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a girl schoolmate approaches moriyama and offers him chocolate on valentines day, he thinks it's just one of those girls asking him to pass their chocolates to kise and feels jealous but the girl suddenly spoke up and says shyly that it's actually for him. haha I need more moriyama love~

She wasn’t the first girl to walk up to him on this day. He was pretty sure she wouldn’t be the last, either. Still, this thought did little to comfort Moriyama as he knew that any girl that walked up to him wasn’t doing so for his sake. Rather…

“You want me to deliver these to Kise?”

He was trying to hold back the jealous tone in his voice as he picked up the chocolates out of the girl’s hands. He’d probably end up shoving them into the nearly full plastic bag he’d been carrying around; it’s where all the other chocolates for the blonde basketball player had been put.

“A-Actually,” her voice, quiet and shy, paused him momentarily from tossing them straight in with the rest. “They’re for you.”

There were a few seconds of silence that passed and in those seconds, Moriyama’s face cycled through a myriad of expressions. Confusion to shock, shock to realization, realization to happiness, and then some that were all crammed into those few moments.

“O-Oh man,” he started, but stopped himself from going any further lest he go off into a ramble. Instead, he reigned himself in, bowing deeply. “Thank you.”

He was already planning the extravagant return gift he’d get her when White Day came along.


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KnB (Kagami x Reader): Butterfly on my right shoulder - Part 1

For not the first time that day, Kagami wondered how he got himself into these things.

Oh wait, I know. It was Kise that got me into this.

Gritting his teeth, he pulled himself upright with a grunt of effort. A slight adjustment had him careening to the left. He windmilled his arms, trying to keep from falling painfully.

Kise, that smarmy bastard, was tutting as if this wasn’t all his fault. “Kagamicchi, I expected more from you. Your sense of balance is terrible.”

Moriyama, equally smug, started sprinkling salt into his wounds. “That’s right. What’s the point of growing up in America if you can’t skate?” He skated a few lazy circles around Kagami to rub it in.

“For the last time,” Kagami growled, “I grew up in L.A. Los Angeles. There isn’t exactly a pile of snow to wade around in.”

Moriyama wouldn’t let it go. “But surely you had ice rinks like this one? I mean, it isn’t winter here either.”

Kagami had to admit he had a point. The red-head chose not to exacerbate the situation by giving Moriyama more fodder, and instead concentrated on unfolding himself. On the bright side, Kasamatsu was as bad or possibly even worse off. Kaijo’s ex-captain was clenching on to a rail with a death grip, knuckles white.

Moriyama gave Kasamatsu a hearty thump on the back that almost sent his feet out from under him.

“Moriyama, you idiot, are you trying to kill me?” Kasamatsu’s voice came out even raspier than Kagami’s.

“My dear Yukio-chan, you will never get a girl like this. It’s a good thing the rink is almost empty, or I would be hiding from second-hand embarrassment.”

Kagami tottered to a standing position and looked around, surveying the area. Aside from a couple of kids, who seemed to be leaving, there was no one on the rink. He was silently congratulating himself on not having anyone witness his humiliation when a girl, about his age and dressed in black, glided out onto the ice. She gave them all a brief glance and then proceeded to ignore them, settling a pair of headphones over her hair.

Moriyama was instantly on alert. “It’s girl. A CUTE GIRL. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my masculine appeal and flirt with her. Kise, come with me!”

A bewildered Kise attempted to resist. “But why do I have to get involved in your business, senpai?”

“Because you’re pretty and she will be much more susceptible to my charm with you blinding her.”

The girl in question was totally oblivious, moving in a smooth serpentine figure across the length of the rink. It brought her closer to where they were standing near the edge, and Kagami saw that Moriyama’s assessment was correct. She had a pretty, sharp face, set in concentration.

Kise continued to refuse to participate in Moriyama’s absurd plan. “I don’t want to, Moriyama-senpai. It sounds troublesome.”

The senior would not be deterred. He grabbed Kise’s arm to pull him forward. “Come now, Kise. Listen to your elders.”

Kagami saw a series of disastrous events happen in slow motion. Kise tugged his arm back, sending an unprepared Moriyama off balance. He toppled over, crashing into Kasamatsu, whose already precarious stance was instantly destroyed. Kasamatsu flailed, grabbing the not-very stable Kagami for support. Unfortunately, Kagami had been standing with his back to him, so this just made him wobblier than before and he pitched forward. His last thought as the ice came hurtling up to meet his face was that he’d never trust Kise again.

