• Kagami: Do you see that fly which wants to get out through the closed window? You are just like it.
  • Aomine: Because I don't give up easily?
  • Kagami: No, because you are stupid and without a future.

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How about a founding!era AU in which Izuna lives, the Uchiha are actually settling in nicely, the new village flourishes, Madara and Hashirama get along just fine - and Tobirama suddenly discovers that the only threat to lasting peace is him. The Uchiha hate him, the other clans fear him, he's the ninja boogeyman. So naturally he's "logical" about it and takes longer and more dangerous missions as far away as possible, trying to solve the problem "his own way". The Uchiha/Madara notice(s) first.

Omg this is too sad??

To make it better:

Tobirama knows with absolute certainty that this time, at least, he’s in far over his head.

It’s not entirely his own doing, though he likely should have waited for the better intel Tōka promised to deliver. There are more of them than any reports indicated, and Tobirama is not quite as recovered from his last mission as he’d prefer. The barely-closed stab in his thigh is making his  entire leg threaten to give way, and—

“You idiot!” someone screeches, and there’s a flash of fire just as one of the enemy shinobi starts to bring their sword down.

Tobirama is fairly certain he loses his eyebrows, it’s so close, and he knows the fur on his ruff is scorched as he rolls gingerly back to his feet, avoiding the charred bodies of his opponents.

“Uchiha—” he starts, temper snapping, because there’s no need to be more specific. That was definitely an Uchiha butting in, intruding on his mission even though he’s been leaving the village specifically so they can settle in more readily. He rounds on his—not rescuer. His tagalong, ready to snarl—

The force of a body slamming into his makes him stagger, and the muscles in his leg choose that moment to give way entirely. Tobirama lands, very unhappily, on his ass, with familiar hands clutching at his collar.

“You idiot,” Kagami repeats, though the relief in his words is obvious. He wriggles up a little higher, carefully avoiding Tobirama’s leg, and glares at him, Sharingan spinning.

Tobirama blinks at the teenager, completely bewildered. Kagami has trained with him a few times, and they’ve traded scrolls about techniques, but… “Why are you here?” he demands.

“Because you’re killing yourself,” Kagami accuses, and there’s something like desperation on his face. “The Senju don’t see it and Madara-sama doesn’t know what to say and Izuna keeps trying to hint at it but the Hokage just doesn’t realize and I—I—” He breaks off, scrubbing a hand over his flushed face, and then says miserably, “I like you. I like you a lot and I don’t want you to just leave on a mission and not come back, okay? You’re so smart, and you’re handsome, and you’re really fucking funny and. And if you give the rest of the assholes in my clan enough time, or if they actually talk to you, this doesn’t have to end with you in a coffin, all right?”

Tobirama has never been quite this speechless in his entire life.


But there’s a curl of warmth, high up under his breastbone, and when Kagami slumps forward to rest his head on Tobirama’s shoulder, Tobirama can’t quite resist the urge to curl an arm over his back. He presses his cheek a little more firmly against messy black curls, and murmurs, “Thank you,” into Kagami’s ear.

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I love your Shisui headcanon! I may or may not steal some of it when I write him, if you're okay with it? Also, may I ask for some Itama and/or Kagami headcanons, if you're willing?

I have one for Itama already, so for Kagami…

- You know that Van Halen song Hot For Teacher?

- That’s it, that’s his life. 

- Tobirama wasn’t his jounin sensei - Kagami was too old at that point to need one - but he ended up on Tobirama’s squad running missions and just. Bam. Heart eyes, motherfucker. 

- Saw Tobirama decapitate a man was was like. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. 

- Hikaku has to listen to him when he comes back from training every day, on account of being Kagami’s cousin/friend, and it is Suffering to watch him pine okay. 

- Not great with a sword. Actually kind of terrible, but tries anyway because Tobirama does it and Tobirama is the best, so. 

- Has a deep and eternal rivaly/friendship with Koharu. Sarutobi hates them both, because there’s only so many times he can break up their sparring matches/keep them from actually throttling each other before he loses all will to live. 

- Involved in an ongoing mission to lock Sarutobi and Danzo into any small enclosed space he possibly can For the Good of Konoha. Because that much UST cannot be healthy. 

