Okay, so Castiel gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition, and that left this handprint, right??

but what kind of weird gripping position would leave a single handprint like that?? and from that angle? Cas carried him by the shoulder with one hand and like the handprint isn’t even in a place where it looks like he’d have had a solid grip? so

did he just do a magical floaty super angel strength thing? this would make sense I guess but it looks weird

more secure hug-hold? this makes more sense I think

dramatic fireman-rushing-into-the-fire rescue pose maybe

sleepy baby cradle?

piggyback ride??


Supernatural Characters
  • Girlfriend: so I'm writing all the characters in supernatural starting with A.
  • Me: haha okay who do you have so far?
  • Girlfriend: Anna, Azael, Alistair, Ash, and Abaddon.
  • Me: Are there anymore? Check the wiki page.
  • Girlfriend: okay *checks*
  • Girlfriend: *silence*
  • Me: whats up?
  • Girlfriend: we forgot Adam...
  • Me: ...
  • Girlfriend: ...

yeeeahhh i’m still doin these!! we have LILITH tonight!

(we’re slowly coming to a finish with these, having also done deancasgabriel, gadreelcrowleyluciferalastair, and abaddon!)

i’ve been asked about lilith and given all sorts of descriptions and all this sorta stuff, but i don’t know, i think of her as a pretty humanlike-kinda-thing. i didn’t use a reference for anything because i wanted her to be imperfect, but still a little elegant?? which is sorta canceled out by a halo forcibly shoved through the neck i suppose

this is one of  those like crowley, where i may redo it at a later time! :u

Ghosts and Periods

Anonymous said: Hi! :) could you write something along the lines of reader gets her period and the cramps are killing her, but she’s shy so she doesn’t let anyone know until she screws up a hunt from a crippling pain or something and then it’s all embaress and fluff? Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense but thank you! 😂

Anonymous said: One shot where shy and awkward reader has her period, but refuses to let others know. While all of that business is going on she has to go on a hunt, and she has a crippling cramp that almost ruins the whole thing, but Castiel swoops in to save the day. Afterwards reader has to explain what went wrong and then they take care of her? Awkward and funny and fluffy please. Thank you so much! :)

A/N: So, I decided to combine these two since they’re so alike. I hope this was okay with the people that requested them!

Word count: 1,366

Pairings: some Castiel/Reader

Warnings: swearing, mentions of period? Is that even a warning?


You woke up with a terrible pain in your stomach. For a moment, you even freaked out at the thought that someone was torturing you. But then, although it didn’t give you much relief, you remembered that it was only your period. Luckily, it had started yesterday, so today there wasn’t any blood on the motel’s sheets to worry about.

You rubbed your eyes as you sat up, feeling another shot of pain in your abdomen. How Mother Nature could be so cruel, you would never know. At least this time you had gotten a motel room for your own, instead if having to share it with Dean and Sam like when there were no more. You went to the bathroom and quickly changed the pad for a tampon, also getting into a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.

After putting your hair up in a messy bun, you knocked on the room next to yours. Sam opened the door with his gun gripped to his side, but relaxed once he saw you.

“Don’t worry, it’s just me,” you chuckled as he stepped aside to let you pass. Dean was barely getting out of bed, his hair and shirt messy as ever.

“Sorry,” Sam smiled, returning to loading his gun. You and the Winchesters were hunting down a ghost, a case that you might have called easy if it wasn’t for the fact that you were on your period. Speaking of which, another cramp decided to make its appearance, making you grimace in discomfort.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Dean asked, coming out from the bathroom where he had been changing. You opened your eyes and found the boys staring at you with worry.

“Yeah, just hungry,” you lied, faking a smile. Dean and Sam bought it, though, and soon you were hopping into the Impala. On the way to the local diner, you kept having pains, and for once, you were grateful that you always got to seat in the back.

“You sure you’re okay?” Sam asked as you got out of the car. You nodded and quickly entered the restaurant, cutting off any more questions. You took a seat at the booth in the corner, the Winchesters sitting opposite you.

The person that took your orders was a young girl in her twenties that managed to flip off Dean when he gave her a cheesy pickup line.

“Dean, not every waitress wants to go out with you,” Sam commented with a small smirk as his brother grumbled something you couldn’t hear. You turned off their conversation as they started arguing, thanking the waitress when she came back with the food.

“Will you guys just shut up?” You snapped, your hormones getting the best of you. Dean and Sam looked a bit surprised by your sudden outburst, but it’s not like you couldn’t apologise later. After a rather tense breakfast, Dean drove to the house the ghost was haunting.

