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Loki x Reader

“You cannot come any further.” A voice drifted through the dull air to greet Loki who had given up on figuring out who was coming and going.

“I will not let him out I just wish to speak with him.” The sound of your voice sent a jolt through Loki, eyes wide and alert as he listened to you.

“We cannot let you in.” The guard insisted.

“And I will not leave until you do!” You sounded furious which amused Loki, recalling the few occasions growing up when he had irritated you to anger, each time you’d missed him by a considerable distance which only made it more infuriating when he teased you.

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21. Imagine having kids with Loki

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It’s been thirteen years since you married Loki. It was really weird having this big, sophisticated wedding in Asgard with all those acient rituals and garment. Your familly was very alienated at first but over time they started to have fun. 

Now you and Loki are happy parents of triplets. Magical triplets. All of them inharited their dad’s powers. Altough they have to be trained. You were glad that your husband promised to take care of it. 

“Honey, I need to… WHAT THE HELL???” you shouted as you saw your children dressed up in armors and running inside labirynth which out of nowhere appeared in your garden

“They’re children of Loki of Asgard and Midgardian Y/N. All burdened with glorius purposes.”

“I know, I meant those armors and labirynth. You were supposed to teach them”

“Yes. But even in this bright year of freedom we need to be prepared. And now I have an army” he said with proud father’s tone

You tried not to laugh and scold him but you failed miserably. 

“Just don’t hurt them. Or don’t let them hurt you.”

“Promise.” Loki smiled and started giving commands to your infants

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Now I listened to the original song of Warmth by Bastille, but I felt that the live acoustic version of the song worked much better. Here’s the link. Thanks to @branchescuttheskyopen for the request! I don’t know if the story is too repetitive of a theme but it’s all I could think to do. You’ll let me know what you think. Enjoy, my darlings!


Prompt[s]: Could you do a pre-Thor!LokixAsgardian!Reader based on the song Warmth by Bastille? Please?

Sometimes there was no talking to Loki. The rising sun flickers with light like a tossed coin. Heads, he is sociable and good-humoured. Tails, he’s cold. Unresponsive.

Today was a tails day.

You stood outside Loki’s door and knocked gently. There came no response despite you knowing that he was in there.
“Just another one of those days,” you sighed to yourself, readying to admit defeat.
“One of what days?” came a muffled response. Either Loki had shrunk by 5 feet or he was on his knees, whispering through the bottom of the door. Knowing neither was especially likely, you moved on.
“Are you going to open the door?”

“No. One of what days?” He asked again. You sighed and lowered yourself to the floor, realising shortly afterwards that he must be doing the same.
“You’re a cannon, Loki. Some days you’re all firing, all blazing, and there’s no stopping you. Other days you’re…”
“Empty,” he mumbles. “No fire.”

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Imagine sleeping with a stuffed animal every night, and Loki calls you childish with disdain, but one night you return to you chambers rather late and find him sleeping with your stuffed animal because it reminds him of you.

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Tricking The Trickster

“God, you’re annoying” Loki laughs and nudges your arm. You shrug and smirk as he rubs his arm.

“You not the only trickster here” you laugh and raise your hand. As you raise your hand, a rock rises from the ground to meet it. You look up at Loki, with a grin on your face.

“Don’t you dare” Loki says, trying to be serious. You push your arm forward and the rock flies, slamming into Loki’s arm. You laugh and he yells.

“Two can play at that game, Y/N” Loki grins and your eyes widen. You’re nowhere near as good at this as Loki. You laugh and started running in the other direction.

You run down the hall as Loki runs after you. As you run, you use the fire from the candles in the hall and throw fire at him. He dodges and teleports in front of you. You smash into him and he laughs.

“I win” He smirks as you look up at him. You pressed your arms against his chest and use a gust of wind, throwing him across the room. He smacks into the wall and groans as you laugh.

“I guess not” You laugh and begin running back down the hall. He pulls himself up and begins chasing you. You notice your room door at the end of the hall. You run into it and closed it. You leaned up against the door as he tried pushing it open.

Eventually he pushes the door open and wraps his arm around your waist. He lifts you up as you laugh and he throws you onto the bed. The two of you laugh as he lies on top of you.

You stare up into his eyes and smile. He tilts his head and leans in slowing, softly kissing your lips. He pulls away and rolls over, lying beside you. You turn over, looking into his eyes.

“I love you” You say as he begins to smile. He cups your face with his hand and leans in, kissing you again. He pulls away and smiles.

“I know” he laughs and you nudge his arm, before kissing him again.

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Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve    Chapter 14

Authors Notes: THIS IS IT!! This is the end. I may do an epilogue if you guys want one but really this concludes the story. I hope you guys liked it as much as i did writing it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your likes, reblogs, comments, and reviews. It means the world to me!!

An extra special shout out to @hymnofthevalkyries for being so patient with me as my Beta on this series. If any of you aren’t following her I recommend you remedy that quick!! Thank you so, so, so, so much Momma V. I don’t know what I would have done with out you!!

