I bet Momoi gets harassed a lot. And Aomine always manages to be there at the right moment. And once he’s chased all the shitlord guys away he never reprimands her for her appearance or her attitude. Because he knows that its not her fault, and he’s always so angry at guys who treat her that way. And always so angry they make her cry and feel threatened. 

protective!Aomine is a thing that I loveeeeeeee

This is like my first comic I’ve ever done wow these two are sO IMPORTANT

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Momoi with 1a if your doing the meme

omg i didnt think anyone would request one but this was so much fun thank you merry!!!!! i love momoi and i will never be able to do her justice but i am officially starting a petition to see her blush more so the world can be a better place
If you want a blushy character please let me know these are super fun!

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Teiko team, Kagami, Takao, Himuro, Mayuzumi Harry Potter AU please? Also if it's possible can I get one whole scenario for everyone instead of individually? Like with all of them interacting with one another in a single setting (i.e eating in the Great Hall) Thanks ;)

“Eeep!” Momoi’s scream echoed a bit as a piece of food landed in front of her, and even though it missed her, the former quidditch team captain did not seem pleased. “Oi.” said a stern voice belonging to a person standing above Kagami and Aomine who were currently trying to slap food onto each other’s face and clothes, making a giant mess in the process. “Stop making a ruckus” said Nijimura as he grabbed the freshmen’s heads, squeezing as hard as the veins on his forehead allowed without bursting. His hand was then grabbed by a calm one, diverting his attention to the person who it belonged to.

“Nijimura-senpai, please go handle the bigger problem.” Akashi said, pointing with his chin to Haizaki who was doing what he does best. The slight wind that passed by the kids sitting near the path Nijimura ran by chilled them to the bone, the genocide oozing from the dark form of their upperclassman.

Owls then swooped in, carrying gifts/mail the remaining boys’ families were sending. “Shin-chan, please let me see!” Takao fake cried as Midorima hid his present, too ashamed of the dress his mother sent him. “I refuse.” he stated seriously, but a faint blush covered his cheeks which only intrigued Takao more.

 Watching Takao practically glomp Midorima was Himuro, an amused smile lightly tugging on his lips. The smile soon faded as he saw his own owl struggling to carry the bag of love letters he had received. “Wait, uh… w-wait!” he stood up quickly, trying to divert the owl not to drop the massive sack on the table which food laid on. Unfortunately, his warning went unnoticed and the poor animal dropped the bag directly in front of Himuro, falling together with it. A second went by and Himuro felt a murderous intent bubbling from beside him. Some of the letter made it into Murasakibara’s food and needless to say, he wasn’t happy about it. “Muro-chin…

Picking up the fallen owl in worry, Kuroko looked it over as gently as he could. “Are you okay?” he quietly asked the confused animal, not really expecting as answer. As the animal slowly shook it off, it flew out of Kuroko’s hands and flew straight into a window, scared shitless. Where did he come from?!

Kuroko didn’t see the last part happen because as the owl flew away, something crashed into his back. “That was so cute, Kurokocchi!” yelled Kise who was now firmly attached to the smaller boy’s back. Kise’s affection could be a bit too much sometimes, as he acted on instinct, not really caring he was bigger than his current object of extreme affection. So as he grabbed onto Kuroko, they fell in union, a loud crash joining the rest of the noise provided by the kids in The Great Hall.

Closing his book and picking up the actually fucked up bird now was a very lifeless Mayuzumi, who also seemed to appear out of nowhere. In truth, he has been there the whole time, trying not to separate from his body because of the sheer ridiculousness the sight before him provided. Sighing while carrying the creature out of The Great Hall and using it as an excuse to leave, he looked at the bird and quietly whispered, “Did I save you or did you save me?”.

Crazy, stupid love


(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

“I don’t know, (y/n).” Momoi shook her head, trailing her finger over the glass on the table. “Your life is so PG-13.”

“My life is not PG-13!” you snapped, your eyes widening.

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