“Looks pretty normal,” you said, taking notice of the “On Sale” sign on the front yard.

“Yeah, I’d buy it if it wasn’t for the one-hundred year old, vengeful killing spirt,” Dean said, getting a pair of guns from the trunk of the Impala. “Okay, (Y/N) you take the first floor, Sammy takes the second, and I’ll be at the basement-”

“-where the bones are supposed to be at,” Sam finished, throwing Dean his best bitchface. “Dude, we went over this yesterday.”

“Just checking,” the eldest Winchester shrugged as you started to pick the lock of the house. Once inside, the three of you split up to your assigned locations. You looked through the kitchen and living room without any problems, and just as you were moving on the the dinning room, you felt the temperature drop down.

You turned around, coming face to face with the ghost of Mary Thatcher, a woman who had apparently killed her husband, and then herself, after finding out he had had an affair. You were about to raise your gun to shoot her, but a strong, shooting pain made you drop your weapon as you clenched your stomach involuntarily.

Fucking uterus.

That gave Mary enough time to throw you across the room. A strangled cry left your throat as the wind was knocked out of your lungs. Mary appeared next to you, her hands gripping your neck so strongly that you were sure it would create bruises, that is, if you even survived. The corners of your vision started darkening, desperate tears streaming down your cheeks. And then you passed out.


Castiel, Dean, and Sam watched as you stirred awake, suddenly shooting up as you remembered what had happened.

“Hey, calm down kiddo,” Dean smiled softly, patting your knee. He and Sam had pulled two chairs next to you, and Castiel was at the end of your bed.

“What happened to the ghost?” You asked quickly, fearing that you had ruined the hunt.

“Burned like the bitch she was,” Dean answered, exchanging looks with Sam and Cas. “But we’re more concerned about what happened to you.”

You sighed as you put your head on your hands, laying back down. You could feel your cheeks heating up, so you covered your face with the covers.

“I’m on my period,” you confessed, your voice muffled by the sheets, but there was no doubt that everybody had heard you.

“Your menstrual cycle?” Castiel asked with confusion. You lowered the covers back down as you sat up in bed, giggling at his furrowed brow.

“Yes, Cas,” you smiled, your blush deepening as he and the Winchesters looked at each other again. You slumped your shoulders, feeling ashamed. “Guys, I’m sorry. I know I should have told you, I mean, I could’ve ruined the hunt and-”

“(Y/N), it’s okay,” Sam chuckled, cutting off your ramblings. “Look, we’re just glad that you’re alright. We don’t know what would’ve happened if Cas hadn’t arrived in time.”

“You saved me?” You asked Castiel, who looked too modest to admit it. You leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek, making the angel blush. “Thank you.”

“It was nothing,” he shrugged, a small smile forming on his face.

“Well,” Dean cleaned his throat, bringing you out of Cas’s intense gaze, “we’ll just leave you if you want to sleep some more.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind if you guys stayed,” you mumbled. You didn’t really feel like being alone after what had happened.

“Okay, well, we could watch a movie?” Sam suggested, smiling when you hopped up and down excitedly.

“That’d be awesome! I just have to, you know…” You trailed off, glancing at the bathroom as your cheeks turned pink.

“Right! Um, you do that.”

When you came back, Dean had gone for pizza and ice cream, Sam was looking for a movie to play on his laptop, and Cas sitting comfortably in bed, looking around him. You flopped next to him, studying him carefully.
“Whatcha thinking about, Cas?” You asked once he had turned towards you.

“Humans are rather…curious,” he said slowly, watching you with the same interest you’d previously had on him. “I’ve always known that, but—humans, they can make you feel such interesting emotions.”

“Like what?” You had leaned towards him so that your faces were mere inches from each other. Castiel opened his mouth to speak, but was cut short when Dean burst into the room, proudly holding two pizzas and a bucket of your favourite ice cream.

All in all, apart from the near-death experience you had suffered thanks to an old ghost, you had a great afternoon; you ended up picking what movies to watch (which was not normal when you lived with the Winchesters), ate enough ice cream to forget about the cramps, and to your delighted surprised, got to snuggle with Castiel.

You fell asleep in the middle of the seventh movie, though since it was already well past three A.M., Sam and Dean had already dozed off on the couch. With a small smile, Cas tucked you into bed, pressing a soft kiss on the top of your head. He did continue to wonder how peculiar humans were.

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