13x19 watercolor, gouache, acrylic

Delirium from Sandman and a whole bunch of grumpy goldfish ♥ Print preorder available at http://nen.bigcartel.com/product/reverie-limited-edition-24-giclee-pre-order 

This took way too long. A time lapse video is on the way! :D ♥ Also included the sketch and the color layout so you can see how the image developed

starkmyspark  asked:

ty for answering! I laughed out loud bc you were spot on with what neil's work is all about! are there any books of his that are your faves? I read neverwhere a couple years back in high school and still get chills thinking about it, it was such a satisfying read

Oh man, there’s so much more I could say, but I’d be here all night if I talked about my favourite writers and why! 

It’s tricky, but I think American Gods is my favourite Gaiman novel. I’ve got a real boner for mythology and various pantheons (it’s the heathen in me), and I love urban fantasy. It ticked so many of my happy boxes. I’m fascinated to see the TV adaptation they’re doing - I love the casting choices I’ve seen, and I’m buoyed up by how enthusastic Neil himself is about the whole thing.

In terms of his wider works, I love all things Sandman.

My first introduction to Gaiman was the BBC production of Neverwhere. It shows its age something rotten now (the effects were a bit crap even for the time), but the casting was so damned perfect I’d struggle to imagine anyone else in those roles.

Did you ever lose something, then stumble upon it years later in an obvious place?

Neil Gaiman drew this sketch for me in 1993. I thought I’d lost it a decade or so ago in a move. This past week, I went to re-read my copy of American Gods; the sketch was hiding inside.

ROTG SWING! (or maybe jazz?) 

inspired by this concept art 

individual animations 

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars
let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
in other words, darling kiss me

fill my heart with song, let me sing forever more
you are all I long for, all I worship, and adore

in other words, please be trueeeeeeeeeeee
in other words, I love you


The full trailer!  It’s here!
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It’s that time again: summer is quickly approaching, and with it, the return of our annual social media summer book club! We’ve taken you through the Harry Potter series and shared our thoughts on southern women authors, but this summer Victoria and Michelle are taking things over to the realm of comics and graphic novels with Neil Gaiman’s popular Sandman series!

Neil Gaiman started his Sandman series in 1989, and, like its author, the comic series has had a major influence on the fantasy genre ever since. Published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics, Sandman follows Dream, one of the seven Endless, eternal beings who each rule their own realm. At the start of the series, an occultist attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead. After his 70 year imprisonment, Dream, also known as Morpheus, must escape and reclaim his lost objects of power as he confronts the changes in his realm and in himself.

Though Sandman was initially published as a monthly comic book series, the series has been reprinted into ten trade paperbacks that collect the entire 75 issues. We’ve assigned one week for each of these 10 books starting on May 23rd, and we’ll be posting on the website and various social media sites throughout the summer with our thoughts and opinions on the series, so follow along and join in the discussion with the #CHBSandman hashtag!

Here’s the reading schedule in case you’d like to follow along!

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Thank you Neil for the new Sandman: Overture. The story and its characters was amazing and it answered so many questions - and it created even more of them! Just what I needed! And the work of J. H. Williams III. and Dave Stewart in this comicbook is stunning! I admire them. The colors gave this book very dreamy/magical atmosphere.

Fanart of Hope. I redraw this from the comicbook. Hope that’s ok! Thanks again, you all inspire me.