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Furuhashi, Moriyama, Okamura, Kasamatsu, and Hayakawa reaction to their crush having to sit on their lap for a long car ride (I saw you did this for GOM I wanted to see it with these dudes too if that’s okay..)

Kasamatsu: Face as red as a tomato, Kasamatsu has a bad case of the hover hands as he keeps his palms exactly three centimeters away from your hips. It would be weird if he held onto you, but even weirder if he just put his hands to the sides. What a dilemma!

Hayakawa: Despite there being quite an impressive blush on his face, Hayakawa manages to keep his arms loosely placed around you. It doesn’t help his embarrassment when you rest your own hands over the top of his. For once, he’s absolutely silent during a long car ride.

Moriyama: Absolutely no shame as he holds onto you in an embrace, his face pressed to your back. Moriyama uses the excuse that he doesn’t want you to slip or fall off, so he’s anchoring you to himself with his grip. Of course, a little friendly snuggling gets in there as well.

Okamura: Another case of hover hands, though Okamura has a harder time keeping his still. He can’t seem to decide if he should hold onto you or place his hands on the seat. He goes back and forth, flinching every time a bump in the road causes you hips to brush his fingertips.

Furuhashi: Awkwardly, he keeps his hands to either side of his body and away from you. This honestly doesn’t help Furuhashi in the slightest because you keep slipping around on his lap, causing some unwanted friction. Still, he continues to look out the window as if you aren’t even there.

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May I request # 8 for the Imagines/Reactions weekend with... Nishinoya, Moriyama, Liu Wei, Azumane, Sugawara, and Otsubo. >u< please and thank you~

# 8 - wearing the boy’s clothes

So I went ahead and changed this from “each other’s” to the boy’s clothes because I just can’t see most of these guys being willing or able to wear female clothing. I hope you still like it!

Nishinoya – His absolute favorite thing to see you wearing is his Karasuno volleyball team jacket. Cheering in the stands wearing a bright orange shirt and his black jacket will make this smol boy feel twenty feet tol. Expect lots of affectionate clinging after the game.

Moriyama – The first time you’d spent the night together (just sleeping, Moriyama is a gentleman) you’d rushed to get dressed and in your haste accidently grabbed his tie, knotting it quickly and running out the door. Later in the day, he walked up to you, grabbed it and tugged you in for a kiss, whispering against your lips, “As much fun as it is to see you wearing my tie, I can’t wait to get it back off of you, tonight.” Needless to say, there was a distinct lack of sleep the second time you stayed over.

Liu Wei – He’s unsure if he’s pleased or not that your favorite thing to steal from his wardrobe happens to be his favorite sweatshirt. You know the kind, the one that’s perfectly worn in, fits like a glove and also feels like a wearable blanket? That must be why you steal it all the time, though the “fit like a glove” part does not apply since the thing actually looks like a blanket on you. But then again, when he finally gets it back, it smells like you; which is a definite bonus.

Azumane – Asahi could have sworn he’d put his favorite t-shirt in the wash but when it came time to wear it he couldn’t locate it. That was, until he went to your house, where you opened the door clad in his shirt, rubbing sleep from your eyes. The sight of you swimming in his clothes made his heart palpitate a bit faster and he knew he’d never wash the shirt again, assuming he can even get it back.

Sugawara – While at a practice game, someone managed to spill water all down the front of your shirt. Suga, of course, was quick to come up with a solution; you could just wear his button down and he’d stay in his jersey for the drive home. Sure, he’d be a bit uncomfortable in sweaty clothes but it was better than having you so upset. He was, however, decidedly more distracted than he thought possible since the buttons were just a bit strained in their efforts to stay together. He made a note to have you wear his shirt again, but next time where he could promptly rip it off.

Otsubo – Following their loss to Rakuzan, Otsubo was a bit downtrodden. Having to stay strong and motivate the first and second years to keep striving higher had exhausted him. But, the sight of you sauntering into his bedroom wearing his now former jersey has him perking up pretty quickly. “Seems this thing still has its uses,” he murmurs against your lips, hands trailing under the material that he decides solely belongs to you whenever you come to stay at his place.