- Danzo has since developed a healthy fear of closets and a twitch. 

- Good with children, even though he claims not to be.

- Takes Uchiha Dramatics to a whole new level. Papercuts are treated like the end of the world. The end of the world is treated like a papercut. 

- Thinks Touka is the coolest kunoichi ever and constantly pesters her to teach him how to use a naginata. She usually obliges, mostly by trying to beat him to death with it while he flees in terror. 

- (This may or may not be his attempt to earn her blessing.)

- (It’s working.)

- Kind of terrifyingly good at strategy, but less skilled at sticking to the plan.

- Also terrible at being a patient, no matter how often he’s in the hospital. 

- Itama passively wants to throttle him. 

- And probably would have months ago, if Tobirama wasn’t so fond of him. 

- Has a deep-seated fear of Itama, for no real reason he can pinpoint. 

- Is probably the remaining 17% of why Tobirama’s hair is white. 

- (Is absolutely Tobirama’s favorite, and will probably notice. Maybe. Someday.)

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Unusual inheritance prompts; #1? (and as a side note can I just say your work is amazing? Like I wish I could use my words better to describe how much I love your writing)


Sakura was really good with kids, like, it was somewhat unusual how skilled she was at worming her way into their hearts and gaining their trust. It was one of the things she was know among the older crowds for.

Still…that wasn’t a good enough excuse for what Tajima pulled with this, ‘I leave all my children in the caring hands of my sister at heart, Haruno Sakura.’ Yeah, it was cute he called her his sister at heart, because they were best buds, but really? Her? Mother children?

“I’m still allowed to drink, right?” Sakura asked, looking sideways at her friend who was already one kid in. Ino smirked.

“As long as you’re not cooking anything in the oven, drinking is a necessary evil. I don’t know how Sai does it.”

Sakura moaned, grabbing at her face and turning back on her heel, away from the front gates to the Uchiha estate. “There are so many other Uchiha he could have asked, though. An-and Madara is like, sixteen. They don’t need me.”

“You really want another Uchiha raising those Uchiha boys? They’re emotionally neglected enough as it is. They didn’t even seem phased at the funeral.”

Sakura remembered back to the funeral she had attended only a handful of days ago, and how upset she had been. Just because the boys weren’t bawling into their tissues didn’t mean they weren’t grieving in their own way. He was their dad!

“I don’t know how to do this,” Sakura admitted, even as she rang the bell and stepped back.

Beside her, Ino smiled to herself. Even if she was scared, Sakura never stepped away from doing the right thing.

A maid led both girls in and took their coats. A manservant came up and introduced himself as the head caretaker of the house. He would be taking care of the needs to the manor, which would go to Madara as soon as he turned eighteen along with a bulk of the properties.

Sakura didn’t get to see any of that, but a stipulation of the will provided that she be given shelter for as long as she asked in any of the properties. Failure to accommodate her request would result in the loss of that property. This didn’t sit well with a few of the other Uchiha who inherited property, but Sakura wasn’t planning on mooching off anyone or staying anywhere she wasn’t welcomed.

“The boys will see you now.”

Sakura looked behind her to Ino, eyes wide with fear. Ino just waved goodbye and let herself out. Sakura would be on her own from that point forward.

Tajima had two natural sons, but had taken in three other boys before passing. Madara was the oldest at sixteen, his brother Izuna was fifteen, then there was Kagami, Shisui, and little Obito. From what she heard the two oldest were very traditional while the two in the middle were uncharacteristically energetic and loud, leaving Obito too little to see how he turned out.

The doors to the library opened and Sakura caught her breath, bracing for the first impression.

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GOM + Kagami, Himuro, Hanamiya and Kiyoshi as pick-up lines

you know what it is

this is the second part of this valentine’s special i posted last year, ikr i love u 2











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Ur descrip says ur open to headcanons but can u imagine being aomine or kagami's or murasakibara's friend? It would be Pure.