What he didn’t expect was the fall to be so…pillowy? He opened one eye, propping himself up with a hand and looked up to see a pair of cobalt blue eyes. He blinked in fascination, caught in the crystalline depths of the girl’s irises.

You, however, were not amused. The boy you had caught from falling was about half a foot taller than you, and a lot heavier. You just wanted his deadweight off.

“Say, this might be comfortable for you, but honestly I could do without this experience.” Your voice was flat.


Kise hissed at him. “Kagamicchi, get off of her! You’re in a really embarrassing position!”

He looked down and flew back like a scalded cat. Kagami’s face sizzled, almost electric in its redness.


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Hi!!!! Can I have a scenario where Hayakawa's teammates are about to meet his S/O and they're all making jokes like they think that they're gonna be all rowdy and loud like him but when they finally do his S/O is actually??? The sweetest thing?? And super quiet and calm and is like the person that barely talks to anyone???

“Moriyama-senpai, what are those?”

Peering over his teammate’s shoulders, Kise watched as Moriyama fiddled with something small between his fingers. It only became clear what they were when the senior revealed them in the palm of his hand before picking them up one by one to place in his ears. He had brought ear plugs to practice.

“Have you had those all along?” Kise’s question fell on partially deaf ears, so he had to repeat it louder.

“Of course not,” Moriyama defended. “But Hayakawa is bringing his date today. There’s no need for us all to lose our hearing, is there?”

Sniggering behind a closed fist, Kise shook his head. “That’s a little harsh to say, isn’t it? They might not be as loud as he is. Besides, how will you know what they’re saying if you keep those in?”

Curious of their conversation, Kobori joined in with a question. “What are you talking about, Kise?”

Not knowing quite how to explain, Kise gestured with his hands a bit as words spouted from his mouth. “Well, they’re Hayakwa-senpai’s date, so maybe they, you know, talk like him?”

“Nobody in the world talks like he does,” Kasamatsu interjected, grunting at the choice of conversation topic.

As the boys talked, they almost missed the sound of the gym doors opening. Hayakawa had just stepped through the threshold, the faintest of color dusted on his cheeks as he uncharacteristically stepped in without saying a word. Unaccustomed to his silence, each of his teammates turned in his direction and immediately noticed the figure standing behind him.

“T-This is ____,” Hayakawa introduced, standing off to the side and practically bowing his head in their place.

“Hello.” Their voice was soft, smooth against the ears and just the right volume. “It’s really nice to meet all of you. Mitsuhiro’s said a lot of good things.”

Stunned by the outrageously wrong profile they had pinned on Hayakawa’s date, each boy had to practically stop their jaw from dropping straight to the floor. Maybe meeting them wouldn’t be so bad. And if they had such a positive effect on Hayakawa, well, this relationship might just work out for all of them.

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Finally made it! Can I get cute school moments of the pitiful trio (moriyama, izuki, miyaji) and their S/o?

Izuki: Using the end of his chopsticks, Izuki rolled the small hotdog pieces around in his bento. He was staring at the intricate way they had been cut, pieces of them curling to look like tentacles.

“What do you think an octo-dog sounds like?” His questions had come from nowhere, catching you off guard.

Izuki had no real time to think of an answer for his own question as he was caught off guard by the sharp end of your chopsticks stabbing into his meal. He gasped in surprise, watching as you devoured it.

“No time to make noise when they’re being eaten,” you reasoned, talking behind a full mouth.

The sound that came from him was almost a whimper, something he imagined the octo-dogs would be doing if they could make a noise. You could be really cruel to your lunch sometimes.

Moriyama: Something like this had always been a bit of a fantasy for Moriyama. Holding up his chopsticks, a hand underneath to catch any scraps of food that dared to fall, he slowly moved them toward your awaiting mouth.

“Tell me how good this tastes, okay?” He smiled as the lunch he made settled on your tongue.

The sour face you made after chewing certainly wasn’t a good sign. The fact that you had to open up your bottle of water just to swallow down the mouthful also wasn’t something a good meal would have you doing.

“Maybe next time let me take care of the meal,” you suggested, closing off his bento box and replacing it with your own.

