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can i get some gom + hanamiya + imayoshi + takao (sorry a lot of ppl here) sexy time in the classroom? (*゚ー゚)ゞ

Akashi: come on he’s too classy for this  He assures you that no one will walk in. He doesn’t act at all like he does when you’re at home - it’s much rougher with biting and long scratches down each other’s backs.

Aomine: You told him that the classroom probably wasn’t the best place, but he convinced you, like he always does. Every creak sends a shiver down your spine, but it’s exciting at the same time.

Hanamiya: He couldn’t wait until he got him, and, to be honest, neither could you. He takes you to a classroom that he says has been unused for years, but you’re not convinced. His lips are soon on yours and he’s already undressing you.

“Just because this is an abandoned classroom doesn’t mean no one will hear us." 

Imayoshi: "You should really be quieter… Or someone will catch us, don’t you think?”

You grit your teeth. What a teasing bastard. He’s pinching your nipples in time with his thrusts. It’s only a matter of time before someone comes in.

Kise: “Shh, (f/n)cchi! Someone will hear you~" 

He says it in such a mocking tone that you’re sure he’s doing it on purpose. You’re trying your best to keep your moans in, but Kise’s touching you in all the right places…

Kuroko: Kuroko could be quite kinky when he wanted to be. Handcuffs, ropes, food, gags - you’d tried them all. 

So you weren’t really surprised when he asked if you wanted to try having sex in a classroom. The possibility that someone would walk in turned you on even more.

Midorima: It had been your suggestion to do it in a classroom. Looking back on it, Midorima had no idea why he’d gone along with it. The chance that you’d get caught was high. 

He’s the one grunting as he thrusts into you, and you have to keep telling him to be quiet.

Murasakibara: He pulls you into a classroom and puts some chairs against the door. There’s no time wasted as he starts taking off your clothes, kissing you all the while. You’re backed up against the wall and you’re not thinking of anything but him.

Takao: It’s just like Takao to suggest something a bit out of the ordinary. He’s teasing you, teasing you to the point that you’re moaning out loud.

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Favorite sleeping positions with their girlfriend for GOM + Kagami + Takao + Mitobe + Imayoshi ^.^

Kuroko: Loves facing her because he wants her face to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up, and also likes to hold her hand.

Kagami: Often uses her as a body pillow and wraps his arms and legs around her, sometimes unknowingly.

Kise: Actually likes it when his girlfriend is the big spoon and holds him close to her from behind.

Midorima: He’ll SOMETIMES hold her to his chest in the classic spooning position. Actually not that fond of being touched while he sleeps.

Aomine: He likes to hold her from behind because he likes snuggling into her neck and shoulder (also because he likes to grind).

Murasakibara: Likes to lay on his girlfriend’s chest or stomach; he thinks that they make the best pillows.

Akashi: Loves it when her head is on his chest; he’s able to stroke her hair and touch her easily that way.

Takao: Likes it when they sleep really close while facing each other and when their legs tangle up while they sleep.

Mitobe: He thinks it’s nice when she snuggles into his chest with his arms wrapped around her tightly.

Imayoshi: He likes to hold her back to his chest so he can whisper things into her ear before they sleep.

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uncrowned kings + himuro + imayoshi cuddling preferences!! (like how they like to sit or what they like to do while cuddling their significant other)

Use this as reference 

KIYOSHI: He likes couch cuddling with her, while watching a basketball game or movie.

IMAYOSHI: He prefers classics with her lying on his chest or being the big spoon, and just relax after a hard day. 

HIMURO: He is in for any type of cuddling, simply enjoying the fact her body is close to his. 

HAYAMA: He always does the consolation cuddle with some nuzzle cuddle, especially while they’re getting ready to sleep.

NEBUYA: He likes the sitting cuddle with her on top, that way they can make out and he won’t accidentally crush her.

MIBUCHI: The heartfelt headlock is the best, because their faces are so close and it’s nice for some private talks.

HANAMIYA: He’d never admit, but he likes the snug hug, because he can remind her that she’s his only.