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So, you don't feel in tune with the tree? Huh. Interesting. Does it maybe have something to do with your... past? I'm sorry if this is an insensitive question

“It wasn’t that long ago, but I don’t remember how it feels to be connected to the tree anymore…I wonder if other Illuminated Grass types feel this way too…or am I the only one…?”


And for the second part of @becausedragonage‘s Fandom Friday, a preview of the fan-comic @average-xmendrawings and I are currently working on. This is going to be a loooong one, so don’t anyone hold their breaths waiting for it! And as much as I like the Weringo Evil font, I’m gonna have to redo the captions on the second page just for the sake of legibility…

But yeah, Rockslide, Surge, Anole and Match are the New X-Men getting some love this time around. Or… well, attention, anyway. Sorry, Santo!


Jubilee with Shogo, Suge, Gentle and Sprite made a cameo in X-Men: Prime. Didn’t do much and I don’t think the artist knows how people play baseball. Or that Noriko should be wearing gauntlets.

I wanted to review this but I got to the part with 05 and everyone saying how they will go after their leader into the fire because she is Erza….I mean Jean. Because she is Jean, that’s the reason. I then decided I’d rather check the Inhumans: Prime book than this mess. 

Fitbit done good

Really wasn’t expecting that. Messaged fitbit customer service about my 2 year old surge, it has been loosing its charge very fast, like hours instead of days.

I was expecting to get some suggestions on settings to tweak or turn off to save battery life. Instead they checked my account, saw that my battery was messed up and are sending me a replacement.

Out of warranty and getting a replacement, don’t normally get that from a company.

Also I guess it pays to complain, or ask for help.