I came for charity. Left with a number!

Hi I read your blog like the morning paper! Let me tell you! I love everything you do, as a Black woman I’m in my 20s and loving KPop and KHipHop, I’m glad you exist! and I’m ready to share my own story time!

oh and my step dad is Japanese by the way this has nothing to do with my story, I just wanted to add that in lol!

So, two months ago, when I went to a charity event with my mom and sister, I met this guy, I’ll call him B, B was one of the guys doing charity for the event as well as us, so we had to check in and get our name tags and stuff, so I’m one of the first to get my name tag, so there was time to kill! He was right next to me in line, literally on my right side. We introduced ourselves and he had an accent, in the beginning, I didn’t know what it was, and then I realized, Ohh! this is the world wide charity group and his team is from South Korea, they were here on a working visa, (he told me all of that) and his passion for this charity was soooo beautiful! Seeing a man that passionate and with a big heart with helping others, it's such a turn on! I was swooning on hearing him talk so passionately about his cause and seeing how much he cared about mine. And he was sexy, I’m not all about looks, more about what’s on the inside that counts, but he was the most handsome man I’ve ever seen! He’s a few years younger than me, but he seems much older and mature, but we both look young lol. So we had to go our separate ways after getting our name tags. But I did look over  to see him cut off a piece of white box, but I didn’t pay any attention til later, I’ll get to that.

I go talk to our team and start setting up the booth and then I hear someone call my name, and I was thinking, whose that? what happened? I turn back and it’s B, he comes running up to me, telling me, I’ve dropped my hat, and without thinking, I told him, “Oh! Thank you.” and he just smiled. I was trying not to be all extra and get all happy and blush,, but I still did! fuck it! and then….I remembered wait a minute! I did NOT have a hat…..so I looked at the hat, about to putt it on anyway, even though it’s not my hat, as I turn it around and adjust the strap, I see that it’s one of his charity hats, so I’m thinking ohhhh  he’s giving me a free hat, awww and then a folded thick paper falls out!! It was more like a cut out square from a box.  So I picked it up, thinking it’s just a note they’re giving out that comes with the hat, I opened the paper and it’s a huge smiley face with a number written inside the smiley face, so I’m thinking, oh!! that’s so cute and personal that they’re giving out their charity/business phone number handwritten with their hats!  so I’m thinking nothing of it I folded it back up and put it in my purse behind the table. I wore the hat though, because I thought it was so sweet coming from him.

So as we’re working, busy, I kept stealing glances at him, mesmerized by his handsomeness, he had tan skin, white shirt and even white jeans, his hair looked prettier than mine, I swear, it’s like when he walked by that huge fan at the event his hair  was blowing in the wind, it was sexy but I laughed because it looked like he was in a movie or modeling on a runway. I kept staring at him, it’s the other way around in my case! But I finally got the courage to….go to the bathroom lol! and I say that because I was avoiding him, the bathroom was close by their booth, so I had to walk right in front of him and just as I’m contemplating to go, day dreaming, I see him at the corner of my eyes waving his hands at me trying to get my attention! I was so shocked! I just laughed, waved and smiled and then he gave me a thumbs up lol he’s so cute.

So that pumped me up to get out that comfort zone and go to the damn bathroom before I pee on myself lol! so I sprinted to the bathroom in my heels, and as I jog past him, I looked at him and he was looking dead at me!!! he did this little sexy eyebrow raise as in he’s saying “Hello” to me with his face without saying anything and I said “Helloooooo” as I run past and he giggled. so I went in the bathroom and then sat there, day dreaming, thinking what would I do/say to him when I walk past his booth again and as I leave I saw this girl opening her hat from his booth and there wasn’t a paper in her hat with a smily face and phone number, so I was thinking, shit!…did he? no! he didn’t! he doesn’t like me like that…we just met, although I felt chemistry with him, I didn’t think he liked me enough to give me his phone number, so I walked out slowly to see if he was at his booth around the corner and he wasn’t so, I was like yes! thank God, because at this point I got nervous, knowing he possibly gave me his phone number, and as I’m walking to my booth, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and it was him!!!!! I was nervous but so happy! (I know one minute Im avoiding him, the next I want his attention lol).

