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Hi beautiful. Arrange marriage au please. Where since both of them just got together thru arrange marriage. The both of them has an affair (nothing serious on wife's part she just went on date. but the gom sometimes sleeps on the other girls house) One time the gom broke off the affair because they realize they love their wife. They went to buy gifts for her. When they saw her on a date. What would they say to her when they got home. Thank you love.

Beautiful??? *blush* thank you! I hope you like your answer!!!

Kuroko: “If you’re happier with him _____-chan, I understand completely… I don’t want you to be in a miserable marriage… Especially because of what I’ve done…”

Kise: “_____-cchi, seeing you with him the other day made me sad… But in a good way, because it helped me realize how much I truly care about you. From now on, I’m gonna be a better man for you…”

Midorima: “It was truly unbelievable seeing you go behind my back like that, especially since we’re getting married soon… Though, I guess I’ll have to be honest about what I do on my free time too… Because you deserve to know.”

Aomine: “Look, I’m not a great person. I was acting rebellious when my parents set up this arranged marriage, which is why I did what I did… But believe me when I tell you this… I’m… I’m glad the person I’ll be sharing the rest of my life with is you… And I hope you feel the same way…”

Murasakibara: “Don’t do that again _____-chin… I really wanted to crush that guy with my bare hands. He won’t be taking care of you… I will, you got that?”

Akashi: “_____, I haven’t been fair to you lately, and I’m completely sorry about that… If you want out of this marriage, I’ll arrange something with my father. If not, please give me another chance, and I’ll prove to you how great our love can be.”

Long time, no upload. Figured I would try to update the rest of my artworks onto tumblr, since I promised that I would. Anyways, here’s Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Baske.

It’s my first artwork I did on Manga Studio. Really fun to use, gives it that graphic novel feel plus it’s so easy to give it so much energy that graphic novels like to do!

Kuroko Tetsuya © Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Artwork © Jeremy ‘GOLDHEDGEHOG’ de los Reyes

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