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Kise, Kasamatsu, Moriyama, Kobori in a zombie AU setting, their s/o is trapped in their house or building that is surrounded with zombies, so how'd the guys rescue them?? angst scenario pls ^^

Kise: It almost seemed futile trying to rid your surroundings from the undead, but Kise had to try. Swinging the bat he had wildly, he smashed rotting heads left and right. Zombies dropped one by one, leaving space between him and the rest of the small hoard. So focused on rescuing you from the place you’d trapped yourself in, he failed to notice that the door to the room had been long open and no noise came from the inside anymore.

Kasamatsu: When did he resort to actually punching the zombies out of the way? Kasamatsu knew it wasn’t the smartest of ideas, especially when too many teeth had already grazed his knuckles and broken through some skin, but he had to get to you and make sure you were safe. By the time he’d knocked down the last zombie and he could see you hidden away in that little room, you were already holding a gun up to his head.

Moriyama: Knowing that you were inside the building alone was making Moriyama’s aim falter. How many times had he lined up the perfect shot, only to miss because he couldn’t get the image of a zombie finding you out of his head? His hands were trembling as he tried to pick them off one by one from a distance. He only hoped you knew it was him doing it and that you’d fight your hardest to make sure you two would reunite.

Kobori: A distraction seemed like the best idea in the moment. So without a second of hesitation, Kobori let out the loudest yell he possibly could. A visible shudder ran down his spine when all the zombies turned their attention on him, but at least they weren’t focused on the little shack you’d hidden yourself in. Now all he had to do was find a way out of the mess he’d dropped himself into and find his way back to you.

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Kagami, Moriyama, Takao, Yamamoto, Sugawara, and Aone reacting to their gf being a vampire? She can come out in the daylight and not burn thus how she goes to school with them but she does drink blood and is super strong. She also likes trying to "nibble" them occasionally because they "smell good". :) you can decide if there are other "tropes" she is capable of for them to react to.

Thanks for the request, I hope you like what I came up with!


“I’ll tell you what,” you say leaning in close to Kagami, your proximity making him blush hard, “I’ll try some of your food if you,” your nose trails over his neck, the blood rushing there like a roaring river in your supersonic ears, “let me have a taste of you.” Kagami nods, trusting you won’t drain him dry.


“Ok,” Moriyama says panting as he reaches where you stand barely breaking a sweat, “how the hell do you run so fast?” If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he’d never believe it. Catching him around the neck he gasps. As you kiss him, your fang nips his lip, a little blood hitting your tongue and you moan, “Oh Yoshitaka, you taste so good.” He’s caught between fear and pleasure, the former fading slightly as you kiss him again. Maybe it won’t be so bad being a vampire’s boy toy.


“Why did you rush away like that?” Takao asks running up to you and grabbing your arm.

“I just didn’t want to be around him with that stuff,” you say hurriedly tugging out of his grasp.

“You mean Shintaro and his lucky item?” he asks incredulously. You’ve never cared about it before so he’s confused.

“Suffice it to say, I’m just not a fan of it,” you huff walking more briskly. Turning back, you point your finger at him, “And if you ever eat it I’ll never kiss you again.”

He catches your wrist, pulling you back and looks in your eyes. “I knew there was something different about you,” he murmurs nuzzling your nose. “Don’t worry,” he adds winking, “I’m not a fan of garlic either.” He lifts his head, exposing his neck. “But feel free to taste test, if you like.” 


“How the hell did you jump that high?” Yamamoto yells after you land from jumping over a drunk driver’s car. You smile, fangs flashing and he gulps.

Closing the distance between you, you nuzzle into his throat. “Care to top me up? I used up some juice jumping that high.” He whimpers a bit but agrees; how the hell did he end up with such a cool, if scary girlfriend?


“Why are your hands always so cold? It’s the middle of summer,” Sugawara asks perplexed. Smiling softly, you place his hand on your chest. He stutters, unclear of your intentions until he zeroes in on the fact that he doesn’t feel anything underneath; your heart isn’t beating.

“Oh,” he says softly and you nod.

Bringing his hand near your face you smell his wrist, cooing, “Suga-baby, can I see if you taste as good as you smell?”


“You shouldn’t work out alone Takanobu,” you say easily lifting the heavy weight almost crushing his windpipe. Looking into his wide-open eyes with your bright yellow irises you say, “How am I supposed to go on if you end up dead?”  He shakes his head, unclear on how to answer. You smile, walking around the bench to lean over him. “Don’t worry, sweetie, I only bite to feed, not to turn. Think you can give me a tip for saving you?” He swallows once but agrees. After all, he owes you right?

