to questioning traditional knowledge, encouraging his students to pursue unconventional and original solutions. He is an inventor (He discovered the twelve uses of dragon’s blood) and loves to keep interesting gadgets and doodads in his office. In teaching, At Hogwarts Dumbledore is lax to the point of being negligent, because he values independent thinking in his students and thinks that they can learn more if their environment is less structured.  

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Dumbledore hesitates to get involved directly and tends to act on the framework of a greater plan than his immediate perceptions. He prefers to work subtly rather than out in the open, although when pushed he is capable of immense feats of wizardry, as seen in his duel against Voldemort. Dumbledore wishes the world to be seen for what it truly is, doing his best to cut through misconceptions about the first war, the coming war, racial equality and misunderstood individuals. 

I’m not expecting this to click with everyone, but I’m as confident about this typing as I am about any other profile I’ve written. Dumbledore simply doesn’t use Ne. He uses Ni and gives a shallow Ne impression in order to put people at ease and let others underestimate him. 


Severus Snape (b. 9th January 1960) was a half-blood wizard, the son of witch Eileen Prince and muggle Tobias Snape.

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