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Gom+Nijimura+Mayuzumi+Kasamatsu's reaction to their s/o like literally out of the blue saying "I want a kiss" or "kiss me"

Kuroko: It had nothing to do with the current situation, but he wasn’t dating you for your predictability. He doesn’t kiss you right away though, wanting to give you a few surprises of his own as well.

Kise: It takes a couple milliseconds of blinking and confusion before it’s all replaced by a grin. “I’d like one too,” he responds, leaning in to give you the awaited kiss you both longed for.

Kasamatsu: Flushing red, he looks at you as if you’d just sprouted a second head. Where had that come from all of a sudden?! You have to say it a second time before he finally takes any action.

Aomine: Almost on reflex, he leans over and plants one on the side of your forehead. He knows it’s not enough to sate you and purposely does so in order to get you to beg for more later.

Midorima: Your statement was so random, he doesn’t initially see it as a request from you at first. When you repeat it, he’s leaning down to give you one, the blush on his face almost too evident.

Murasakibara: Contemplating giving you a piece of candy by the same name, he decides that giving you what you actually wanted would be less trouble for him. The kiss tastes of sweets and makes you immediately ask for more.

Akashi: Quick on the uptake, he gives you a gentle kiss that lasts just the right amount of time to leave you feeling satisfied. “Whatever you wish for,” he whispers once you two break apart.

Mayuzumi: The look he’s giving you almost makes you think that asking for a kiss is an inconvenience to him, but he leans down and gives you one anyway. “You can’t just announce these things,” he complains.

Nijimura: There’s a roll of his eyes before he responds. “So demanding,” he mutters lowly before placing a hand on the back of your head to bring you in for a kiss. It’s short, too short, and definitely leaves you both wanting more.


You guys voted for Murasakibara and Himuro, and their results are tied! So I decided to do one of each of them and one more with the two of them (・ω・)

This is my first time doing wallpapers, so I apologize if they don’t seem right? Nevertheless, it was a great pleasure working on these! I feel like I’d like to do more in the future!

mobile wallpapers640×1136 pixels [150 dpi]
> Contains images not made by myself, I do not own any of them (except for the doodles in that last wallpaper).
> Typefaces: Adobe Garamond Pro, Luna Regular
> The only thing I own is the doodles in the third wallpaper

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You’re free to download and use these.

  • Me: *looking at kagami* omg his eyebrows
  • Me: *looking at murasakibara* omg his heigh
  • Me: *looking at haizaki* omg snoop dog
  • Me: *looking at midorima* omg green hair
  • Me: *looking at kise* omg he....looks pretty normal compared to all of them

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Gom + Himuro + Nijimura + Hanamiya's favorite ways of grabbing their s/o's attention?

Kuroko: One of his favorite ways to get your attention, especially if you were oblivious to the fact he was standing right behind you, was to lightly blow air onto your ear. The startled reaction you gave every time always amused Kuroko.

Kise: It starts of with a text. Even if you’re in the same room, Kise will try to grab your attention by sending a single kissy face emoji. When that doesn’t work, he sends an onslaught of emojis, one after one, to keep your phone vibrating.

Aomine: The type to just randomly get handsy, Aomine’s favorite way of getting your attention was a quick and light slap to the ass. Not only did it earn him a response every time, but it also let you know what sort of mood he was in.

Midorima: Usually satisfied with calling your name, the only other way Midorima tries to catch your attention is by placing a hand on your shoulder. It’s always accompanied by a loving squeeze (which prompts you to ask for a massage).

Murasakibara: There was one time where Murasakibara caught your attention by placing a lolly to your lips while you weren’t looking. Your kisses were really sweet after that and since then he’s been experimenting with other snacks.

Himuro: Hand gently combing through some strands of your hair, Himuro is careful not to tug when he gets your attention this way. It serves a purpose of both getting you to notice him and allowing him to feel your soft hair.

Akashi: You often find your hand the victim of one of his kisses and this is often how Akashi will start a serious conversation with you. It’s not a true conversation without it starting with his lips brushing your knuckles.

Nijimura: He isn’t usually so quiet, so Nijimura finds that he’s able to catch your attention faster when he isn’t callingfor you. It’s funny to him because he knows his silence is just as nerve wracking as his yelling.

Hanamiya: Don’t expect anything less than a flick to the ear if you’re not paying attention. Hanamiya enjoys the pout on your face when he does this. He also enjoys your smile after he’s kissed it better.

  • Murasakibara: Does it hurt, Muro-chin?
  • Himuro, with a tissue up his nose to stop the bleeding: Yes.
  • Murasakibara: Good. That’ll teach you not to eat my ice cream.

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Helloo can I please have a knb scenario where: GOM + Himuro + Hanamiya hear their s/o speak their native language for the first time? thank youu :D

Character limit is six! (so minus Hanamiya)

Akashi Seijurou: Walking in on you speaking on the phone in your native language, Akashi would smile faintly all-knowingly. After you hang up and turn to find him waiting, his smile would only get bigger at your flustered face. “So, you were talking to your parents about me again?” He says ever so casually. Yes, ever since you have become his other half, he has managed to self-teach your language in less than a month. How much better can a boyfriend get?

Murasakibara Atsushi: Atsushi would instantly frown at hearing foreign words come out of your mouth. He would stop in mid-chewing to hear you better, only to be confused even more. Mildly interested, he would ask you how to say “snacks” repeatedly until it becomes familiar to his ears, and would mindlessly begin walking away, grinning and mumbling the word in between his eating. 

Aomine Daiki: This would be the first time Aomine has even realized that you were bilingual. He would be shocked at first, but that was soon replaced by his signature smirk. “Oi, oi, how do you say boobs in your language?” Nuff said. You smack him in the head and walk away annoyed, and Aomine would tail you around for the rest of the day. When you refuse to teach him, he would look for it by himself via internet, and idiotically yell out the embarrassing word down the hallway until he learns several smacks from his senpais and yourself. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima is very interested in learning new languages, so when he first hears you speaking it, his eyes leave the fluttering page, glistening just a bit. He would begin to ask you different aspects of the language: the difficulty, the variety, the difference to Japanese; all with evident excitement growing in his tone. You chuckle at his curiosity and indulge him for the day, teaching him several useful phrases that he continually jots down in his lucky item for the day, notebook. 

Kise Ryouta: “WOWWW” Kise would boisterously jump around you at hearing you speak another language. Being a model, he himself had to learn English, and he knew how much struggle that had been. So realizing that his significant other had gone through the same process, he would both be amazed and proud of you. He would be happy to try to learn the language, in turn of you tutoring him every day after school, which you, obviously, rejects. 

Himuro Tatsuya: Himuro would instantly pick up your nationality after hearing you speak the language for the first time. He would ask you to teach him few words here and there, often cheesy expressions of love that he can use right back at you. Afterwards, he would often surprise you by learning the elementary level by himself and attempting to speak to you now and then.