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Moriyama with a yandere s/o who he tries to understand and please despite her personality because he loves her

“I was just talking to them.”

Moriyama was having a hard time keeping up with you, tripping over his own feet as you dragged him along by the arm. You grip was hard, nails digging into his skin as you practically pulled him down to your level. Hunched over and trying his best to keep up, he nearly had to yell to finally get you to stop.

“____, what’s going on?!”

How you turned, eyes on him and ice in your stare, was enough to give Moriyama a case of the shivers. This was something he was used to though. You often gave people cold looks when they came too close, scaring them away with a personality you reserved only for those you didn’t bother wanting to know. How had he not noticed that the only person you ever really gave a damn about was him?

“They don’t deserve you,” you yelled, voice suddenly so loud it startled him. “Why would you talk to them when you already have me?!” It was on the verge of hysterics, upping in volume with every syllable. And then you got quiet, voice so soft he nearly had to lean in to hear you. “Am I not enough?”

The tears in your eyes had come so fast he didn’t even know how to react at first. Moriyama stared in shock as you went from angry to depressed in a matter of seconds, fists rubbing at your eyes as you tried to will the crying to stop.

“Of course they don’t matter,” he said, trying to fix whatever mistake he had made. “Talking to them meant nothing to me. I promise.”

Pulling you into a hug, Moriyama pressed your face into his chest. His heart was hammering, but he couldn’t tell why. His hands stroked over the back of your head, twitching every time you sobbed and waiting for it to slow down like it normally did after he started soothing you. Despite your relationship with him still being new, he felt the instinct to protect you from anything, even himself.

If he’d only looked down, he would see your manipulative little smile as you played right into his trap.

KnB (Kagami x Reader): Butterfly on my right shoulder - Part 1

For not the first time that day, Kagami wondered how he got himself into these things.

Oh wait, I know. It was Kise that got me into this.

Gritting his teeth, he pulled himself upright with a grunt of effort. A slight adjustment had him careening to the left. He windmilled his arms, trying to keep from falling painfully.

Kise, that smarmy bastard, was tutting as if this wasn’t all his fault. “Kagamicchi, I expected more from you. Your sense of balance is terrible.”

Moriyama, equally smug, started sprinkling salt into his wounds. “That’s right. What’s the point of growing up in America if you can’t skate?” He skated a few lazy circles around Kagami to rub it in.

“For the last time,” Kagami growled, “I grew up in L.A. Los Angeles. There isn’t exactly a pile of snow to wade around in.”

Moriyama wouldn’t let it go. “But surely you had ice rinks like this one? I mean, it isn’t winter here either.”

Kagami had to admit he had a point. The red-head chose not to exacerbate the situation by giving Moriyama more fodder, and instead concentrated on unfolding himself. On the bright side, Kasamatsu was as bad or possibly even worse off. Kaijo’s ex-captain was clenching on to a rail with a death grip, knuckles white.

Moriyama gave Kasamatsu a hearty thump on the back that almost sent his feet out from under him.

“Moriyama, you idiot, are you trying to kill me?” Kasamatsu’s voice came out even raspier than Kagami’s.

“My dear Yukio-chan, you will never get a girl like this. It’s a good thing the rink is almost empty, or I would be hiding from second-hand embarrassment.”

Kagami tottered to a standing position and looked around, surveying the area. Aside from a couple of kids, who seemed to be leaving, there was no one on the rink. He was silently congratulating himself on not having anyone witness his humiliation when a girl, about his age and dressed in black, glided out onto the ice. She gave them all a brief glance and then proceeded to ignore them, settling a pair of headphones over her hair.

Moriyama was instantly on alert. “It’s girl. A CUTE GIRL. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my masculine appeal and flirt with her. Kise, come with me!”

A bewildered Kise attempted to resist. “But why do I have to get involved in your business, senpai?”

“Because you’re pretty and she will be much more susceptible to my charm with you blinding her.”

The girl in question was totally oblivious, moving in a smooth serpentine figure across the length of the rink. It brought her closer to where they were standing near the edge, and Kagami saw that Moriyama’s assessment was correct. She had a pretty, sharp face, set in concentration.

