Ok so here is the stairs pack!

You can see all the assets in it above, it should be 50 PNG files.

I tried to make new stuff with it while keeping the basics you could find in my other packs. That way you shouldn’t miss any stair-tech by just buying this one.

The price is 5$ (what it would have been in the marketplace).

You can get it by shooting me an email here : thomas.brin@hotmail.fr

I will give you my paypal adress and will send you the whole thing via mail immediately after payment.

I hope I didn’t forget anything, don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions or problems.

PAUL LAHOTE | Forbidden Imprint PT1

‘’ who am i to stand in your way? ‘’

Prompt: Y/N was never Paul’s true imprint, but almost as easily he fell in love with her at first sight, the first person Paul ever fell in love with so terribly. They had been going out for a little over a year and still strong, everyone praised how well Paul’s anger had progressed, how more accepting he had become of other people. But now, Paul finally imprints on a new girl, and Y/N knows it’s time to let him go.

‘’ No. ‘’

A deep, harsh voice rumbled through the room, causing chills to run down your spine as you swallowed deeply, a painful expression on your tender features. ‘’ Paul, she’s waiting for you out there - ‘’

‘’ I don’t care! I don’t love her, there’s only been you and it will always stay like that, Y/N! ‘’ He snapped loudly, the windows rattling at the snarl that pulled back his lips, his jaw set and his breath unsteady, you felt your own heart quiver at the thought of letting him go.

But you had to.

A new girl had arrived to Forks, La Push, only a few days ago, with honey brown hair and shimmering emerald eyes, she seemed like a new light in the darkness for Paul; an innocent, gentle soul. Before anyone expected it, Paul had unwillingly imprinted, and the moment he did he had isolated himself from everyone else and all those months you had used to suppress and control his untameable anger burst out like a balloon now empty of air; your efforts blew away in the breeze of cold, unwelcome wind. 

Paul refused to have anything to do with his imprint, no matter how much it hurt him, he told you every second of the day that he could that you would always be the one he loved most and nothing could change that. But no matter how much your eyes stung from all the tears you cried, or much you hoped to wake up from this nightmare, the link of an imprinter and his imprint was impossible to deny; they were specifically made for each other, there were only rare cases of imprints rejecting the imprinter, but never the imprinter himself dismissing his soul mate.

That’s why you knew you had to do it; to let him go and be happy, because if you didn’t do it, soon enough Paul would come to his senses and leave you ever so easily himself for his imprint, and you reminded yourself that if he did, you wouldn’t be able to handle losing him. It already took all of your strength not to break down crying now, and to ask him to stay just a little longer. Long enough so you wouldn’t feel so empty, like the love of your life had just been stolen away from you in the blink of an eye.

Everyone was currently outside alongside his mate, hearing the ruckus inside even without trying to listen in from all the shouting.

‘’ She’s your imprintee, for the love of god, Paul, there’s nothing i can do to compare to her! ‘’ You breathed out, your voice raising desperately as he listened to you talk, his face shifting in pained anger at your words.

‘’ How many times, how many times do i have to say this - ‘’ His voice rose dangerously, an ear-splitting crash shattering the stillness as coloured glass sprawled across the wooden floor as Paul flung the closest object to him to the floor, instantly breaking apart the thick vase, making you flinch.  ‘’ I don’t care who she is! I don’t care if she’s my imprint, i don’t care how long it’ll take me to get over her, i don’t care about anyone but you and you don’t fucking understand that! ‘’

Tears welled up in your eyes, your lips trembling at the tightness in your throat that made it only harder for you to breathe. You hated that it was so hard, so hard to just tell him to leave.

‘’ But that’s my point, you won’t get over it! You know what an imprintee is, no matter how much you say you love me, she’ll always be there, in the back of your mind and, ‘’ You stopped abruptly, closing your mouth briefly as you swallowed down the thickness in your throat, provoking you to reveal your emotions. ‘’ one day, you’re going to realise how much you love her, and that you don’t need me, and all you need is her. and, when you leave, you’re not going to look back. ‘’ You stated softly, your voice cracking as you gazed up at Paul hopelessly, who seemed frozen in his spot. 

‘’ I love you, Paul, and i won’t be able to get over this, nowhere near as quick as you. I want you to be happy, please go to her, for me and yourself. ‘’ You whispered desperately, wiping the tears that managed to spill within your words from your cheeks.

‘’ Is that you breaking up with me? ‘’ Paul whispered with wide eyes and a shaky voice, one you’ve never heard him use before, but all you did was force yourself to nod, refusing to look up at him.

‘’ No, Y/N, look at me. ‘’ 

Shaking your head, you sniffed, turning away from him completely. You’ve went this far, you had to get through this and not let yourself restrict him. You felt a hand tightly grasp your wrist, but you only tugged your arm back, your hands covering your tear-stricken face. 

You heard thundering footsteps, and you looked up to see him storming out of the front door, the door behind which everyone awaited the both of you. ‘’ Paul - ‘’ You instinctively called, running towards the door as you heard loud yelling and indistinguishable talking, Paul walking straight through the crowd of people towards the large masses of trees, his fists clenched.

He swivelled around once more with a frighteningly fierce, wild glare, his body trembling and lips pulled back into a snarl, one that shook not you, but everyone to the very core, for Paul never held such deep loathing for anyone.

‘’ I’ll decide who i want to fall In love with, ‘’ His eyes noticeably flickered up to you, before he continued. ‘’ And i won’t let anyone stand in the way of it. ‘’ With that, he was gone into the forest, unfazed by all the voices calling for him to come back.