AN: YAAAAAS the holy trinity of really awkward friendships if you’re a female tbh


  1. At first, he’s the friend that you aren’t sure if he considers you a friend. You’re around each other almost all of the time, but you didn’t start getting to know each other until a bit later. So it kinda looked like he just tolerated your presence at first.
  2. The more you got comfortable around him, the more he did the same. He teases you a lot and ruffles your hair because you’re shorter than he is.
  3. The friend that would casually watch porn in front of you.
  4. The friend that would put porn on your laptop’s browser so that the minute you open it, the website is in full view.
  5. He gets very protective of you. He doesn’t appreciate others flirting with you without his approval or referral first. If you’re talking with someone in the hallway, he’ll stare them down until they leave.
  6. Likes to use your shampoo.
  7. Makes you cook him dinner whenever he’s over.
  8. Will flirt with you once in a while because he likes to see the disgusted look on your face.
  9. Is never prepared for anything ever so your backpack is his backpack and he uses all of your things.
  10. You’re the only person he turns to when he’s upset. You were very surprised at first because you thought Momoi would be his go-to, but he never did that in the beginning of their friendship and didn’t want to bother starting. So he’ll call you, show up at your house randomly, or just straight up use your spare key that you hide in the bushes to sulk on your couch as you feed and comfort him.


  1. Kagami always takes his friendships very seriously, so he treats you with the upmost respect while at the same time showing you how much your friendship matters to him.
  2. He wears a friendship bracelet you made for him every single day. He only takes it off when he’s showering.
  3. Whenever he’s preparing his lunch for the next day, he’ll always bring you a little something in a separate container.
  4. You’re his guinea pig when he’s trying new recipes.
  5. Shoves food down your throat if you’re over at his place and refuses to let you leave on an empty stomach.
  6. Always asks you to help him with basketball; not with his technique, but more like he wants you there to support him and carry a bunch of water bottles and towels.
  7. Refuses to eat or cook anything penis-shaped in front of you because he gets embarrassed.
  8. Had to ask you how to put on a condom using a banana.
  9. Always sets time for you two on Fridays to go to Maji Burger. He lowkey looks forward to it every week.
  10. Will give you a complete care package when you’re sick; packs you a large thermos of homemade soup, various medicines, and rental movies that you both can watch.
  11. He gets nervous talking to anyone cute, so you have to be his wingperson while he’s a blushing mess behind you.
  12. Refuses to let Alex meet you because he’s afraid she’ll make out with you and he’s protective of your virginity in a weird, brotherly way….


  1. You call him over to your house to clear out your fridge because some of the food is reaching it’s expiration date and you can always rely on him to eat it all.
  2. Likes to sleep in your bed while you study at your desk.
  3. He is very comfortable around you and gets kind of clingy. He doesn’t like being away from you for too long, so if you stayed home from school one day, he’ll use bringing you our homework as an excuse to see you. He would definitely never admit that he missed you.
  4. He eats everything in your pantry and it annoys you every week because you spend so much money on groceries. Sometimes he feels bad, so he’ll make you lunch and an apology cupcake.
  5. Really looks forward to your birthday because it gives him an excuse to bake you a cake. On any normal day, he’d be too lazy to bake.
  6. When he’s upset, he becomes a big cuddle bug. He’ll barge into your home and will sit with you on your couch with a blanket wrapped around the both of you. He’ll become a big baby and lay his head on your shoulder and pout. He doesn’t mind if you both sit in silence watching tv - in fact, he prefers it that way most of the times - but if he’s so upset that he’s crying, he’ll want you to play with his hair and tell him everything will be ok.
  7. You’re the only one he allows to touch and play with his hair.
  8. He thinks it’s cute when you have to ask him to get something on the top shelf.
  9. He is also very protective of you and gets jealous easily when he sees you talking so casually with other people you don’t know. He doesn’t like the idea of people stealing his friends.
  10. He thinks it’s funny when you gag when he jokes about being hung like a horse.
  11. If you can’t make it to every single one of his home games, he pouts the entire day.
  12. His favorite pass time is annoying you in class by poking your cheeks, playing with your hair, flicking your ears, basically being a big child around you.
Submission: Kagami Uchiha, babysitter extraordinaire

Because your Kagami headcanons made me laugh out loud, and fit perfectly with what I’m writing about him in the Naruto-is-Nawaki’s-reincarnation-verse, here’s a present for you! A cute little fic, about Kagami’s first (but definitely not last) time as a babysitter.

(I managed to write a non-angsty fic! Yay me!)


