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日付(ひづけ hi zuke) Dates

1日/一日 [ついたち tsu i ta chi] = 1st

11日/十一日 [じゅういちにち juu ichi nichi] = 11th

21日/二十一日 [にじゅういちにち ni juu ichi nichi] = 21st

31日/三十一日 [さんじゅういちにち san juu ichi nichi] = 31st

2日/二日 [ふつか fu tsu ka] = 2nd

12日/十二日 [じゅうににち juu ni nichi] = 12th

22日/二十二日 [にじゅうににち ni juu ni nichi] = 22nd

3日/三日 [みっか mikka] = 3rd

13日/十三日 [じゅうさんにち juu san nichi] = 13th

23日/二十三日 [にじゅうさんにち ni juu san nichi] = 23rd

4日/四日 [よっか yokka] = 4th

14日/十四日 [じゅうよっか juu yokka] = 14th

24日/二十四日 [にじゅうよっか ni juu yokka] = 24th

5日/五日 [いつか i tsu ka] = 5th

15日/十五日 [じゅうごにち juu go nichi] = 15th

25日/二十五日 [にじゅうごにち ni juu go nichi] = 25th

6日/六日 [むいか mu i ka] = 6th

16日/十六日 [じゅうろくにち juu roku nichi] = 16th

26日/二十六日 [にじゅうろくにち ni juu roku nichi] = 26th

7日/七日 [なのか na no ka] = 7th

17日/十七日 [じゅうしちにち juu shichi nichi] = 17th

27日/二十七日 [にじゅうしちにち ni juu shichi nichi] = 27th

8日/八日 [ようか you ka] = 8th

18日/十八日 [じゅうはちにち juu hachi nichi] = 18th

28日/二十八日 [にじゅうはちにち ni juu hachi nichi] = 28th

9日/九日 [ここのか ko ko no ka] = 9th

19日/十九日 [じゅうくにち juu ku nichi] = 19th

29日/二十九日 [にじゅうくにち ni juu ku nichi] = 29th

10日/十日 [とおか to o ka] = 10th

20日/二十日 [はつか ha tsu ka] = 20th

30日/三十日 [さんじゅうにち san juu nichi] = 30th

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NU’EST Drops 1st Mystical MV Teaser for ‘Q is.’

Just slightly over an hour ago, NU’EST dropped their 1st MV teaser for 4th mini-album ‘Q is.’, bringing the audience into a dystopian-ish, mystical wonderland with falling snow. The electronic intro tune seemed to boost a sound back to their urban electro roots, ending with soft vocals. The teaser has since broke the 20k view marks earlier on.

Blond Minhyun stood out with his outlandish, futuristic robes; Baekho was set against a backdrop of leaveless, bluish branches; Aron seemed to be braving an impending storm; long-haired raven, Ren, was caught holding onto what seemed like a penchant, and last but not least, JR stood alone in a wrecked room, reminisence of what once was that could belonged to royalty with fallen chandeliers.

Undoubtly, the 28-second teaser wasn’t enough to satisfy our appetites, and since it’s labeled as the 1st, perhaps we would see subsequent teasers very, very soon. Meanwhile, continue to stream the teaser on official portals such as NU’EST Official or 1theK, instead of other re-uploads

According to a PLEDIS representative, NU’EST is set to return with a more matured look then before, and member JR, Baekho as well as Minhyun actively participated in the lyric writing of the album. ‘Q is.’ will be released on the 17th.

Another highlight to note is NU’EST’s comeback teaser on Music Bank played today, where more hints of how the song could sound like was heard.

While the concept has been mentioned on several portals as ‘Queen is.’, what do you think it would turn out, and how are you liking the sound? Tell us!

Source: BNT News ; NU’EST Youtube

12/2/2016 [info] Jaejoong's Album NO.X on iTunes Album Chart


[RANKING] #Jaejoong’s Album #NOX debuts at #24 in Worldwide iTunes Album Chart on 2/12! Well done 

(BY princejj)

- (Ranking) Jaejoong NO.X ranked #1 in 18 COUNTRIES (for iTunes Kpop genre) and 

#1 in 8 COUNTRIES (fr iTunes all genre)! Congrats(≧▽≦)

- Please support Jaejoong’s 2nd album NO.X. Buy his album on iTunes or links to buy Jaejoong’s 2nd album NO.X = (CLICK)

((So it’s aph Spain’s birthday, and I wanted to point out something.

The actual nation of Spain? It’s in crisis mode.

All my knowledge about the situation is from my Spanish teacher who follows the Spanish news, but here’s what I know.

- the region of cataluña, where Barcelona is, is trying to become an independent nation. They submitted a Declaration of Independence and have their own police and money. The government of Spain hasn’t been willing to talk yet. But…
- recently Spain had a general election. But the election didn’t work. The nation of Spain could not form a government.
- so for about a month, the nation has not had a government.

In other words, crisis.

((If you want to relate this back to Hetalia, that essentially means that aph Spain would be very very sick))

Again, I’m just stating my understanding of it. A snap election will probably be held soon because obviously, the nation needs a government. Depending on who gets elected, it could decide the future of a lot of things. If the new government isn’t willing to talk to the cataluñana independence movement people, military action is possible, and then everything can go from there.

If anyone has any more information, or I got something wrong, Please please PLEASE add on to this through reblogs. I’m very interested, and I just sort of wanted to get a conversation going about what’s been happening.

Thank you))

the-elemental-mew asked:

Cresil: Ha, never thought Slowkings actually ruled over stuff or watched over stuff or whatever. Though I'm wondering if you guys actually have warriors or fighters. If you have a hierarchy you must of some slowpokes or bro that defends the others.