Moriyama sighed in defeat. Another attempt at making you a meal and another failure to add to the list. At least you always brought a delicious lunch to replace his mishaps whenever this happened.

Miyaji: The piece of bread bounced off his closed lips, falling gently to the floor below where many other pieces lay. With an annoyed twitch of the eye, Miyaji glared at you before hurriedly swallowing the food he’d been chewing on.

“How am I supposed to catch them if you throw them at me while I’m already eating?”

With a giggle, you tore off another piece of your bread before tossing it in Miyaji’s direction. This time he was ready, opening up to catch the piece on his tongue before swallowing it whole.

“That’s not my problem,” you retaliated, breaking off more pieces to bombard him with.

Miyaji was sure that, by the end of the lunch period, half your food would be on the ground with how much he was missing. Oh well. He’d be willing to share some of his own.

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Miyaji, Moriyama, Liu, Okamura, Imayoshi, Hanamiya, Hara, Alex, Teppei and Hayama react to their s/o drawing or writing while drinking a can of soda that's placed between her boobs(through a straw). XD she's a G cup or something


Miyaji Kiyoshi: Miyaji walks into the room ready to complain to you about Midorima’s behaviour during basketball practice that day, when he notices that the straw you’re drinking from is in your cleavage, he stutters on his words and dashes back out of the room with a hint of pink on his cheeks, yelling at you to drink the soda properly, and refusing to come back until you’ve complied. 

Moriyama Yoshitaka: Moriyama would stand frozen in the doorway for a few moments, just simply taking in this scene with his eyes until you finally notice his presence and glance up. His expression is one of awed-wonder, and he’s thinking, ‘Sugoi. This is my girlfriend.’

(Reaction here.)

Liu Wei: If Liu is bothered by your actions, he doesn’t show it. He asks you what you’re doing, and why you’ve got a can of soft drink wedged in your cleavage simply out of curiosity, and drops the topic straight away to talk about something else when you respond with a light shrug. 

Okamura Kenichi: He pretends to act composed, after swallowing his initial shock of seeing you in your current position with a gulp, but finds himself sneaking glances at your cleavage every chance he gets. Okamura refuses to accept that he finds himself jealous of the soda can. 

Imayoshi Shoichi: Imayoshi seems to be unfazed by your actions, and simply walks ahead and sits down opposite you to watch you whilst you work. His eyes are ultimately drawn to the can of soda between your breasts, and he smiles suggestively the next time you take a sip out of the straw. 

I happen to like that drink too. Sharing is caring, ____-san.” 

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya stands in the doorway and watches you for a moment silently - not out of embarrassment, but because there are gears churning in his head. When you finally ask him what’s wrong, he replies with a dirty smirk. 

You’ve given me ideas, ____. I wonder what else you could fit between there.”

Hara Kazuya: The bubble he’s blowing from his chewing gum pops and covers his entire mouth when he finds you drinking out of a can that’s wedged between your tits. Chuckling lightly, he spits the gum out, and reaches down to pull the drink from your cleavage, before heading his head back to chug the rest of it down. 

Alex Garcia: Her eyes would light up, and she would be fascinated and curious by your actions more than anything. Leaning over the table you’re working on, Alex reaches out and pokes at the top of your right boob gently, before leaning back and poking her own, in an attempt to compare boob sizes.

Hey, let me try doing that too, ____!” 

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi scratches the back of his head awkwardly, wondering if he’s accidentally walked in on your private time. You look up at the sound of his nervous shuffling, and he tries his best to conceal his blush whilst focusing his gaze on anything but your chest. 

Sorry, ____-chan. I-I’m not interrupting anything am I? Should I leave?” 

Hayama Kotarou: Hayama bursts out with laughter when he sees you sucking through the straw, and you shoot him a dry look when his chuckling almost leads to tears. He settles down beside you and props his head up on his arm, shamelessly watching you drink from the straw sprouting from between your boobs.

You’re so weird, ____. That’s why I like you, though.” 

A manga about the Sempai & Kouhai of Kaijou

Title: A manga about the Sempai & Kouhai of Kaijou

Comicoriginal here



Pairing: None

Characters: Kise, Kasamatsu, Kobori, Moriyama, Hayakawa and Nakamura.

Notes: Prepare to cry your heart out on this fine saturday night.

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