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Can we have kagami Aomine Midorima Koji Mibuchi and Nijimura fluff times with a male s/o?

Kagami: “Shit!” 

You yelp in pain as the oil from the pot you’re currently assaulting splashes on your hand, making you curse in pain. Kagami practically runs to your side and panics, rushing you to the sink. So worried about the potential burn you may have acquired, he doesn’t even realize he’s holding your hand.

Aomine: “See? Isn’t this a lot better than your idea?”

Aomine grunted as he felt his boyfriend huddle closer to his side, his arms wrapped firmly around Aomine’s torso. A movie night hadn’t been on the basketball player’s mind as an ideal date, but he’d relented nonetheless. Feeling the warmth of another body snuggling closer, he supposed it wasn’t too bad.

Midorima: “You’re using the wrong formula again.”

Midorima said in his usual monotone voice, and you’re somewhat relieved. Getting to know him has made you see how legitimately patient he is, especially now that he cares about you so much. The feeling of him leaning against you as you both study makes this so much more worth it.

Kobori: “Could you stop taking pictures now?”

Despite the tone of his words, the smile on his face gave away Kobori’s true feelings about the situation. He chuckled as you impatiently pulled at the polaroid that was being spit out of your camera, fanning it to better see the picture of you and your boyfriend.

Mibuchi: “I got this for you.”

Mibuchi clutched the fuzzy stuffed animal close to his chest, giving his boyfriend a smile. Though it wasn’t exactly the kind of gift he had expected to receive, it didn’t stop a warmth from spreading as he hugged it tighter. He wondered how long it had taken his boyfriend to win this gift at the fair.

Nijimura: “Is that my shirt?”

To be fair, Nijimura thought that his shirt looked rather good on his boyfriend. The way it clung to his slightly bigger build, catching on all the right angles. It was a sight that he wouldn’t want to live without. Maybe he could offer up a few more of his clothes.

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Kise, Kasamatsu, Moriyama, Kobori in a zombie AU setting, their s/o is trapped in their house or building that is surrounded with zombies, so how'd the guys rescue them?? angst scenario pls ^^

Kise: It almost seemed futile trying to rid your surroundings from the undead, but Kise had to try. Swinging the bat he had wildly, he smashed rotting heads left and right. Zombies dropped one by one, leaving space between him and the rest of the small hoard. So focused on rescuing you from the place you’d trapped yourself in, he failed to notice that the door to the room had been long open and no noise came from the inside anymore.

Kasamatsu: When did he resort to actually punching the zombies out of the way? Kasamatsu knew it wasn’t the smartest of ideas, especially when too many teeth had already grazed his knuckles and broken through some skin, but he had to get to you and make sure you were safe. By the time he’d knocked down the last zombie and he could see you hidden away in that little room, you were already holding a gun up to his head.

Moriyama: Knowing that you were inside the building alone was making Moriyama’s aim falter. How many times had he lined up the perfect shot, only to miss because he couldn’t get the image of a zombie finding you out of his head? His hands were trembling as he tried to pick them off one by one from a distance. He only hoped you knew it was him doing it and that you’d fight your hardest to make sure you two would reunite.

Kobori: A distraction seemed like the best idea in the moment. So without a second of hesitation, Kobori let out the loudest yell he possibly could. A visible shudder ran down his spine when all the zombies turned their attention on him, but at least they weren’t focused on the little shack you’d hidden yourself in. Now all he had to do was find a way out of the mess he’d dropped himself into and find his way back to you.

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Can you do Kobori, Yuya, Himuro, Mibuchi helping male s/o through depression . I'm having a hard time and this would help. I love you

Dear, I am sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. I wish you well and all the best! Hope you feel better soon!

Kobori: It was the perfect balance of letting you indulge in your sadness and making sure you didn’t let it consume you. Kobori was good about letting you sleep in, but that didn’t mean he would let you waste your life away in bed. If anything, he’d coax you out of your room with the delicious scent of your favorite meal in the air and a promise to an entire afternoon watching shitty movies while cuddled up to his side.

Yuuya: What better way to get rid of negative thoughts than by filling your mind with other things? At least, that’s what Yuuya thinks is the fast track to feeling better. He knows it’s not that simple and never will be, but he hopes that taking you out and playing games with you at least give you small bursts of joy throughout your day. He’d do anything just to see that smile of yours stay on your face for more than just a few seconds.

Himuro: Telling you to talk about what’s making you depressed is a bit of a hypocritical thing for Himuro to say; he knows he doesn’t talk about his negative feelings often enough to justify giving that advice. Still, it’s all he knows and, if it’s worth anything, he always promises to lend a listening ear whenever you need to vent. Sometimes he’ll sit with you, staring at your intertwined hands in silence for hours as he waited for you to say something.

Mibuchi: Knowing that staying at home and being sluggish all day was one sign of depression getting a hold of you, Mibuchi made it a point to spend most of the weekend with you. It wasn’t hard for him to convince you to go outside, mainly because he practically dragged you out of your bed whether you liked it or not. The only thing he worried about was whether or not the frequent outings were actually helping.