c:the most beautiful man

I am sweating bullets tonight guys. I have that terrible anxiety pain that’s rooted deep in your chest and makes you feel like someone’s pumping way too much adrenaline into your heart and it hurts.

Tomorrow I, a non artist, have to turn in a fucking art project to my art professor who is a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST! I have to look him in the eye knowing he can critically judge the likes of Picasso and hand him something that I made. I have to physically present something that I created and therefore declare it as my representation of art.

I just wanted to take an art appreciation class 😭😭 to appreciate….the art. Not make it!!! God what if it sucks. It probably does ohhhmygod


#let me tell you something #this scene was so beautiful because you can see the pain and guilt seeping out of killian #he’s so damn worried about emma and it’s eating him up #he loves and cares for her so much that he’s learned from the past mistakes #he’s learned that lying gets you nowhere #and so he’s telling her the truth to make things right #so basically killian jones epitomizes perfection