Strap in guys, this is gonna be a long post.

Today is the 313th birthday of this guy

who was born the 28th of February 1704.

Who is this?
It’s Hans Hermann von Katte, a person you have probably heard of if you’ve been following my blog for a while. Mainly because I’m a little bit in love with this idiot.

Because his death was about as dramatic as it gets.

Why did he die?
Well, because this guy,

Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia, had some problems with his dad.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do 1 + 2p prussia?

Kingdom Of Prussia (Königreich Preußen)

1p!Prussia: “Sucks to be you, because she’s too awesome to have a scum like you in her life.”

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  • I know he’s a comic relief and all, but he’s also scary awesome at being a yandere.
  • Possessive:
    • Although not to the point that he will cage you in his place, he does treat you like he owns you.
    • He’ll let you go outside in public… As long as everyone knows that you are his and his alone. So, public displays of affection are common.
      • Also, he proudly shows you off to other countries. But no touchie.
    • The only reason why you’re probably locked in a room, is because you broke up with him. But hey, anything is better if it means not getting killed. If you try to leave him again, the next thing he’ll do is a good reason why being kidnapped is a better option.
    • Killing you is still an option if you keep trying to leave him.
    • I’ll be honest, I think the only time he’ll hurt you is when he is trying to kidnap you or trying to keep you from running away.
      • …Or when he kills you.
    • How jealous he gets depends on who he is jealous of. Like if it was Germany, he doesn’t mind, because he can trust him even as a yandere. But if it was someone like Russia, then heck NO.
    • Also, he will try to avoid killing as much as possible, considering that he might get hurt while doing it, and it’s not like he can just heal immediately. He would have to take the long way, even if he hates it.

2p!Prussia: “I’m not enough. Not enough, not enough, not enough. Never fucking enough.”

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  • Possessive/Obsessive:
    • He worships you. Otherwise, why would he tirelessly eliminate anything that would hurt you?
    • He loves you so much. So much so, that he will kill anyone.
    • He cares about you, he really does. But you cannt leave him. He’ll lose his sanity if you do.
    • With his reputation, he can deceive people into thinking that he can never kill anyone. How can a smol bean do that anyway?
    • Bruh, if his sanity depends on you, then I’m pretty sure he’ll never think of hurting you for absolutely no reason. If he does, then it’s possibly because he is stopping you from escaping him.
    • Gillen is literally a precious cinnamon roll that can kill you. He is very fragile when it comes to you, but he suddenly becomes this ruthless sociopath when it comes to other people.
    • He is very clingy, possessive, and overall, easily jealous. Divert your attention to another person, and he’ll start sulking.
    • He’ll stay by your side at all times. He gets paranoid when he doesn’t know where you are, or when you are no where near him.
    • When you two are in public, he’ll get territorial, and hold you very closely. Just to indicate that you are already taken.
  • Remember. The most critical trait about Gillen, is that his sanity depends on you. Everything, I mean absolutely everything he does revolves around you in a way. Like if you leave him, it will cause the start of a new massacre.