c; alice morgan

Luther: Alice Morgan [INFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Alice can read John’s motivations and intentions almost from the first moment they meet; she knows how to get into others’ psyches and exploit them, by digging into their deepest fear. She envisions and carries out “the perfect double-murder”… and gets away with it, because there’s literally nothing to tie her to any of it, except for Luther knowing she’s guilty – intuitively. He comes to her for insights whenever he’s in trouble, because she’s good at getting to the heart of something and knowing what path to take to get there. She becomes fixated on things, with tunnel vision in achieving them. She can piece together things almost instantly – like her figuring out that John has been playing Russian roulette with an old revolver… and one bullet in the chamber.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Luther calls her a narcissist, and it’s true – she’s not happy unless someone is impressed by her genius. He actually manages to get her to cease terrorizing someone by threatening to frame another person for the murder she committed; her inability to stand by and let someone else get the “glory” drives her to “behave.” She’s eager to impress him almost from the first moment of their meeting, and continues to do things to “serve” him throughout the first season, and into the second. Foolishly, or perhaps arrogantly, she leaves the evidence of her crime in plain sight – and John uses it against her. She’s very forthcoming with her feelings, or lack thereof (“Of course I hated my parents” … “I want you to come with me, John”). When confronted with a decision as to whether or not to kill someone who has hurt two people she cares about in cold blood, Alice leaves the decision to them – and fulfills their emotional needs by pulling the trigger.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): She has an innate ability to understand other people and how they think; it drives her nuts if she cannot comprehend something on its innermost level, so she’ll turn up unexpectedly at people’s houses to threaten them and demand answers – why did John’s wife leave him? How does the ex feel about Zoe cheating on him with John? She’s a quick problem-solver, but not always objectively rational (such as keeping evidence; it’s both because she’s a genius, and thinks no one can catch her, and out of a lack of respect for external judicial processes). She understands the legal system so completely that she never leaves any evidence.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Alice is a major risk taker. She walks into a busy hospital, pulls the fire alarm, and murders someone by smothering them – with people rushing past outside the window. She doesn’t even pull the shade. She breaks into people’s houses, for the thrill of doing it. She puts a loaded gun to her head. She threatens Zoe with impalement, on a smoking platform where anyone could walk out and find them. She tries to entice John to run away with her, to see the world – live in different countries, never stay anywhere very long.