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Miyaji, Moriyama, Liu, Okamura, Imayoshi, Hanamiya, Hara, Alex, Teppei and Hayama react to their s/o drawing or writing while drinking a can of soda that's placed between her boobs(through a straw). XD she's a G cup or something


Miyaji Kiyoshi: Miyaji walks into the room ready to complain to you about Midorima’s behaviour during basketball practice that day, when he notices that the straw you’re drinking from is in your cleavage, he stutters on his words and dashes back out of the room with a hint of pink on his cheeks, yelling at you to drink the soda properly, and refusing to come back until you’ve complied. 

Moriyama Yoshitaka: Moriyama would stand frozen in the doorway for a few moments, just simply taking in this scene with his eyes until you finally notice his presence and glance up. His expression is one of awed-wonder, and he’s thinking, ‘Sugoi. This is my girlfriend.’

(Reaction here.)

Liu Wei: If Liu is bothered by your actions, he doesn’t show it. He asks you what you’re doing, and why you’ve got a can of soft drink wedged in your cleavage simply out of curiosity, and drops the topic straight away to talk about something else when you respond with a light shrug. 

Okamura Kenichi: He pretends to act composed, after swallowing his initial shock of seeing you in your current position with a gulp, but finds himself sneaking glances at your cleavage every chance he gets. Okamura refuses to accept that he finds himself jealous of the soda can. 

Imayoshi Shoichi: Imayoshi seems to be unfazed by your actions, and simply walks ahead and sits down opposite you to watch you whilst you work. His eyes are ultimately drawn to the can of soda between your breasts, and he smiles suggestively the next time you take a sip out of the straw. 

I happen to like that drink too. Sharing is caring, ____-san.” 

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya stands in the doorway and watches you for a moment silently - not out of embarrassment, but because there are gears churning in his head. When you finally ask him what’s wrong, he replies with a dirty smirk. 

You’ve given me ideas, ____. I wonder what else you could fit between there.”

Hara Kazuya: The bubble he’s blowing from his chewing gum pops and covers his entire mouth when he finds you drinking out of a can that’s wedged between your tits. Chuckling lightly, he spits the gum out, and reaches down to pull the drink from your cleavage, before heading his head back to chug the rest of it down. 

Alex Garcia: Her eyes would light up, and she would be fascinated and curious by your actions more than anything. Leaning over the table you’re working on, Alex reaches out and pokes at the top of your right boob gently, before leaning back and poking her own, in an attempt to compare boob sizes.

Hey, let me try doing that too, ____!” 

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi scratches the back of his head awkwardly, wondering if he’s accidentally walked in on your private time. You look up at the sound of his nervous shuffling, and he tries his best to conceal his blush whilst focusing his gaze on anything but your chest. 

Sorry, ____-chan. I-I’m not interrupting anything am I? Should I leave?” 

Hayama Kotarou: Hayama bursts out with laughter when he sees you sucking through the straw, and you shoot him a dry look when his chuckling almost leads to tears. He settles down beside you and props his head up on his arm, shamelessly watching you drink from the straw sprouting from between your boobs.

You’re so weird, ____. That’s why I like you, though.” 

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Their girlfriend playfully slaps their butt in public! – Aomine, Imayoshi, Izuki, Moriyama, Nijimura. Thanks!

IZUKI: He lets out the cutest little yelp that makes his girlfriend break out into laughter. Izuki doesn’t look happy to be caught off guard, and pretends to be annoyed when she comes back for a second slap. He fends her off, saying, “____-chan, if you’re gonna be like that, I’m leaving you behind.” It takes her a second for that pun to sink in and when it did… she loses interest immediately. 

MORIYAMA: When he feels his girlfriend doing such a thing, he looks pleased. Moriyama seems to like it a lot, pushing her to flirt with him more if she wants. “Wait! That means I can do it to you too, right?!” The suggestive look he gives her makes her regret everything. She brushes off the topic shyly, saying he should have more tact and do it when she was in the mood.

AOMINE: He doesn’t even flinch, used to her ways. To be fair, he slapped her ass in public way more than she did to him. Of course, that’s what he did immediately after she initiates the contact. “What is it? Are you trying to tell me something?” He asks, very straight-forwardly. She only grins smugly, walking off, with Aomine following after her with a few good ideas in mind.

IMAYOSHI: When she does it out in the open, Imayoshi is sure other people are staring. And that’s why he doesn’t like it. She plays hard to get, saying it wasn’t her who did it– a lie that Imayoshi saw through all too easily. “Don’t play this game.” He whispers into her ear. “Save that for later tonight, dear.” When he finishes speaking, she’s frozen in place, feeling a chill run up her spine.

NIJIMURA: At first, he’s irritated, turning around to see who did it. Seeing it was just his girlfriend being playful instead of an asshole teammate, he calms down. “What kind of greeting was that, ____?” He asks, smiling. She knows he’s fine with it, so she continues to tease him. “I don’t know, your butt was just there, waiting for me to slap it.” She giggles, as he sighs in exasperation.