Kise continued to refuse to participate in Moriyama’s absurd plan. “I don’t want to, Moriyama-senpai. It sounds troublesome.”

The senior would not be deterred. He grabbed Kise’s arm to pull him forward. “Come now, Kise. Listen to your elders.”

Kagami saw a series of disastrous events happen in slow motion. Kise tugged his arm back, sending an unprepared Moriyama off balance. He toppled over, crashing into Kasamatsu, whose already precarious stance was instantly destroyed. Kasamatsu flailed, grabbing the not-very stable Kagami for support. Unfortunately, Kagami had been standing with his back to him, so this just made him wobblier than before and he pitched forward. His last thought as the ice came hurtling up to meet his face was that he’d never trust Kise again.

What he didn’t expect was the fall to be so…pillowy? He opened one eye, propping himself up with a hand and looked up to see a pair of cobalt blue eyes. He blinked in fascination, caught in the crystalline depths of the girl’s irises.

You, however, were not amused. The boy you had caught from falling was about half a foot taller than you, and a lot heavier. You just wanted his deadweight off.

“Say, this might be comfortable for you, but honestly I could do without this experience.” Your voice was flat.


Kise hissed at him. “Kagamicchi, get off of her! You’re in a really embarrassing position!”

He looked down and flew back like a scalded cat. Kagami’s face sizzled, almost electric in its redness.


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Heelllooo!! If you still have slots open, can I have Moriyama and his s/o attending a summer festival please~? can you include them visiting several stalls and watching the fireworks at night? Uwaa (*/▽\*) sorry I'm such a constant requester here but I love your writings too much ❤❤

Hello sweetie! Don’t apologize for requesting! It’s requests that keep blogs alive so I definitely appreciate you giving them! And thank you for the compliment on my writing, it means a lot to me. Thank you for your patience waiting for this, I’m sorry it took so long.

As you walk up to Moriyama in your traditional yukata he exhales a long breath; you look so lovely in that color, its hue setting off the sparkle in your eyes. He’s glad to see you’ve opted to wear your hair up seeing as he enjoys looking at and stealing little touches of your elegant neck.

The sight of your boyfriend dressed in the grey yukata you hand-embroidered with an orange lining makes you smile.

“Ready to go?” he asks offering his arm and you giggle as you take it, the two of you strolling slowly through the ever-thickening crowd.

Your eyes dart this way and that, trying to take it all in; the sights, the sounds, the smells! Everything is so festive and brightly colored it makes your heart feel light to be surrounded by it all. Not to mention you’re reveling in the time you get to spend with Yoshitaka. You feel a squeeze against your hand and look at him.

“Enjoy it so far?” he asks with a smile.

You nod enthusiastically. “I’ve been looking forward to this all year! I can’t believe it’s already time!” you exclaim happily.

Nearing the shop booth line, you squeal out at all the cute items people are selling. Moriyama loses his grip on you as you fly towards a booth selling figurines of your favorite anime, eyes shining with excitement. Chuckling, Moriyama watches as you gingerly pick up one and then another, taking in their detail. Sighing, you turn away, expression slightly wistful.

“What’s the matter?” he asks concerned; you looked so happy a second ago.

“Nothing, Yoshi-kun, I just wish I made a lot more money at my part time job. They have one of the figures I need to complete my collection but it’s too expensive.”

He doesn’t say anything, just gives your hand a squeeze and tugs you towards more booths. The next you stop at has intricate masks for sale and you ask the keeper all about their process, fascinated that they are able to make them look so lifelike. Moriyama, for the most part, just follows where you lead. It isn’t that he doesn’t enjoy this, but you’re much more into it than he is; at least when it comes to shopping.

As the two of you round another corner the scent of fried foods and searing meat hit your nostrils making both of your mouths water.

“Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving,” Yoshi comments and you nod.

Soon you’re holding a kabob in one hand and a frozen chocolate covered banana in the other while Moriyama opts for an order of takoyaki, proffering one to you on his fork. You take the fried octopus from him, almost moaning at how good it tastes. For dessert, his first and your second, he orders taiyaki, the little fish shaped pastries making you squeal with how cute they look.

