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Midorima, Aomine and Kasamatsu visiting their s/o grave. Like she died because of them, I don't know why I need angst huhu~~

Kasamatsu: He would be lying if he said he hadn’t spent hours at the florist, trying to remember which flowers were your favorite. He would be lying if he said he didn’t start tearing up in the store, realizing he’d forgotten even just the smallest piece of information about you. He would be lying if he said it was breaking him to know he’d only gone a full month with you gone and he already couldn’t hear your voice in his head anymore.

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t buy the entire goddamn selection of flowers for you, just to be safe.

“They look great,” Kasamatsu murmured to himself as he stared at the colorful petals decorating your portrait. He had given up hiding his tears a long time ago. “But you look better. I’m sure.”

Aomine: He knew it probably wasn’t legal to be drinking on cemetery grounds, but the last time he had visited, he’d promised to brink you a beer. Now he couldn’t even remember making that promise as he sat with his back against your headstone, hiccuping sobs leaving his chest. He could feel the cool touch of your grave seeping through his shirt and he tried to pretend it was just your fingers, cold from digging through the fridge.

There was one beer left from the pack Aomine had bought, but he promised himself he’d save it for you.

He clinked his beer can, half empty, against yours in the form of a toast. “I miss you so damn much, you know?” His voice, more than a little slurred, held a tone of misery in it.

Midorima: He knew he should have visited earlier, but even a year after your death was proving difficult for him to handle. Now, as he stood in front of your headstone, reading your epitaph over and over again to himself, Midorima could feel his throat begin to swell up and tears begin to fight against his eyelids. It was getting harder to breath the longer he stood there, but he knew this was something he needed to get through.

He should’ve expected his knees to feel weak and for his legs to give up on him as he tried to take a step forward.

“I’m sorry it’s been so long,” he apologized, barely recognizing his own voice as it choked with an oncoming sob. He was trying so hard to keep it all together, but… “I don’t think I can do this without you.”

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How would Moriyama, Tanaka, Bokuto, Kasamatsu, Yamazaki, and Sugawara react to their s/o randomly sneaking up behind them and groping/smacking their butt then running away? (congratulations on 500 followers btw)

Thank you darling!! These were fun to write so thanks for sending them in. I always love your original asks so please keep'em coming!

•Moriyama- is so happy to have a girl who actually flirts with him that he actually smiles and isn’t even mad. He gets you back later by smooching your cheek unexpectedly.

•Tanaka- shouts in surprise but when he turns around and sees who’s running away he gives chase. You better be quick, boy has a strong arm being Karasuno’s upcoming ace.

•Bokuto- squawks loudly, whipping around with a red face then narrows his eyes (you know the look) and plots revenge. He may be impulsive most of the time but every now and again he takes his time.

•Kasamatsu- face so red you’d think he was part lobster. He’s so flustered he can’t even yell…that is until Kise laughs and then he’s back to normal…mostly…but still pink faced.

•Yamazaki- despite his rough exterior he likes girls who are playful and cheerful so he actually likes this side of you. Further he likes teasing you, so won’t react at all making you pout and then when you’re least expecting it will grab your ass and tug you close for a kiss.

•Sugawara- crafty boy is quick and smacks you right back before you can get away flashing a cheeky grin.

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Hellooo how would Akashi, Kagami, Midorima, Kasamatsu and Hyuuga react when their s/o is a cheerleader and cheering for their opponent’s team since she goes there? Hehe thank yoouuu..

Kagami: It was a bit of a distraction having you on the sidelines, even if you were cheering for the other team. He wasn’t trying to make it obvious — though the heavy blush on his face definitely does the trick — but he can’t help but stare as you and your cheer team do your routine.

Hyuuga: He was annoyed by all the attention you were getting from the guys on the sports team you were cheering for. Didn’t they know you were already taken by him? He’d just have to beat them in the game to show them there place, then maybe you’d cheer for him instead.

Kasamatsu: It didn’t matter to him that you were cheering for the opposing team — after all, it couldn’t be helped that you went to a different school — but there was a part of him that wasn’t exactly willing to admit he’d like to hear you cheer his name sometime. Not that he’d ever tell you that, though.

Midorima: He tried not to look over to your side of the court too often. Not because he didn’t like that you were there in the gym, cheering (despite it being for the opposing team), but because he knew if he took one glance in your direction, he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you.

