+27 wandered into the Asylum

Andromeda licked his lips, the sound of the door opening seemed to echo around the entire building. The man looked up at the person whom was wandering down the hall.

Was it one of them? Had they noticed he was missing? Where they here to take him back?

[Sif stumbles inside of the house, taking off her muddied boots and leaving them haphazardly on the floor.  her arm still throbs, but she has managed to stanch the bleeding despite the bullet.  she discards her armor, bloodied weapons and shirt by the door as well.  her long plaits of hair have been hastily chopped off.]

Lyn, not now.  Hush, dog. [the wolf pup yaps at her feet.  she hadn’t wanted to concern Thor.]

Bruce had actually gotten a sufficient start in his work, finally managing to wrap his head around what he wanted to do. It felt good, his mind was finally working at maximum capacity after a long wait. After grabbing some food from the cafeteria, he headed back, ready to keep working. The project was simple, really, he needed to try and reduce the amount of gamma radiation in his blood stream. It was something he’d been trying to do for years, and he knew the results wouldn’t be immediate, that technically there was no actually cure for what was in all reality, a mutated form of radiation poisoning, but if he could gradually remove them over time, maybe in years or even months, this problem could be over.

He entered the lab with an apple and a bottle of water in hand, looking towards the computer and microscope. Something felt off, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He stepped back in surprise when he saw someone crawl out from underneath the table where the computer sat. A young man, young than him, in a black suit and tie. “Oh.” the man said, his eyes widened slightly. “I-I’m from IT, I was told that one of the cable connectors to this server was acting up.” Bruce shrugged. “Was working fine for me.” He set his stuff down on the table, watching the man’s agitated body language. “Y-yeah, I couldn’t work out the problem.” Bruce was able to detect a very discreet earpiece lodged in his left ear, not the one the other agents wore.“I don’t suppose you’d mind if I saw your ID card?” Bruce asked carefully. The man began to walk past him and Bruce grabbed at his arm. “Wait a second-” No, don’t engage. You can’t afford it.

“Sorry, I’ll be on my way.” The man scurried out past him, and Bruce followed him out, watching him as we walked swiftly down the hallway. “Hey!” he called, but the man didn’t respond. “Shit…” he muttered, stepping back into the labs. Maybe it was just a feeling.

He got on his hands and knees, crawling underneath the lab table, searching carefully along the back wall. His hands brushed against a small plastic device stuck to the back of the computer server. Pulling his hand away immediately, he craned his head to look at it. He saw a small flashing light, but it was too difficult to gage.Taking a deep breath to curb his paranoia, he stepped up, brushing the dust off his pant leg and exited the lab quickly.

Turning several corners, he saw that the door to Natasha’s office was open. He stood in the door, in case she was in the middle of something. Taking a deep breath, he looked over to her. “So, I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but I think someone just planted a bomb in my lab.” he said, his voice lowered.

[standing in the kitchen after Fandral leaves, Sif pokes around, trying to familiarize herself with the room]  What made you choose this place, Thor? [watches the other Asgardian to see where his temper stands]