c:i don't have friends

// I have high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. I’m not good with social cues. Half of the time, I keep people at arm’s length because I’m afraid that I will say or do something that is inappropriate. I’m not excusing my disorder or my behavior, but I am asking that others understand where I’m coming from when they try and communicate with me. Thank you.

Sweet Pea is the answer to everything.

Person: Hey, how are you?


Person: Okay…. what’s your name?


Person: Fuck you


Marriage Changes People.

Omg. Mrs. Hudson makes tea and foreshadows shit. But in this case, perhaps she’s giving us a clue that Sherlock was “someone else” before he made his Married-to-my-Work-Vow, so many years ago.

And did Sherlock lose a best friend (or a sister??) as a result of his Mind Palace Database promise to the British Government? Sounds like it to me. When Mrs. H speaks, we should listen.

In TSoT, to Sherlock:
MRS HUDSON: It changes people, marriage.
MRS HUDSON: Marriage changes you as a person, in ways that you can’t imagine.
MRS HUDSON: My best friend, Margaret – We were going to be best friends forever, we always said that; but I hardly saw her after that.
MRS HUDSON: She cried the whole day, saying, “Ooh, it’s the end of an era.”
MRS HUDSON: She was probably right, really. I remember she left early. So sad.

In TSoT, to John:

MRS HUDSON: Well, marriage changes everything, John.
MRS HUDSON: You might not think it, but it does. It’s a different phase in your life. You meet new people …
MRS HUDSON: … and then you just … let your old friends slip away.

Thanks to Ariane DeVere for the transcripts!