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Imagine: you find a beautiful cat, with glossy black fur and green eyes, on the street outside your home. You decide to make friends and let him in. He begins to live in your bedroom with you, and you grow quite attached; then one day, you come home from work, and your cat is gone- instead, a tall, dapper man with black hair and familiar green eyes is sitting on your bed, grinning hungrily at you.

Here’s the link to the one shot I wrote on this.


I saw “you are the goddess of Chaos” somewhere before so I’m continuing it because I’m IN LOVE

Imagine being the Goddess of Chaos and causing major trouble and destruction every time you are bored.

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Then imagine Loki dealing with all that stuff since you are his lover/wife and it’s partly his responsibility(and he is the only one who can reason you and and calm you down)

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And then imagine Thor thinking “and I thought my brother was a pain in the ass”

“Where did she even find that dragon?”

“She has her ways.”

He sees your happy amused face and doesn’t really want to stop you.

“Loki, stop smiling and do something!”

“Just a bit more.”


This starts to be my major hc


I keep seeing these float around and nobody has made them lockscreens so I am and I hope you enjoy them as much as I dooooo
Also Idk who made these but credit to them!! I just made them fit my whole screen xoxo