I’m Abi I’m from Liverpool, gay and don’t really post like this but whatever happens I’m pretty open to it.
I’m girly but I love nature and photography and doing things spontaneously, I’m obsessed with psychology and love music (indie mainly) I love The Strokes so it’d be cool if you did. Give me a night in with the right person over going out any time X
Would rather travel than get wasted.
I like girly girls a lot, but yeah ☺️
Age doesn’t bother me, if anything I prefer older because I’m quite mature for my age and I know what I want.

growing up alone in her room, Elsa found comfort in stories of a magical village in eastern Siberia, Santoff Clausen, where magic was an everyday occurrence.

Many Years later, not long after the battle of earth`s core, Pitch attacked arendelle, sensing elsa`s power and how her emotions affected it. Pitch cast the spell of enslavement over the entire castle, including anna, kristoff,  and Sven.  Elsa fled her kingdom and struggled in her journey. until she was rescued by a spectral boy. who took her to santoff Clausen. the village she`d dreamed of as a child. Elsa met everyone in the village, forming a close friendship with Katherine, whom reminded the snow queen of Anna. Elsa also bonded with north, and eventually fell in love with him. she confessed this to Katherine one day and the girl told her to tell north how she felt. As luck would have it, north felt the exact same way. Man in the Moon made elsa Immortal and chose her as the guardian of love.

A century and a half later, Elsa gave birth to a baby boy, he had whiteish hair like his mother and blue eyes like his father. they named him….. JACK (come on, please don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming)

Jack aged normally until he was seventeen, Jack was wild and carefree, but his powers were unstable as he hadn’t fully learned how to control them. this fact inadvertently led to the blizzard of `68 and north and bunny`s somewhat fractured friendship.

Once Jack had been around for three hundred years, he was chosen as a guardian upon pitch`s return. but, what had once been his biggest dream was now the thing the boy wanted least in the world due to some self-esteem issues (no doubt caused by bunny yelling at him all the time)

Once pitch was defeated, Jack finally took the oath. Elsa stood by north`s side as their son spoke with Jamie Bennett (do you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up?)

while Jack hugs Jamie, Olaf sneaks up behind tooth and greets her, she`s surprised and kicks his head off, it lands straight in bunny`s arms. the pooka tosses it back to tooth and a game of freezing potato occurs. Elsa is surprised when she sees her former friend

(Elsa: Olaf?

Olaf: you built me? remember?

Elsa yes i remember, after all this time, you`re still alive?

Olaf: I think so)

Elsa then introduces Olaf to the guardians and her family, Olaf dubs jack his “Little brother"

The end.

Hey there! That’s me on the left, Bex, and the beautiful lass on the right is my wonderful girlfriend Lea! We’ve recently started a youtube channel which shows lesbians in all their glory! We’re from Leeds/Lancaster/North Wales (I’m in uni)

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