• Akashi: *glaring*
  • Kuroko: *glaring*
  • Midorima: How long have they been doing that??
  • Murasakibara: About two hours.
  • Kise: I can't tell if they're trying to fall more deeply in love with each other..
  • Aomine: Or trying to use heat vision.
GOM + Kagami, Himuro, Hanamiya and Kiyoshi as pick-up lines

you know what it is

this is the second part of this valentine’s special i posted last year, ikr i love u 2











Kagami finally cried, he’s now part of the Kuroko crying club.

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What if the GOM were playing LIFE with their team and their cursh(the reader) picks them for their husband as a joke, how would they react?

i actually have no idea what that game is? i thought the name was familiar but then i searched it, and turns out i was wrong! still tho, i hope you like this! ^^


  • At first, he would be surprised, and most of all happy.
  • You were his crush, and even if you only picked him as your husband in a game, he’ll still be flattered.
  • Although, he won’t actually show you how surprised or happy he is, he’ll keep his usual calm and cool aura.
  • But then again, you weren’t his crush for no reason.
  • Even when he was good at hiding it, you were the only one who can see how happy it made him.
  • He’d be waiting for the moment your eyes lock together so he can smirk at you.
  • He’ll also probably try and play the husband part even after the game is done just to mess with you.
  • Will even mess with you via text and call you some cute married couple nicknames like “honey, sweetie, darling, etc.”


  • He chocked on his drink.
  • He has no idea what to do with himself.
  • He really tried to look all cool in front of you but that was too much for him. 
  • His imagination ran wild the moment you picked him, and he could have sworn he felt his own cheeks flush.
  • He probably made you think he doesn’t like you since the first thing he did was choke.
  • He sat quietly the entire time throughout the game.
  • As much as he wanted to hit Takao for nudging him every few minutes and winking, he couldn’t.
  • He apologized to you after the game, but ended up confessing to you by mistake. 


  • Suddenly all he knew was blinking.
  • The moment he heard you pick him, he just froze.
  • Well, his eyes did not. He started blinking rapidly that Kuroko had to actually nudge him a little until he came back to his senses.
  • “Sorry! I just…. dozed off for a second.” was the only excuse he could come up with.
  • When he heard you giggle, he could have sworn his heart skipped a beat.
  • He’d steal glances at you every once in a while, and smile.
  • He had no idea you had this much impact on him when it’s not even real.
  • When he realized how he would feel if it was actually true, needless to say he became a grinning mess.


  • He had to mentally, and physically stop himself from yelling and squashing you into a hug.
  • He didn’t care that it was just a game, that was enough to make him like you even more.
  • “I’m officially the luckiest husband.” he blurted out.
  • His face actually turned red when everyone went quiet and you were looking at him.
  • Oops! he realized he actually said it out loud rather than saying it in his own head.
  • His eyes went wide when he saw you covering your mouth and giggling shyly.
  • He couldn’t help but watch you giggle, and laugh along.
  • This would be the first time he actually applauds himself for saying something without thinking.


  • “Ehhhhhh, ___-chan picked me?” was the first thing to come out of his mouth.
  • He laughed it off in front of you and acted like it wasn’t a big deal.
  • He was actually dying from the inside. 
  • He would keep turning his head to the other side just to smile.
  • You were the only person he kept offering to take a bite from his snack.
  • That was his way of saying I really like you. 
  • Even everyone would stop just to stare whenever he offered you.
  • Since he wasn’t the type to share his food, this just showed everyone just how much he’s willing to do for you.


  • He simply smiled and thanked you. 
  • He also excused himself right after to use the bathroom.
  • He went in there just to throw his fist up and practically whisper a “YES!”.
  • When he came back and saw you smiling at him, it made him realize you really are a person he wouldn’t mind waking up to everyday.
  • He’d enjoy just sitting there, watching you play and amusedly watch your face expressions.
  • He never thought there could be a day where he would thank Aomine for something, but he was wrong.
  • He was gonna thank him the minute this game ends for dragging him into this even when he didn’t want to.
  • Will remind you of this when you two actually do get married.