Young(er)! Thor x Reader

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Hiiii, loved your blog for sure, it’s super amazing. So, I came here to ask you to write a imagine for me. A Thor x reader one, AU if you want to and a fluffy one please
A/N: I am so sorry that this took so long! I feel terrible about this, please don’t hate me. >~<
Pairing: Young!Thor X Reader AU (you’re both 16)

Your father was Lord Njord, of Asgard, and you, (Y/N) NjordDaughter were his only child. So, naturally, he tried to instill all of his dreams and impossible expectations into you. Meaning that you were constantly set up with noblemen whom wanted to court you.

Hundreds of miserable meetings with rich snobs whom you could’t care less for.

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+27 wandered into the Asylum

Andromeda licked his lips, the sound of the door opening seemed to echo around the entire building. The man looked up at the person whom was wandering down the hall.

Was it one of them? Had they noticed he was missing? Where they here to take him back?

[Sif stumbles inside of the house, taking off her muddied boots and leaving them haphazardly on the floor.  her arm still throbs, but she has managed to stanch the bleeding despite the bullet.  she discards her armor, bloodied weapons and shirt by the door as well.  her long plaits of hair have been hastily chopped off.]

Lyn, not now.  Hush, dog. [the wolf pup yaps at her feet.  she hadn’t wanted to concern Thor.]