Twins Swords & Black Crystal Dinosaur (From S01E09 “A Promise is a Promise”)

Here are a few posings on the baddies side, from episode S01E09 “A promise is a Promise”. 

Oh, and I got a few questions as to “why is the dinosaur wearing Praxina’s leggins ? Well, I have no idea, and neither have any of the designers. :) They didn’t realize it could be seen this way when they created this monster. It’s a just funny coincidence.

I love to have Praxina and Mephisto being able to swordfight. :) (And as some of you already noted, here’s another common point for Iris and Praxina : they’re both ambidextrous)

What is more beautiful, my love? Love lost or love found? Don’t laugh at me, my love. I know it, I’m awkward and naive when it comes to love, and I ask questions straight out of a pop song. This doubt overwhelms me and undermines me, my love. To find… or to lose? All around me, people don’t stop yearning. Did they lose or did they find? I can’t say. An orphan has no way of knowing. An orphan lacks a first love. The love for his mama and papa. That’s the source of his awkwardness, his naiveté. You said to me, on that deserted beach in California, ‘you can touch my legs’. But I didn’t do it. There, my love, I lost love. That’s why I never stopped wondering, since that day: where have you been? And where are you now? And you, shining gleam of my misspent youth, did you lose or did you find? I don’t know. And I will never know. I can’t even remember your name, my love. And I don’t have the answer. But this is how I like to imagine it, the answer. In the end, my love, we have no choice. We have to find.
—  The Young Pope, Paolo Sorrentino
S01.E09 - A Promise is a Promise (Matt & Stanley Posings and Model Sheets)

Written by Rhonda Smiley, Storyboard by Charles Lefebvre, cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin.

This episode was fun to create, but honestly to us it was mostly a filler. So we were surprised (and pleased) to see that most of you love Matt and Stanley (Jerome in french) as characters. 

As a fun fact, Jean-Louis hates Stanley as a character. :) So he wasn’t really happy when we had to bring him back in season 2 because we needed a security guard (“Musical Magical Tour”) or because we were back to the museum (”Amaru Universe” and “The Ruby of the Orient”). On my side, I think it’s was a good thing : it helped give the feeling that Sunny Bay was an actual city with its denizen. 

At the storyboard-animatic stage, Charles Lefebvre created initially an impressive sword fight scene, but unfortunately we couldn’t keep it all. We were able to keep the sword though, and to reuse them from time to time. ;)