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Could I please request the GOM, Kasamatsu, Hanamiya, and Takao reacting to their s/o telling them that they're asexual?

Kuroko: He didn’t really see sex as the biggest part of a great relationship anyway, so it doesn’t affect his feelings for you in the slightest. He’s glad you trust him enough to be truthful about this part of you.

Kise: It would be lying if he said he understood. He had been eager to one day get intimate with you, but knowing this about you dashes those fantasies. Still, he continues loving you and wants to reevaluate his personal relationship goals.

Kasamatsu: There’s a moment where he starts doubting himself, thinking it wasn’t sex you didn’t like, but him. It only lasts a moment though; he’s logical and knows you’d tell him if there were anything wrong.

Aomine: Sex had been something he’d seen in his relationship, so you being asexual definitely threw a wrench in that. He didn’t love you any less, but he needed a little time to understand and come to terms with it.

Midorima: The first thing that comes to mind is the literal definition of the word he knows from biology, but he quickly understands you mean differently. He appreciates that you’d tell him something that might be difficult to confess.

Takao: He doesn’t exactly understand how somebody could find it hard seeing the appeal in something like sex, but he doesn’t push the subject with you any further. It was your body after all; you decided what to do with it.

Murasakibara: If you don’t explain to him exactly what being asexual entails, the only response you’re going to get from him is a less than understanding, ‘ah’. He doesn’t mind that you’re not into sex.

Akashi: Sure that this was something you didn’t go around telling everyone, he’s grateful that you felt comfortable enough with him to reveal it. He would never want to make you feel uncomfortable in the relationship.

Hanamiya: It was supposed to come out as a joke when he asked in return if you’d still be willing to do things for him, but he regrets it the moment you make a pained face. He’s not too sensitive with the subject, but he’d try to be for you.

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Ur descrip says ur open to headcanons but can u imagine being aomine or kagami's or murasakibara's friend? It would be Pure.

AN: YAAAAAS the holy trinity of really awkward friendships if you’re a female tbh


  1. At first, he’s the friend that you aren’t sure if he considers you a friend. You’re around each other almost all of the time, but you didn’t start getting to know each other until a bit later. So it kinda looked like he just tolerated your presence at first.
  2. The more you got comfortable around him, the more he did the same. He teases you a lot and ruffles your hair because you’re shorter than he is.
  3. The friend that would casually watch porn in front of you.
  4. The friend that would put porn on your laptop’s browser so that the minute you open it, the website is in full view.
  5. He gets very protective of you. He doesn’t appreciate others flirting with you without his approval or referral first. If you’re talking with someone in the hallway, he’ll stare them down until they leave.
  6. Likes to use your shampoo.
  7. Makes you cook him dinner whenever he’s over.
  8. Will flirt with you once in a while because he likes to see the disgusted look on your face.
  9. Is never prepared for anything ever so your backpack is his backpack and he uses all of your things.
  10. You’re the only person he turns to when he’s upset. You were very surprised at first because you thought Momoi would be his go-to, but he never did that in the beginning of their friendship and didn’t want to bother starting. So he’ll call you, show up at your house randomly, or just straight up use your spare key that you hide in the bushes to sulk on your couch as you feed and comfort him.


  1. Kagami always takes his friendships very seriously, so he treats you with the upmost respect while at the same time showing you how much your friendship matters to him.
  2. He wears a friendship bracelet you made for him every single day. He only takes it off when he’s showering.
  3. Whenever he’s preparing his lunch for the next day, he’ll always bring you a little something in a separate container.
  4. You’re his guinea pig when he’s trying new recipes.
  5. Shoves food down your throat if you’re over at his place and refuses to let you leave on an empty stomach.
  6. Always asks you to help him with basketball; not with his technique, but more like he wants you there to support him and carry a bunch of water bottles and towels.
  7. Refuses to eat or cook anything penis-shaped in front of you because he gets embarrassed.
  8. Had to ask you how to put on a condom using a banana.
  9. Always sets time for you two on Fridays to go to Maji Burger. He lowkey looks forward to it every week.
  10. Will give you a complete care package when you’re sick; packs you a large thermos of homemade soup, various medicines, and rental movies that you both can watch.
  11. He gets nervous talking to anyone cute, so you have to be his wingperson while he’s a blushing mess behind you.
  12. Refuses to let Alex meet you because he’s afraid she’ll make out with you and he’s protective of your virginity in a weird, brotherly way….


  1. You call him over to your house to clear out your fridge because some of the food is reaching it’s expiration date and you can always rely on him to eat it all.
  2. Likes to sleep in your bed while you study at your desk.
  3. He is very comfortable around you and gets kind of clingy. He doesn’t like being away from you for too long, so if you stayed home from school one day, he’ll use bringing you our homework as an excuse to see you. He would definitely never admit that he missed you.
  4. He eats everything in your pantry and it annoys you every week because you spend so much money on groceries. Sometimes he feels bad, so he’ll make you lunch and an apology cupcake.
  5. Really looks forward to your birthday because it gives him an excuse to bake you a cake. On any normal day, he’d be too lazy to bake.
  6. When he’s upset, he becomes a big cuddle bug. He’ll barge into your home and will sit with you on your couch with a blanket wrapped around the both of you. He’ll become a big baby and lay his head on your shoulder and pout. He doesn’t mind if you both sit in silence watching tv - in fact, he prefers it that way most of the times - but if he’s so upset that he’s crying, he’ll want you to play with his hair and tell him everything will be ok.
  7. You’re the only one he allows to touch and play with his hair.
  8. He thinks it’s cute when you have to ask him to get something on the top shelf.
  9. He is also very protective of you and gets jealous easily when he sees you talking so casually with other people you don’t know. He doesn’t like the idea of people stealing his friends.
  10. He thinks it’s funny when you gag when he jokes about being hung like a horse.
  11. If you can’t make it to every single one of his home games, he pouts the entire day.
  12. His favorite pass time is annoying you in class by poking your cheeks, playing with your hair, flicking your ears, basically being a big child around you.

