In The Dark I See | Nat & Thor

There were some nights when the nightmares would wake her up more than once, others were so bad she couldn’t find the resolve to try to go back to sleep after. Ever since the leak when she’d released all of SHIELD and HYDRA’s dirty secrets onto the internet, there was this ever-present sense of dread. She’d done what she had to and there were no regrets but that wasn’t enough to put an end to the feeling of impending doom. Like she’d come home one night, flip on the light switch and be met by a team of half a dozen highly trained assassins ready to pay her back for betraying their masters.

It came with the territory, sure, but things had never hit so close to home. Not even after Loki or the invasion, not when the world and everyone in it was forced to acknowledge that there was more out there than they could ever fully grasp or comprehend. 

Some of the worst dreams were sprinkled with memories of him, though she wasn’t sure how or why. Sure, Natasha had known more about Barnes than she’d let on when last she saw Steve at Fury’s grave but that hadn’t meant the two had shared a history that went beyond Odessa. 

Even so, every night his face would appear among the strange images of Soviet commanders hovering over her, ballerinas en pointe twirling in unison and bitter Russian winters of decades long past. 

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+27 wandered into the Asylum

Andromeda licked his lips, the sound of the door opening seemed to echo around the entire building. The man looked up at the person whom was wandering down the hall.

Was it one of them? Had they noticed he was missing? Where they here to take him back?

Once Loki had heard from Amora, he cursed and dropped nearly everything he was doing. If this was what he thought it was, there was no way Balder would be able to lead Asgard against that sort of threat alone. No, as much as he really didn’t want to, he knew he had to get Thor into Asgard. Without Odin, Thor was likely Asgard’s best shot.

By Amora’s comment about blue skin, it luckily wasn’t Thanos himself, but Loki knew the connections Thanos had and didn’t want to take any chances. When it came to the vault, Thanos was likely after the Infinity Gauntlet, and that in itself could be a disaster beyond anything anyone could fix.

Getting to Thor’s home, he skipped the knocking portion and pushed the door open. “Thor! You better be home, or so help me… I don’t have time to search you out…  Thor! Asgard is in trouble!”