Akashi: It was just a friendly match between your two schools. Before the game had begun, he had teased you that his team would win despite the cheering you did. This only spurred you to work harder on your routine, which was a sight he wouldn’t have passed up for the world.

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GABBY!!! Kasamatsu please?! :D

“You know, Yukio,” you begin, peering at his face. Kasamatsu hums lazily in response despite your proximity—most of his shyness faded away after a long time being together—while he flips a page of a book he’s reading. You can tell in a glance that it is something related to music, what with the foreign-looking guitar tabs and all. No wonder he’s so engrossed.

“What?” He prompts, eyes still pinned on the book, when he notices that you’ve suddenly gone quite.

“Oh,” you say dumbly, “I was just thinking about how nice your eyebrows are.”

You can see a hint of pink dusting his cheeks, but his behavior betrays the blush.

“…what?” His steely eyes are looking at you now.

“You heard me the first time,” you reply with a small smile, slowly reaching out your fingers to touch the body part you were admiring just a moment ago. Half of you expect him to jerk away at the contact like an upset cat, but Kasamatsu surprisingly keeps still with a slightly confused expression on his face.

“See,” you continue, stroking softly at his eyebrow with the pad of your finger, “so pretty. How do you keep it that way?”

“I don’t know,” he answers honestly, watching you with mild amusement as you keep stroking his brow. “Thanks, though.”

“M-hmm, you’re welcome,” you murmur, the words sounding automated as it flows out of your lips. It is then when Kasamatsu notices that you’re complete absorbed in his eyebrow, a blank look on your face, just like him and the book a few moments ago.

He supposes he can let you do that for a little while.

Send me one character name and I’ll do what I want with it

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Kasamatsu accidentally throwing a basketball at Yachi's head and getting all flustered when he sees how cute she is? ((Possibly with Kise teasing him at the side ohoho)) I think those two would be so cute together ahh

They would be too cute! Thanks for the request, I hope you like it!

The street-ball tournament is getting more intense, each team getting more riled up to win. What would one expect with a park full of testosterone? Faking back, Kasamatsu assesses his options, turning around quickly to pass the ball only to have it smacked out of his hands. Rushing forward, he slaps the ball back but it goes too far to the right and instead of heading back to his teammate’s hands it’s on a crash course with some girl’s head!

“Look out!” the captain yells, the blonde dodging just in time with a startled scream escaping her lips.

As the ball is being retrieved, Kasamatsu makes his way to the her, eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Are you ok? Sorry about-“his voice fails when he sees how cute she is. Dressed in a short-pleated skirt and collared shirt, her shiny hair pulled to one side in a ponytail he can’t stop staring at her, mouth open slightly, his eyes wide.

Yachi’s own wide eyes look back at the intense captain, her knees clattering together.

“Hai…I…I’m fine,” she stammers finally breaking Kasamatsu out of his haze, “I should have…been paying attention.”

He frowns making her jump, but before he can correct her Kise pipes in, “Geez, Kasamatsu-senpai, if you wanted to meet a girl you didn’t have to frighten her into talking to you!”

“Shut up, Kise!” he shouts, whirling around to kick his ace in the behind, his cheeks blazing red.

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Kasamatsu, Hanamiya, Kiyoshi, Hayama, and Himuro overhearing their S/O telling their best friend how much they love them.

Thanks for the request! Enjoy~!



‘..and I think I love him. I really do. I have never thought I would say that, but yeah. He is amazing. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.’ You said looking at your friend straight in the eyes, before grinning so widely it hurt. It was great to finally say how you felt. 

‘Maybe you should tell him?’ Your friend proposed kindly. She was honestly glad that you found someone worth fighting for. 

‘WHAT? No! At least not now! I’m not ready!’ And it was true too. You were dating for like a year now, but you still were not sure how to handle the whole romance thing. 

‘Kasamatsu-senpai? Why are you hiding here?’ You head turned to owner of the voice. It was Kise, who was apparently, violated by your very aggressive boyfriend. 

‘KASAMATSU? WERE YOU LISTENING?’ You screamed, not quite angry, but rather shocked at the new revelation. 

‘Yhm…yeah?’ He said, nodding carefully. ‘B-but yeah, I love y-you, too? I d-d-do. So yeah.’ Your bright red boyfriend hurriedly left classroom. 

