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Imagine...Borrowing Dean’s Shirt

Originally posted by irishkhaleesi26

Pairing: Dean x reader

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Dating Sam Winchester would include:

Originally posted by berezneva12

·         Him being your big overprotective bear

·         Him getting irritated when you call him that

·         “Grrr…”

·         “Stop it Y/N.”

·         The two of you being able to make each other laugh so hard

·         But also being super focused when you need to

·         You braiding his hair on lazy days

·         Lying together for hours reading

·         Swapping books when your done

·         Going on runs together

·         Dean complaining

·         “Now I have to live with two grumpy-hunter, crazy sex having health nuts”

·         (He really loves having you around because you’re like his little sister)

·         And yes there is a lot of crazy sex

·         One minute Sam will be pounding into you, holding onto your hips for dear life

·         Next minute he’ll be a whimpering mess beneath you

·         Both of you having way too much energy after hunts

·         Which leads to rough sex in the nearest motel

·         Also including making out in the back seat of baby as Dean grumbles in the front

·         “Getting your love-dovey shit on my baby.”

·         “Shut up Dean, while I’m fucking Sam, you can fuck Baby.”

·         Massive bear hugs when you’re feeling down

·         Kissing the top of your head

·         “I love you Y/N, no matter what, I am always here.”

A/N: because people seemed to like my Dean one of these I posted yesterday,I did another one, enjoy!

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Supernatural: The Dating Sim

Sooooo I’ve been getting many messages about this since last night, and I will be answering the following under the cut:

- Plot

- Reader customization

- Dateable characters

- Other features

If you buds still have questions after this, shoot me an ask!

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Fanfiction Recommendations Mar. 22- Mar. 29

Originally posted by blackewhitelover

Here are some of the amazing fics that I’ve read and been tagged in this past week. Thanks to all the great writers that write wonderful fics for us. 

Please feel free to tag me in your work- I love it!



Winchester Sister/Daughter






For anon…enjoy! (Also, we’re going to ignore the timeline discrepancy)

Fred nudged George with a devious smirk. The twins shared a look before turning their attention to you. You were sitting at the same table studying something. Obsessing is was it more closely resembled. You were currently scribbling, not on parchment, but on a bound journal. You were hunched over it, rapidly writing, only stopping to sketch something. Fred leaned closer to George.

“Don’t s’pose that’s a diary?”
George’s eyes glinted. “Wonder what could be in there.”

The twins shared a mischievous glance before slowly lowering their head. They watched as a friend of yours startled you. The twins held in chuckles as you hastily closed the bound book. Your friend continued to whisper to you. A moment later, you were grabbing your things and standing. Another friend caught your attention just as you went to grab the journal. Fred slowly pulled out his wand.

“Accio,” he murmured.

The book started to shuffle toward him. Suddenly, it stopped. The twins glanced up to be met with your arched brow. Unimpressed, you snatched your journal and left with your friend.

“You’re not getting any sneakier,” you called back to them.

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The Light

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1589
Requested by Anonymous:  Can you do a Sam love confession where the reader has a near-death experience and gets shaken and kinda freaks out, but Sam is there to help her? Tysm 😘🙏💁 

Warning: Near death experience

A/N: If you want tagged in something, let me know.

          You walked out of the motel room and went toward the room Sam and Dean were sharing. You knocked a few times and then waited for one of them to answer the door. One of them was coming.

           “Hey,” Sam smiled when he saw you standing outside. He stood back to let you in, “You about ready to go?”

           You nodded, dropping your bag on the table, “Yeah. Can we get some food? I’d really like some food.”

           “Of course we can get food,” Dean said, “Who do you think you’re talking to?” he asked, looking at you like you were crazy.

           You grinned, “My bad.”

           “You look tired,” Sam said, looking at you, “You okay?”

           You nodded, “Didn’t sleep much last night. The people one the other side of me were having way too much fun.”

           “You should have come sleep in here,” Sam said, “We wouldn’t have minded.”

           You shrugged, “I’ll sleep in the Impala after we get breakfast.”

           The guys nodded and the three of you headed out to the car to head to get breakfast and then make your way back to the bunker.

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