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The Baby Chicks’ First Day Outside (by rainbowspitt)

We let Hosoh and the babies out for a short time today. I just wanted to see how they would be outside because today was the first day that Hosoh stopped lying on top of the babies and actually started to walk and scratch around. I assumed that was nature’s way of saying it is finally time to get them out and about. They’re 4 days old now!



Coho is our sweet Salmon Faverolles hen. She likes being pet very much. She likes being sleepy very much. (yes, that is a ‘purr’, she is very content!)

Das the cockatiel likes beeping in the background of my videos very much.

Matilda was in the nesting box for at least 2 and a half hours this morning when I took her out to give her an epsom salt bath. She hasn’t laid for 3 days and has been straining since yesterday. I am typing this whilst shaking because I don’t cope well with stress. I know a lot of people would see her as “just a chicken”, but she is my friend. I will take her to the vet as soon as it opens, but if there are any spare good vibes to send to a little sickly ex battery hen, please send them her way if you can. 

EDIT: She has an infection. Probably of the ovi-duct. Same as Elliot. Probably same as Amy. The vet: “Prognosis not good”.