 You only smiled to yourself feeling more than blessed, because your feeling was requited. 


Today was probably one of the worst days you’ve ever had. Not only did you realise your strong feelings towards Makoto, but also he decided to openly avoid you without any reason you could comprehend. And you weren’t okay with that. Not at all.

Your last lesson was slowly coming to an long-awaited end, but no matter how much you wanted, you weren’t able to be happy about it. Fear about Makoto’s future actions was eating you alive.

Let’s be honest, it would honestly suck if he dumb you the same day you understood you love him, right? Your very disturbing thoughts were interrupted by loud ringing of the school bell. Sighing heavily, you stood up focusing your whole attention on gathering books and cleaning all your mess.

You tried to leave school as invisible as possible and when it worked, you almost did your victory dance. However, when you were skipping happily someone, or you could say the person you wished you wouldn’t met punched you with his bag which ended with you losing balance.

The groan which left your mouth seconds later sounded more like awakening of hungry dinosaurs, but you could care less about that. Looking up, you saw your own and oh so precious boyfriend glaring down at you like there’s no tomorrow. You would lie if you say that it did not make you mentally piss yourself.

He quickly kneeled next to you, his expression confused you to no end. He looked somehow flustered? He took his bag from your lap, looking at you so intensively that it hurt.

‘Um, Mako? Is some—’

And then he showed his bag into your face, holding tightly.


‘DON’T SPEAK! AND DON’T LOOK AT ME, STUPID!’ He shouted, but not in the rude way. It was more like he wanted to really say something important. ’I heard how you feel about me.’ You gasped. ‘Yeah, yeah. I eavesdropped or same shit, I love you too. We can leave now.’




Hyuuga had enough. And when Hyuuga have enough then…situation is completely normal, but it didn’t matter at that moment. His friends, Kiyoshi, was crying loudly for five hours now and it didn’t seem that he would end soon. 

What love does with people. 

‘Teppei, can you stop please?’ Hyuuga patted his own head, which was empty after so many now working ideas how to help his friend. ‘Tell me, what exactly did she say?’ It made him sob even louder. ‘Okay, that’s it. I’m calling Riko, she will deal with your shit.’ 

‘NO! I will tell you.’ Kiyoshi exclaimed, shaking slightly at the thought of Riko cooking something to make him feel better. ‘Sh-she told me that she…LOVED ME. AND THAT’S SO CUTE, SO PURE. I DON’T DESERVE IT. OH GOD. SHE WAS SO ADORABLE ALL BLUSHING AND THEN SHE SAID THOSE WORDS I THOUGHT I MIGHT DIE. GOD LET ME JUST DIE.’  And he started crying again. 

‘Wait, so you are crying because she loves you?’ Well, shit. Hyuuga should have know that Kiyoshi was just a drama queen. 

‘Yeah, basically.’ 

‘Teppei, you are retarded and I’m not friends with you anymore.’ 



Hayama couldn’t control his movements anymore, he was running from class to class, shouting that you loved him and he couldn’t be luckier. At some point he started hugging people too. 

His last destination was the gym, where his teammates were practicing. Well, he should be there to, hehe. 

‘GUYS, GUYS. I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.’ All pairs of eyes laid upon his, some were interested, some bored and some used to his stupidy. ‘S/O-CHAN SAID SHE LOVES ME! NOW WE CAN GET MARRIED, HAVE KIDS AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Don’t look so bitter Akashi-chan, someone will love you too, someday…’ That statement earned him a glare.

‘Maybe you wanna hug?’

‘Don’t touch me. Never.’

‘It such a beautiful day. I’m gon–’

‘HAYAMA, YOU STUPID CREATURE. I WILL KILL YOU!’ Hayama paled and turned his face towards door, seeing you red from anger and shaking in pure rage.

‘Well, I don’t think she loves you anymore, Hayama-chan.’ Whispered Akashi, smiling evilly as he watched you beating his friend to pulp.


‘You know what? I’m planning to tell Tatsuya how I feel.’ Your friend looked at your face after your very serious statement, clearly looking at any sight of fear.

‘Today? You have a date, right?’ She asked, feeling genuinely happy for you.

‘Yes. I will tell him I love him, but I’m kinda stressed that he will laugh at me. He is a great gut, like my one and only. I’m scared that he won’t feel the same way about me.’ You said truthfully, biting you lip.