After your meal, Moriyama leads you to the game booths, offering to win you a stuffed plushie of one of your favorite anime characters. He succeeds in the ring toss easily, handing you the prize which you hug with gusto before leaning up and kissing his cheek. Feeling a blush cross his face, he grips your hand a bit tighter, but his smile is more pronounced.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur of walking around until eventually he leads you back to the first stall you stopped at and purchases the figurine you wanted despite your protests. As you head to the grass to stake a claim to watch the fireworks you sigh happily; the day really has been perfect.

Sitting down, Moriyama leans against a rock and draws you to sit between his legs. The position is rather intimate giving your surroundings but he doesn’t care, he loves having you in his arms and wants to enjoy the fireworks this way. Idly playing with your hair that has since come down as the day wore on, the two of you discuss the upcoming school year and his basketball schedule.

With a resounding boom, the first wave of fireworks cascade across the night sky and you jump, your reaction making Yoshi laugh at you a little. But he hugs you tighter to himself, chin resting on your head as you watch the colorful display. Shifting his head, he looks at your face, loving the look of awe upon it. Leaning forward, he pecks your cheek then whispers in your ear, “I love you.”

Turning to face him, you plant a long, slow kiss on his lips.

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Miyaji, Moriyama, Liu, Okamura, Imayoshi, Hanamiya, Hara, Alex, Teppei and Hayama react to their s/o drawing or writing while drinking a can of soda that's placed between her boobs(through a straw). XD she's a G cup or something


Miyaji Kiyoshi: Miyaji walks into the room ready to complain to you about Midorima’s behaviour during basketball practice that day, when he notices that the straw you’re drinking from is in your cleavage, he stutters on his words and dashes back out of the room with a hint of pink on his cheeks, yelling at you to drink the soda properly, and refusing to come back until you’ve complied. 

Moriyama Yoshitaka: Moriyama would stand frozen in the doorway for a few moments, just simply taking in this scene with his eyes until you finally notice his presence and glance up. His expression is one of awed-wonder, and he’s thinking, ‘Sugoi. This is my girlfriend.’

(Reaction here.)

Liu Wei: If Liu is bothered by your actions, he doesn’t show it. He asks you what you’re doing, and why you’ve got a can of soft drink wedged in your cleavage simply out of curiosity, and drops the topic straight away to talk about something else when you respond with a light shrug. 

Okamura Kenichi: He pretends to act composed, after swallowing his initial shock of seeing you in your current position with a gulp, but finds himself sneaking glances at your cleavage every chance he gets. Okamura refuses to accept that he finds himself jealous of the soda can. 

Imayoshi Shoichi: Imayoshi seems to be unfazed by your actions, and simply walks ahead and sits down opposite you to watch you whilst you work. His eyes are ultimately drawn to the can of soda between your breasts, and he smiles suggestively the next time you take a sip out of the straw. 

I happen to like that drink too. Sharing is caring, ____-san.” 

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya stands in the doorway and watches you for a moment silently - not out of embarrassment, but because there are gears churning in his head. When you finally ask him what’s wrong, he replies with a dirty smirk. 

You’ve given me ideas, ____. I wonder what else you could fit between there.”

Hara Kazuya: The bubble he’s blowing from his chewing gum pops and covers his entire mouth when he finds you drinking out of a can that’s wedged between your tits. Chuckling lightly, he spits the gum out, and reaches down to pull the drink from your cleavage, before heading his head back to chug the rest of it down. 

Alex Garcia: Her eyes would light up, and she would be fascinated and curious by your actions more than anything. Leaning over the table you’re working on, Alex reaches out and pokes at the top of your right boob gently, before leaning back and poking her own, in an attempt to compare boob sizes.

Hey, let me try doing that too, ____!” 

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi scratches the back of his head awkwardly, wondering if he’s accidentally walked in on your private time. You look up at the sound of his nervous shuffling, and he tries his best to conceal his blush whilst focusing his gaze on anything but your chest. 

Sorry, ____-chan. I-I’m not interrupting anything am I? Should I leave?” 

Hayama Kotarou: Hayama bursts out with laughter when he sees you sucking through the straw, and you shoot him a dry look when his chuckling almost leads to tears. He settles down beside you and props his head up on his arm, shamelessly watching you drink from the straw sprouting from between your boobs.

You’re so weird, ____. That’s why I like you, though.” 


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