Yes, we do, actually! We have to protect our village somehow, right? As stated before, any and all predatory Pokémon that wish to live in our village must become the village guards; however, it isn’t limited to only those specific Pokémon!

My older brother is part of the guard, for example! Any Pokémon willing to fight and protect the village may join the guard. My brother loves to fight, especially considering how…eccentric…he was when we were kids. Always wanting to play rough.

Hmm… My body aches just remembering it…

NU'EST Releases Member Collage Teaser, MV Teaser to Drop Tonight 13 Feb 0000hours KST

With raising anxiousness from the fandom about the soon-to-be released all album ’Q is.’, PLEDIS has unveiled a collage teaser featuring the different members in a snowy backdrop, suggesting that it is perhaps a scene from their music video.

That’s not all - NU'EST will also drop their first MV teaser tonight, at 13 Feb (0000hours KST). Get ready to trend #NUEST and #Qis if you’re up in that hour!

ㄴㅇㅅㅌs pumped for this, can we see your hands?

Source: NU'EST Twitter>

Name: Somnium Reliqua; Often called Somn for short

Shape: Quatrefoil

Color: White

Pupil: Golden Iris w/ Horizontal line

Transaction: Agreement

Headpiece: Filled gold halo

Flame Color: Has no flame; It only glows warm or cold light

Misc Info:

  • Somn is the Demon of Rest. Vague, but that means its dominion is over anything under that category in a loose sense. Examples being simply relaxing, sleeping, eternal sleep, peace of mind, etc. 
  • His transactions typically involve forcing the person to sleep for a specified time depending on what it is they want. During that time he feeds off of the energy they give off while asleep as he goes about and does his work.
  • Being an ancient- over time he has molded his form to be more fitting to his needs- such as appearing more angelic in nature in order to fool people as well as religious individuals, especially fooling via how he looks in his human form.
  • He always speaks in a calm and rather velvety voice, always beckoning the listener to sleep so it may feed off of them. After a conversation with him, it is typically impossible not to feel tired- that goes for every being. Sometimes if the scenario calls for it, he will make his voice seem ethereal. Sometimes if one stares at him for long enough he will try to get them to sleep via connecting eyes.
  • He is always coaxing individuals to rest, or to sleep. He might seem caring in that way- but it is for his own selfish reasons.
  • In any area where a being is in a state of rest, he is present but unseen.
  • Typically he is seen wandering cemetery’s.
  • He favors comfort food, especially pastries.
  • He enjoys baking, playing the cello, and any leisure activity.
  • A rather lazy demon, and quiet.
  • A very clean individual, he hates getting messy and always tries to dress in a refined manner.
  • Favorite color shade is white.

askthefourwanderers asked:

Bosuke: So you say that a Slowpoke is chosen to be a Watcher, and then that Slowpoke evolves into a Slowking. Though what happens if a Slowpoke accidentally evolves into a Slowking?

Oh, don’t worry. There are never any accidents! We make sure to have only one King’s Rock at a time during each Watcher Crowning Ceremony. How it works is that the next Watcher-to-be chooses a trusted family member or close friend to find and bring back a King’s Rock. Any Pokémon in the currently living in the village that is not a Slowpoke, Poliwhirl, or Slowking is eligible to be chosen to find the item, and you’re basically given as much time as you need. They’re hard to find, so it’ll usually take a while.

Since my older sister happened to be chosen to become the next Watcher, she picked me to go and find a King’s Rock for her!

Er… Well, I was her second choice… My brother was the first pick, but he has guard duties, so, naturally… I was the next best choice? Admittedly, I’m not entirely reliable person with this sort of stuff. She chose me hoping it would help me be more responsible and independent. I’m not going to let her down, though!

Adele and her songwriters for 25 have already split $13 million in royalties!

Many of those who are cashing in on the massively-successful album are familiar names, including Mark Ronson ($45,000), Bruno Mars ($211,340), Max Martin ($321,000), Danger Mouse ($521,000), and Tobias Jesso Jr. ($382,000).



わざわざ (パン+日用品)
営業日:木金土 11時~16時


anonymous asked:

Does got7 have a fandom name?

YES GOT7 DOES!! got7′s official fandom name is “IGOT7″ or “아가새” (pronounced ‘ah-ga-se’ → which translates as “baby bird”!!)  :)


[INFO] “Three Musketeers” The Musical (CNU&Sandeul as D’Artagnan)


Booking Date: 18 February 2016 ; 2 pm KST
Interpark TIKI line reservation: 18 Feb 2016 1 pm KST
Ticket site: Interpark

Performance Information

Performance Dates: 1 April (Friday) ~ 26 June (Sunday) 2016

Show times: Weekdays 8 pm KST | Weekends&public holidays 3 & 7 pm KST

Venue: Art Center dikyubeu

Ticket price: OP ₩ 110,000 seats / VIP seats ₩ 130,000 / R ₩ 110,000 seats / S seats ₩ 80,000 / A ₩ 60,000 seats

Duration: 150 minutes (including intermission 20 minutes)

Booking: Tickets Interpark 1544-1555

Contact: ㈜ M. Musical Art 02-764-7857 - 9

Homepage: http://www.musicalthreemusketeers.com | http://www.mmusical.co.kr

s: (x)

Are 4minute eyeing first place?

4minute appeared on ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope’ on February 11, where they discussed winning first place for their new release, “Hate.”

DJ Kim Shin Young asked them what they would do if they got first place on a music show, and HyunA said, “If we get first, we will go to Myungdong and give out free hugs for an hour.”

When asked if they were feeling ambitious about rankings, they replied, “Of course we have ambitions for rankings.  However, it’s not that we have to get first no matter what.  We are happy as long as we’re in the top ten.”