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How would Moriyama, Hayakawa, Miyaji, Hayama and Wakamatsu react to walking behind their GF while going up stairs and accidently seeing up her skirt and realizing she is wearing cheeky undies (if you don't know what those are, they are like thongs but in boyshorts format) and just behind them are their teammates and their teammates kinda sorta see up the GF's skirt as well. @_@ Sorry if that was confusing..

Hayakawa: The sputtering sounds that escape his lips when he realizes don’t even sound like words. Not knowing any other way to remedy the situation, Hayakawa places his hands on her back and rushes her up the stairs, nearly tripping her and making the situation worse. He hasn’t even told her what’s wrong yet as he yells back at his teammates, “Don’t look! Don’t look!”

Moriyama: It took him longer than it should have for him to realize that if he could see up her skirt, then his teammates could as well. In fact, it’s an awkward grunt from Kobori that clues Moriyama in to the situation. He takes the steps quicker after this, using his own body as a shield to keep as much of the view away from his teammates as possible.

Wakamatsu: His cheeks were already flaring red with embarrassment when he noticed her underwear, but hearing Aomine’s snicker behind him had them even redder — this time with flustered anger. Wakamatsu doesn’t really think when he reaches out to pull her skirt down some more so she’d be decent. She scolds him after she nearly trips, which has his teammates laughing harder.

Miyaji: Even before his teammates got a real good look at her underwear, Miyaji is moving to cover them up. He nearly causes her to fall forward, he’s bumped his notebook into her backside so hard. It’s a bit awkward as they walk up the stairs like that, his arms stretched out to keep his book against her ass, especially since he won’t tell her why. “I’ll let you know later, damn it,” he flusters.

Hayama: He had a bad habit of allowing his muscles to move before his mind could fully think about the situation. As such, it came as a surprise to everyone when Hayama’s hands were suddenly touching her ass. At the very least, his palms were keep her skirt firmly against her backside, making it impossible for his teammates to look up there any longer. It also earned him a surprised slap.

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Hope I made it.... How would Hayakawa, Takao, Hayama, Yamazaki, Wakamatsu, and Himuro react to their gf sneaking up behind them, groping or smacking their butt then running away?

Hayakawa: Flushing red as the sound of your hand meeting his ass echoes in his head, Hayakawa splutters a bit in confusion. He doesn’t know if he should run after you; even if he wanted to, the fact that his legs felt like they were made of jelly wouldn’t really help him.

Wakamatsu: He’s red as a beet when you give him a little grope before skipping in the opposite direction just as fast to get away from him. Wakamatsu isn’t sure what just happened, but he’s running after you the moment his mind returns to him, yelling out for you to give an explanation.

Takao: Yelping at your actions, Takao is quick to turn and run after you. He’s grinning as he attempts so smack your butt back, turning it into some kind of competition of who could get more smacks in before the two of you got caught running around the hallways in school.

Himuro: Surprised at your bold actions, he stares off in the direction you’d run in, a single brow raised in question. He goes in search for you, wanting an explanation for your actions, but not really interested in it. Himuro just wants an excuse to tease you, saying he’d surprise you back one day.

Hayama: A little squeak escapes his lips, almost uncharacteristic, as you smack his ass before fleeing in the opposite direction. Hayama is more confused than anything else for a few moments, wondering what he could have done to receive that. It’s not long before he’s planning to return the favor.

Yamazaki: The flush of red that spreads on his face is evident as Yamazaki wheels around, yelling at you. He’s more embarrassed about his outburst than the action itself, noticing the sudden eyes of his peers on him as he swears his revenge. Be warned: he’s planning more than a grope.

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Moriyama, Takao, Fukui, Hayama and Wakamatsu are told by their coach to bascially be their team manager's/assistant manager's (who is also their crush)assistant for the day as a form of punishment of sorts. The guys are excited because hey, working with their crush. But then their crush looks at them, gives them the most evilist smile and says "Ha, you're my b*tch now~". So basically their reaction to realizing that their cute crush is also evil incarnate.

Moriyama: The weight of the box he was carrying was beginning to make his arms tremble. Despite being able to work with his crush — which was a heavenly thought in itself — if Moriyama had known he would be doing all the heavy lifting, he probably would have enlisted the help of someone else.

“____-chan, do you think I could take a break now?”

One look from her was all he needed to get straight back to work.

Wakamatsu: “W-What do you mean by that?! Oi!”

Her evil cackle is met with his involuntarily angry response as Wakamatsu furrows his brow in both confusion and frustration. He had thought getting paired up with her would’ve been a cake walk — a nice break from all the hectic work he otherwise had — but her initial reaction was beginning to make him nervous.

“Wait! Don’t walk away! Tell me what you mean, damn it!”

Takao: The nervous chuckle that escapes his lips is almost in sync with her own amused laughter. Nervous about the mischievous glint in her eye, Takao is slow to approach her.

“____-chan, how am I helping you today?”

“You’ll see.”

Somehow, the way she skipped off so happily — which would usually send his heart aflutter — made him feel sick to his stomach.

Fukui: Somehow, Fukui found that he didn’t mind this sudden change in her demeanor; in fact, it added something new to her that he found he could appreciate.

“I hope this isn’t a new kink,” he mumbled to himself, getting to work on what she ordered.

When she made a whipping noise, moving her hand in a motion as if she were backing him into a corner with one, he had to run to get away from his thoughts.

Hayama: She was kidding right? The evil laughter that was bubbling out of her lips and the dangerous glint in her eyes were all just a figment of his overworked imagination. Hayama was sure of that as he diligently followed after her to begin the task of helping out with whatever she needed. Time to impress!

But the large stack of wooden crates that needed moving quickly dampened his spirits.

“W-Wait, you were serious? You expect me to move that all by myself?!”

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Nebuya, Okamura, Wakamatsu having a s/o that's a really good kisser, and their reaction being kissed for the first time by them :)

Wakamatsu: He didn’t enjoy that there were rumors of you being an exceptionally great kisser; it only meant other people had tasted what he could. The moment your lips met his however, all those worries left his mind. It was as if he was melting, almost desperately molding himself to fit better with you.

Okamura: He’d always been told the lips of a lover would be the sweetest thing he’d ever get to taste. In that moment, Okamura found himself agreeing one hundred percent. It was the best feeling in the world, but he was so nervous his muscles felt stiff. It was a great kiss coming from you, but from him not so much.

Nebuya: Not wanting to admit that you were a better kisser than him, Nebuya would put a little more than his all his heart behind the first kiss. He couldn’t deny that, by the time you pulled away, both of you were left breathless and greedy for more. It was excited that he could match you so easily.