MOVE IT, FOOTBALL HEAD! We can’t get enough of this Hey Arnold! vine by @thelineanimation, directed by @timmccourt and @maxtaylordesign

"The Xmas Time" Music Video | Harvey Beaks | Nickelodeon Animation
Check out this music video from the Harvey Beaks holiday special, "It's Christmas You Dorks." We filmed the making of the music for this episode from start t...

Here’s a sneak peek from next week’s amazing MUSICAL Christmas special! 

Take a look at part of the episode and behind the scenes footage from our orchestral recording session under the supervision of our incomparable composer, Ego Plum

Enjoy, and don’t miss the special Friday, December 9th at 8pm! 




Rocko’s Modern Life remains one of the most iconic and influential cartoons in Nickelodeon history. Creator Joe Murray joins Hector and a live audience at the EW Popfest and shares why he was initially reluctant to bring our favorite anxiety-prone wallaby back to television and why flying under the radar was the best thing that could have happened to the inhabitants of O-Town.

Listen on:

Massive thanks to Joe Murray for joining us!

Keep up with our intrepid host Hector on his own Twitter and Instagram pages. And stay tuned to NickAnimation25 for next week’s podcast, featuring SNL star Bobby Moynihan to chat about the upcoming animated holiday movie “Albert”!


So I got in this argument the other day and am really looking for some input on this major issue.  So we all remember T-Bo from iCarly, right?  The guy from the Groovy Smoothie who tried to sell literally everything on a stick?  Well there was this one episode where he was trying to sell doughnuts, but put them on the stick like this:

Now, like the iCarly gang, I too was very confused by this because CLEARLY he is doing it wrong.  If there’s already a hole in the doughnut, why would you put them on like this?  It doesn’t make sense.

For some unknown reason my friend thinks T-Bo is being logical doing it this way but I disagree.  Help me prove my point that T-Bo is wrong and I am right.


Boardroom executives at Nick Jr.