‘Don’t worry, I see how he behaves sometimes. He is as wasted as you.’ She chuckled, making you relaxed.

‘I hope you are right.’ 

‘I always am.’

Little did you know that dark-haired man whose name was Himuro Tatsuya, closely listened to your conversation blushing like crazy even though it was unlike him.

‘Eh, Muro-chin? Why is your face so red?’ His younger teammate stated, watching him. 

‘I need to prepare myself for a special confession today, Atsushi.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘No one can understand love.’

KnB (Kagami x Reader): Butterfly on my right shoulder - Part 1

For not the first time that day, Kagami wondered how he got himself into these things.

Oh wait, I know. It was Kise that got me into this.

Gritting his teeth, he pulled himself upright with a grunt of effort. A slight adjustment had him careening to the left. He windmilled his arms, trying to keep from falling painfully.

Kise, that smarmy bastard, was tutting as if this wasn’t all his fault. “Kagamicchi, I expected more from you. Your sense of balance is terrible.”

Moriyama, equally smug, started sprinkling salt into his wounds. “That’s right. What’s the point of growing up in America if you can’t skate?” He skated a few lazy circles around Kagami to rub it in.

“For the last time,” Kagami growled, “I grew up in L.A. Los Angeles. There isn’t exactly a pile of snow to wade around in.”

Moriyama wouldn’t let it go. “But surely you had ice rinks like this one? I mean, it isn’t winter here either.”

Kagami had to admit he had a point. The red-head chose not to exacerbate the situation by giving Moriyama more fodder, and instead concentrated on unfolding himself. On the bright side, Kasamatsu was as bad or possibly even worse off. Kaijo’s ex-captain was clenching on to a rail with a death grip, knuckles white.

Moriyama gave Kasamatsu a hearty thump on the back that almost sent his feet out from under him.

“Moriyama, you idiot, are you trying to kill me?” Kasamatsu’s voice came out even raspier than Kagami’s.

“My dear Yukio-chan, you will never get a girl like this. It’s a good thing the rink is almost empty, or I would be hiding from second-hand embarrassment.”

Kagami tottered to a standing position and looked around, surveying the area. Aside from a couple of kids, who seemed to be leaving, there was no one on the rink. He was silently congratulating himself on not having anyone witness his humiliation when a girl, about his age and dressed in black, glided out onto the ice. She gave them all a brief glance and then proceeded to ignore them, settling a pair of headphones over her hair.

Moriyama was instantly on alert. “It’s girl. A CUTE GIRL. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my masculine appeal and flirt with her. Kise, come with me!”

A bewildered Kise attempted to resist. “But why do I have to get involved in your business, senpai?”

“Because you’re pretty and she will be much more susceptible to my charm with you blinding her.”

The girl in question was totally oblivious, moving in a smooth serpentine figure across the length of the rink. It brought her closer to where they were standing near the edge, and Kagami saw that Moriyama’s assessment was correct. She had a pretty, sharp face, set in concentration.

Kise continued to refuse to participate in Moriyama’s absurd plan. “I don’t want to, Moriyama-senpai. It sounds troublesome.”

The senior would not be deterred. He grabbed Kise’s arm to pull him forward. “Come now, Kise. Listen to your elders.”

Kagami saw a series of disastrous events happen in slow motion. Kise tugged his arm back, sending an unprepared Moriyama off balance. He toppled over, crashing into Kasamatsu, whose already precarious stance was instantly destroyed. Kasamatsu flailed, grabbing the not-very stable Kagami for support. Unfortunately, Kagami had been standing with his back to him, so this just made him wobblier than before and he pitched forward. His last thought as the ice came hurtling up to meet his face was that he’d never trust Kise again.

What he didn’t expect was the fall to be so…pillowy? He opened one eye, propping himself up with a hand and looked up to see a pair of cobalt blue eyes. He blinked in fascination, caught in the crystalline depths of the girl’s irises.

You, however, were not amused. The boy you had caught from falling was about half a foot taller than you, and a lot heavier. You just wanted his deadweight off.

“Say, this might be comfortable for you, but honestly I could do without this experience.” Your voice was flat.


Kise hissed at him. “Kagamicchi, get off of her! You’re in a really embarrassing position!”

He looked down and flew back like a scalded cat. Kagami’s face sizzled, almost electric in its redness.


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