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For thinking: Evan Sabahnur tries to take over the world (misguided, but adult heroes are out there killing each other and he's too kind and wants everybody to stop fighting). For that, he recruits his own Riders of Apocalypse, but only from among the young hero community. Who would be your choices? Who would be if he went the way of the Apoc twins and chose his four riders from among dead young heroes? Let's say he has Gwenpool to give suggestions, so he can choose characters he's never met.

I gave this one some thinking and decided that Evan wouldn’t go in that direction. Even if he tried to take over the world, he would try to do it in a benevolent manner, because he’s not Apocalypse. He’s Genesis. So Instead of Four Horsemen, maybe he could have Seven Days of Genesis? Who could be using their powers to better the world and governments and big business would try to stop them? Kinda like that one Stormwatch story by Warren Ellis maybe?

First Day was the creation of Day and Night. So I’d pick up Surge who, with upgraded powers provides free energy to third world countries, making every night as bright as a day.

Second Day was the creation of Sky and Earth. Hellion uses his upgraded powers to transport refugees from and supplies to areas hit by wars and natural disasters, making things on earth fly in the sky.

Third Day was the creation of Earth with plants and Sea. Klara Prast uses her powers to make plants grow on a mass scale, to provide food for areas hit by famine or drought.

The Fourth Day was the creation of Sun, Moon, and Stars. Prodigy uses his genius to provide the world with cheap technology to safely travel to space.

The Fifth Day was the creation of all kinds of animals. Nature Girl uses her powers to control animals and make them help people in need and keep out of the harm’s way.

The Sixth Day was the creation of Human. Elixir uses his powers to heal people. He doesn’t even have any upgrades, because for what?

Seventh Day God has rested. Pixie uses her pixie dust to make everyone high forget about their problems and misfortunes.

Look, I even managed to stick with the mutants only.

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And for the second part of @becausedragonage‘s Fandom Friday, a preview of the fan-comic @average-xmendrawings and I are currently working on. This is going to be a loooong one, so don’t anyone hold their breaths waiting for it! And as much as I like the Weringo Evil font, I’m gonna have to redo the captions on the second page just for the sake of legibility…

But yeah, Rockslide, Surge, Anole and Match are the New X-Men getting some love this time around. Or… well, attention, anyway. Sorry, Santo!