Notes/ Warnings: Anxiety, fear, self depreciation, and a crap ton of fluff thrown in between! 

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Steve paced outside (Y/N)’s room with Wanda and Bucky standing by.

 “Tell me you can fix this.” Steve muttered to Wanda without looking at her. His nerves were wired. He couldn’t sit still and his heart was slamming in his chest. He wanted to go to Asgard and rip Loki’s heart from his chest, surely then this would be over.

 “I have an idea but I’m not sure she’s going to like it.” Wanda confessed. She looked down at her shoes, feeling as if she was never going to be truly helpful to this team. Bucky, who was standing close to her against the wall, reached over and weaved his metal fingers into her delicate ones. She didn’t react, knowing that neither of them would want Steve’s attention drawn to it, but she was thankful for his silent gesture of comfort.

 “I don’t care.” Steve grabbed the door handle and looked back at them. They quickly let go of each other and straightened under his gaze. “Tell her and convince her to do it. She can’t live like this.”

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Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve   Ch.1

AUTHOR NOTES: I was blown away with the positive feedback I got from the teaser I posted so I tried to hurry to get something out for y'all. This chapter is pretty short but I will post chapter 2 soon so you won’t have to wait too long. Also, the reader in this series deals with mental and emotional abuse and I have tried to write her as accurately as possible. However, with little to no experience, I am open to hearing how you feel I’ve  written her and welcome constructive criticism.

Also, a huge thank you to @hymnofthevalkyries for being my beta on this fic! You’re the greatest Momma V!


-Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise :)

-For this chapter: mentions of pranking 

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 She clenched her jaw as she tried to process what she had just heard, inhaling deeply and glancing at the ground.
 “Did you hear me, (Y/N)?” Thor’s voice forced her to look him in the eyes. Her reaction was involuntary, a response she was tried to maintain. Being raised in the palace was a gift and the royal family had been very accomodating but (Y/N) had been tasked with making sure the young princes had everything they needed. She wasnt a servant by title, but that was what she felt like.
 “Yes, forgive me. My mind wandered.” She answered.
 Thor smiled and walked her way. “We are not banishing you.”
 “It just doesn’t feel right.” (Y/N) spoke with uncertainty, the crease in her brow growing heavier.
 Thor placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and grinned beneath his blonde eye brows. “Loki is below the palace, in his cell surrounded by guards. He has no need of your services. We would not see you become useless.”
 “Im not concerned with my well being, but his.” She looked up at the massive prince and her lip quivered. “Can I see him, please.”
 “I’ll see what I can do.” Thor’s eyes softened and he left her alone on the balcony.
 Loki had been the center of her world for so long and to leave him now tore at her. Loki had taken an intrest in her quickly while Thor would run off with his friends. Even as a child she had always looked up to the dark haired prince. It wasn’t untill later years that she discovered her feelings for him, though, she never admited it.
 Loki had always been tough on (Y/N), pulling pranks and making her work for him. She didn’t mind it. He was just being a boy, right? So, she let the pranks continue. She even let him yell at her, refusing to let it bother her. After all, a prince has a lot of things on his mind. If he must loose his temper, it’s better to be done on her than in front of the Allfather.
 It was only after he fell from the bridge and tried to conquer Midguard that he seemed to change. His anger was much more ferocious than before. She surpressed the little voice that told her something was wrong, that he was no longer just playing games or under stress. That he was abusing her. But lately, that little voice was growing louder.
 She leaned over the railing and sighed, staying like that for hours. If she had to be sent away she would spend as much time as she was permited to memorize the magnificent view from her bedroom. She would etch every tower and every tree to her memory. She painted the sky across her mind, blending from the coming evening’s deep blue to the late afternoon’s fierce orange. She traced the palace-scape into her freshly painted sky and sqinted as the sun reflected off of the golden walls.
 She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the salt water from the shores below her filled her lungs and she sighed. The wind blew the loose strands of hair from her face and felt cold where tears had fallen. She hadnt realized that she was crying and moved to wipe the wetness from her cheek.
 “I had not realized this would sadden you so.” Thor’s voice, though still thunderous, was soft.
 (Y/N) didn’t turn to face him, she didn’t want him to see the extent of her sorrow. She wiped her eyes and took a breath. “Let me see him.”
 “I was told you can not be taken to the dungeons.” He dropped his head, sad to deliver the news she didnt want to hear. “I am sorry.”
 She turned and feigned a smile. “Dont be. I know you did what you could.” She placed her small hand on his forearm, reassuringly. “If you don’t mind, I would like to spend the evening alone.”
 “Are you sure? Fandral and Volstag were looking forward to meeting us at the tavern.” He grinned.
 “Send them my love but I think I’ll spend the evening in the quiet of the library.”  
Thor leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “I’ll send for you in the morning.”
 She watched Thor close her door behind him and she rushed into action. She had been with Loki for years, most of her life, and now they denied her an audience? No. She would go to him on her own.


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