Saisei team ver. 

Kakyôin team ver.

Mihashi team ver.

Ichijyōkan team ver.

Akashi’s Parents: Let’s name him Akashi because he has red hair

Midorima’s Parents: Let’s name him Midorima because he has green hair

Kise’s Parents: Let’s name him Kise because he has yellow hair

Aomine’s Parents: Let’s name him Aomine because he has blue hair

Murasakibara’s Parents: Let’s name him Murasakibara because he has purple hair

Kuroko’s Parents: Where’s our child

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Akashi, Midorima, Aomine & Kagami risk being called 'whipped' to please their s/o?

[tl;dr - s/o asks them to jump and they say ‘how high?’]

Akashi Seijurou: You’re a little bit embarrassed at having to interrupt your boyfriend’s basketball practice when they’ve got a game in two weeks, but you’ve just received a text from your mother asking you to come home quickly to babysit your little brother. Meekly poking your head in through the gym doors, you manage to quickly catch his eye. 

“I’m sorry, Sei-kun, I have to head home right now - I can’t wait for you to finish today.” You apologise with a sigh, after explaining your situation. 
“Wait.” His eyes flicker to the windows. “It’s already quite dark outside. I’ll walk you home.”
“Are you sure?” Flushing at how quickly you’ve brightened up, you quickly add, “But your basketball practice -”
“- It’s fine. They can cope without me for one afternoon.”

Akashi asks you to wait for him at the school gates, because he doesn’t want you around to hear him threaten to give out punishment laps to anyone who comments on how quickly he was willing to ditch basketball practice for you. 

Midorima Shintarou: The face Midorima pulls when you request to curl and style his hair is one which borderlines disgust, and he’s very adamant at first about how he prefers his hair the way it currently is. However, after flashing him your most persuasive smile and promising that you (maybe) won’t make any silly requests like this again, he eventually relents.

“Which way do you think I should curl it, Midorima-kun?”
“It doesn’t really matter.” The image of him being teased by Takao and the rest of his team is already being conjured up in Midorima’s mind. “Do whatever you wish, nanodayo.”

Aomine Daiki: “Huh? Why do I have to hold your bags while you go to the toilet? Take them yourself.” 
“What’s wrong with holding my shopping while you wait for me?” 
“People are gonna get the wrong idea.” He makes a low, frustrated noise in the back of his throat before pointing at the three bright, pink-striped bags that read VICTORIA’S SECRET. “Do I look like I wanna get roasted?”

You direct the most annoyed glare you can manage at him.

“..Tch. Give ‘em here.”

Kagami Taiga: You’ve always been pretty forgetful when it comes to keeping track of when your next ‘time of the month’ is going to be, but luckily this time you’re still at home when it happens. 

Taigaaaaa.” You’ve just come out from the bathroom, plonking down on the couch as you call out to him in a sing-songy voice. “Will you do me a favour?”
“What’s up?” His head pops up over the kitchen counter, where he’s been putting something in the oven to cook. 
“Will you buy my sanitary products for me?”
He pulls a face. “Seriously?”
“Please?” You clutch your stomach. “I really don’t want to move anywhere right now.” 

Ten minutes later, you watch from the balcony Kagami strolling down the road with his hoodie up to the nearest pharmacy, off to buy a family pack of tampons for you on his own.