I didn’t know what to say, but he asked me hows my booth going, and then small talk and THEN that’s when he brought up the number!!!!! He was hesitant, but he goes, “Paper….” and I say “Huh?” acting like I didn’t know, he says, “Did you get the paper?” and I play dumb and say “What paper you need paper” ok I’m wrong but I wanted him to confess basically lol, he was about to say nevermind it laughing  he goes “neverm….” but he says “ In your hat I gave you MY number.”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it was HIS number! I knewwwww it! so I told him, “Omg (yeah i said “omg” smh lol!) I didn’t know that’s your number, is it for me? I can call you and annoy you right?” I was joking to lighten the mood and I was scared he was going to say something like, it’s an accident, give it back to me, but he said to me, “Please do! I didn’t think you got it I kept looking over at you to see if you got it” omg he was checking on me,, and I didn’t even see him! as much as I stared at him…damn!! he’s good!! I told him I put it in my purse safely and the big smile on his face *swoon* he told me had to go back and he’ll talk to me in a bit and then he gave me a high five and said “pretty” HE CALLED ME, MY ASS….“PRETTY”!!

At this event we had food, so I took a break and got a hot dog and I saw in the corner he and his friends (all are from Korea) were staring dead at me, so hard! I didn’t want to turn around but I was taking it all in, being all extra, drinking out of my straw sexy,, flipping my hair and walking all slow, putting on a show, being so extra, and I accidentally looked over while I was fixing my hair and I was right they all were looking dead at me and they all except for B turned their heads lol but B was looking at me and he gave me a sexy smirk and then looked down eating his food!!! I…just! I have no idea what they were talking about, but he was blushing and it was cute and one of his friends turned around and waved at me and B told him to “stop” in Korean, the little Korean I knew, I knew what that meant lol, the way he said it was so funny, I was laughing at them.

We got busy later on to the point where even when we past, he still managed to say “Hi to me” and each time he did, he said my name, “Hi___” and I loved that, he made sure to smile at me each time we past, and the last time we passed by one another, my arms were swinging and he lightly grabbed my right hand , like he was trying to hold my hand, but before that he joking bumped into me and he winked at me *__* he really had me all emotional and happy! I was slowly falling for him way too hard.

As we were packing up to leave, his group got done first (damn! they were fast). I didn’t think he would say anything before he left, so I was nervous and counting down the time he comes over and as I cleaned, I waited and waited getting all sad, thinking he’s going to leave without saying bye to me and a million things were going in my mind thinking he didn’t care about me, he was flirting just to flirt, I was getting sad the more his team cleaned and it was looking empty but then!

He scared the s-h-i-t out of me!!! he said “boo” and grabbed the sides of my back, almost touching my hips! I let out such a big scream everyone looked at me, they thought something happened lol but I told him “You scared me!!!” while smiling and I jokingly hit him on his shoulder and that smile…he laughed and said, “sorry sweety” wait a damnn miinute! he called me “sweety” ok!! SWEETY! I felt like we were dating even people I didn’t know were walking by us saying “oooohhhhh” lol! because he started holding my freaking hand!!! and he was telling me, “please, don’t forget call me ok” and he reached in his pocket and gave me ANOTHER paper lol and he grabbed my other hand and put it in my hand and while he was holding both my hands he was saying it was nice meeting me, and that they don’t leave until a few more days, he probably won’t get to hang out (with me) because he’s on a working visa and he’ll be doing just that, working, but he had fun today and he told me thank you, I was thinking for what, but I said “No problem” not knowing what he thanked me for, but he was soooo nice! and we said bye! to each other.

Obviously I called him, even though I failed a few times because I didn’t dial it right lol. I’ll just say he’s soooo nice and funny, I ended up downloading a chat/phone app and we face time from there, so long distance costs $. We’re not dating…yet! But we do flirt…A LOT! And we’re gettiing to know each other and since he’s back in Korea, we didn’t get to hang, but I’m planing on visiting Japan (with dad) and HOPEFULLY Korea anyway this December break and I can’t wait. It’s like we’re both waiting to ask each other out, I might just text it out in heart felt message or mail it to him! Oh! he’s mailing me a surprise it’s suppose to be here next week and I have noooo clue what it is! I have a feeling he’s going to ask me out 1st!!!

Look, I felt like I was dreaming, I wasn’t going to come to Friday’s charity event and wait until Saturday, but I’m glad I did because I met him!!! This paper looks a little busted now because I’ve had it every where, but this is the picture of it, I’m keeping it for ever. :)

Greetings + Goodbyes

Depending on who you are greeting, there are different levels of politeness you should use

안녕하십니까 -  Hello. Very formal, usually used in business

안녕하세요 - Hello. Polite but less formal, this is used more often, it can used when talking to strangers and people older than you. 

안녕 -  Hello/Goodbye. Very casual, used amongst friends and people younger than you. 

다음에 봬요 -  See you later. Informal

안녕히 계세요 - Goodbye (When leaving) polite

안녕히 가세요 - Goodbye (When staying) polite

촣은 하루 보내세요 - Have a nice day