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The GOM+Kagami as Disney Princesses

Kuroko: The kind of Disney princess that attracts all the animals to his aid, Kuroko has a lot of friends of the nonhuman variety. They often help him with simple tasks, though he never really asks for it. Really, he could probably shower on his own without having some birds fly his loofah into his hands.

Kagami: If he could actually keep in tune whenever people burst into random song, Kagami would be a much better Disney princess. It would help if people also didn’t burst into random synchronized choreography. He’s not sure how they do it, but he really wishes he’d been invited to rehearsal.

Kise: Being fawned over like he was the apple of multiple peoples’ eyes was something that Kise would have been used to, Disney princess or not. He eats up the attention he gets from people trying to court him. The only thing he could do without, really, was the evil witch-like character in his life.

Aomine: Princess life just wasn’t for Aomine; there were too many chances for him to screw up being prim and proper around nobles he thought were too stuffy for their own good. In a way, this made him the perfect Disney princess; he was always longing for more to the life he already had.

Midorima: There are times where Midorima is so strict, it’s hard to tell if he’s supposed to be the Disney princess or the evil stepmother. He’s not too fond of the random bits of song that find their way into his life and he could definitely live without all the dancing, though he has no trouble getting up to speed.

Murasakibara: People would probably think he would be a better princess if they actually saw him interacting with others. Murasakibara stays to himself a lot, sleeping and eating whatever he wanted; why not? He could afford it after all. Being a single princess definitely had its benefits.

Akashi: The type of princess to not need any prince to come and save him, Akashi is very much a new trendsetter in his independent, borderline commanding, ways. There’s no love or marriage at first sight on his agenda and he plans to keep it that way for a very long time.

Since Fujimaki won’t give us GOM siblings, I’ve taken it upon myself to yolo/headcanon them. Here’s the first set with the precious son!! He has four older siblings, he’s literally the baby of his family cAN YOU BELIEVE.

His parents must have moolah bc - just consider it for a moment. Their kids would grow out of their clothes every few months growing up, all their furniture/maybe even their house itself needs to be custom made, etc.

((also the 17 age was with extra game in mind but then I drew his hair like the main series uh… yolo?))

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could you please make headcanons of a fight between murasakibara and his s/o? like they're just heated up and you see how murasakibara gets "bored" by basket? maybe he can say that to the female s/o, like "you're a bore too" or something. thank you!! can it have a happy ending? i love the man too much for my own good.

  • There’s only two things that can make Murasakibara angry: One, losing in basketball, and two, an empty fridge. Today, both of those things happened.
  • It didn’t help that you were also in a terrible mood and were incredibly hungry
    • “__-chin, I’m hungry, there’s no food.” 
    • “Me too. Why don’t we go to the Korean chicken restaurant by the station?” 
    • “There again? Ugh, sometimes __-chin’s such a bore. Let’s go somewhere else, __-chin” 
  • Ticked off, you began listing all his shortcomings as a boyfriend
    • Picking up a sock, you bellowed: “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR SOCKS SMELL?!” 
    • “Well, I carry all your bags all the time, __-chin” 
  • You walked out and went to your favorite restaurant on your own, leaving Murasakibara annoyed and confused
  • Order everything you want in the menu, you deserve it after he called you boring, which is totally untrue
    • Alone, you began to think of all the times he’s criticized you as a girlfriend
      • “Hehe, __-chin is so short, so cute”
      • “Let me help you with those bags, you look tired”
      • Ok, maybe not
    • Ultimately, you remember all the happy memories he’s given you throughout your relationship
    • “I was pretty harsh on him, wasn’t I?” you text your best friend, asking for confirmation
    • “Yeah dude, you prolly were just hungry or someth”
    • You already miss him
    • So, so much
  • You came back home late at night on purpose hoping he was finally asleep as your anger finally subsided
  • However, he was still wide awake, waiting for you in the living room which was littered by at least 15 shopping bags.
  • As you creeped up to his sleepy form on the couch, you asked “Atsushi, what is all this?”
  • “I went grocery shopping… and bought all of __-chin’s favorites” 
  • How can you possibly stay angry at him after this?
  • Needless to say, you both shared the sweetest mind night snack ever afterwards (❁´◡`❁)
Gom + Haizaki forced by their s/o to do a couple cosplay

Kuroko: Ruby&Sapphire from Steven Universe. What a cute male!Sapphire Kuroko could be omg.

Kise: Luchia&Kaito from Pichi Pichi Pitch. A prince and his mermaid princess. The kind of fairy tale Kise loves he’s the one who came up with the idea

Midorima: Bee&Puppycat from Bee and Puppycat. A grumpy Midorima with cat ears ooooooh yass.

Aomine: Daenerys&Drogo from Game of Thrones. He’s the Khal to his Khaleesi fight me.

Murasakibara: Thor&Jane from Thor. Wow how original I am.

Akashi: Levi&Hanji from Attack on Titan. The only guy he’s cosplaying ever. this is not influenced because of the voice actor i swear

Haizaki: Maka&Soul from Soul Eater. Just imagine how cocky and touhcy-feely he’s going to be the whole time.