✿ Hey guys, well since I got 5k followers and it’s almost Christmas, I would like to thank you somehow. I’m not a creative person to make something beautiful or stuff like that, so I made this psd pack to show how grateful I am for all the support I get from you :) this pack contains six psd, and sure you can use in several types of scenes if you know how to adjust it, it’s really easy and I I hope you can do it.

Well that’s it, thank you for following me and for being such a wonderful person and Merry Christmas. ✿


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For helping us get so many followers in the few months this blog has been up and running, we are thanking you all by creating a special Game of Thrones pack. This pack contains: 

  • 10 psds
  • 24 sidebar gifs
  • A tutorial on how to upload sidebar gifs larger than 1MB

Some psds are made specific for scenes, and others are just general ones. A few will work on a majority of the show, but as with most psds, adjustments will be needed on some layers. 9 out of 10 psds do not contain any vibrance layers. The sidebar gifs range in size and are of various characters.

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T U T O R I A L: How to make the GIF still move when you put it on the background when making a character graphic.

This was requested by an annon and I decided to make a tutorial for anyone that has a problem with this. I’m using this psd by the way. Credits to the owner. I must say in advance that I’m not the best at explaining things. So, I’m going to show you how to do this:

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selcose psd #01 //download link

i didn’t reach my goal yet, but i felt like posting a psd because i made this psd for fun and thought: yeah tumblr shows no error uploading so why not post it? please like this and reblog this, a follow would be nice too :) 


The Walking Dead PSD #01 by heavenly-helena  [download]

It’s Christmas and I have a little gift for you :) This is a psd I made some time ago specifically for my The Walking Dead gifs but I’m sure it will work on gifs/graphics from other shows as well. This is my first psd so any feedback will be appreciated!

  • doesn’t contain vibrance
  • gives gifs “vintage” look
  • looks best on exterior scenes
  • please like/reblog if download
  • enjoy! :)