Is there anyone here who speaks English? You speak English? My name is Alexandra Udinov, and I’d like to report a theft. […] What are they worth? What does that matter? They are Alexandrite studs in a 24-karat setting, worth more than your job. Is that enough for you to open a case, huh? How about this? They were given to me by my father on my 12th birthday. And if you know who I am, then you know who my father was, and you would know that the real worth of those earrings is priceless! Please write that down, priceless.

I firmly hold the belief that TV writers have fanfiction accounts.

You know for secretly writing out what they wanted to happen but the network didn’t want to see or testing out how the fan’s reactions would be.

It is a brilliant thing to do and it is good to know that that theory is getting more credibility as the months pass on.