Kagami sighs as he contemplates the situation he managed to get himself into. He had told Mito-sensei that he was bad with kids, but the woman hadn’t left him any choice, and here he is, in her house, babysitting her sick grandson.

On paper, it doesn’t sound too hard, but he’s heard the stories from the rest of the Hokage’s guard team.

Saru refuses any babysitting missions, arguing that he has his hands full with Mito’s granddaughter already (and Kagami can’t blame him. A thirteen years old shouldn’t be as scary as she is when she yells at him whenever the war and his recklessness lands him in the hospital).

Koharu is busy with her own kids, and those horror stories are enough to make him wary of every miniature human out there (then again, Koharu’s kids. No wonder they’re little monsters, with a kunoichi like her donating half of their genepool.) and Homura, the coward, takes refuge in the archives every time Mito-sensei so much as hints that she may need a babysitter.

Torifu is great with kids, but even he had come back from an afternoon looking after both Tsunade-chan and Nawaki-chan with a haunted face and an oath of “never again”.

Danzo hasn’t been allowed in the vicinity of their sensei’s grandson ever since he had managed to scare the boy just by looking at him. Tsunade-chan had been vicious when she had attacked him for making her baby brother cry.

Kagami has met the kid in passing, but never had a reason for prolonged exposure until now.


Nawaki looks absolutely miserable, curled up in his blankets, hugging a pillow to his chest. He’s also very, very bored, and Kagami is quick to understand why his teammate looked so harried the last time he had had babysitting duty.  The boy won’t stop asking questions, topics ranging from ninja life to the reason behind the colour of the sky, and Kagami is getting a bit overwhelmed.

“How about I tell you a story?” He tries instead, in dire need of something to distract the boy.

The child looks at him skeptically.

“I’m not a baby!” Nawaki protests, then sneezes, ruining the grown-up air he had been trying to adopt.

“You’re never too old for stories.” Kagami declares, frantically searching his brain for a bedtime story he could tell the kid.

(Why had he suggested that? Kagami has never had a bedtime story himself, not growing up in the clan wars like he did. The closest he got were genjutsu lessons where his guardian would sometimes add small stories from myths and folklore as suggestions for illusion materials!)

(Genjutsu? That was an idea… Mito-sensei will kill him if he even thinks of putting Nawaki-chan under a genjutsu, but using it to illustrate a story…)

“Do you want to hear about that time Mito-sensei and I pranked Hashirama-sama so bad, he was hiding under his desk for two hours?” He asks.

Nawaki perks up at that, looking interested despite himself.

“Well” Kagami starts. “Your grandfather was quite scared of ghosts, you see, which your grandmother found absolutely hilarious. So of course, she decided that I, as a young and impressionable genin in need of a target to practice my genjutsu on, would be the perfect accomplice…”

As he speaks, the walls around them come to life, showing a chibi-Mito dragging a chibi-Kagami to the Hokage Tower.


When Mito comes home later that night, she finds her grandson and her student asleep, the former in his bed and the later sitting on the floor against it, bathed in the dim light of the genjutsu still running along the walls, and she chuckles at the sight. The chibi-version of herself is currently busy throwing a huge suiton jutsu at her panicked team who had just finished cleaning what she remembers to have been a particularly nasty part of the sewers, and had been in dire need of a cleaning themselves.

With a fond smiles, she drapes a spare blanket over her  favourite student.

Well, at least now she knows who to ask first when Nawaki-chan needs a babysitter.

Bad with children her ass.


After that day, Kagami becomes Nawaki’s favourite person after his grandmother, sister and granduncle. 

He also, much to his dismay, becomes the go-to babysitter for what seems to be half of Konoha after Nawaki brags about his Kagami-nii’s awesome bedtime stories.

Mito is too busy laughing at him to help.

  • Takao: Hey, so, are you guys free tomorrow at 8 pm?
  • Kagami: Yeah.
  • Kuroko: I have nothing to do tomorrow at that time. Why do you ask?
  • Takao: OKAY! Great! Because I'm gonna be busy annoying Shin-chan, and since both of you are free, you guys should go on a date!
  • Takao: *runs away*
  • Kagami: Did he just-
  • Kuroko: So, Kagami-kun, do you want to go to Maji Burger tomorrow?
  • Kagami: *Hides his blushing face in his hands*