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Slightly older UK, Aomine, Haizaki, Nijimura, Kise, Murasakibara having to meet s/o's younger brother and not being very excited because who wants an annoying kid anyways. But when they meet him they find out he's a teenager and immediately falls in love with them and counts them as brothers. How would they react to that. Like how would they be around him and such.

Kiyoshi: Though he hadn’t openly complained, Kiyoshi was a little disappointed he wouldn’t be spending his time solely with you. However, his feelings immediately changed when your younger brother mentions a love for sports. It may not be the same as Kiyoshi’s, but the similarities in their love were enough.

Kise: Admittedly, Kise could be a bit of a snob when meeting new people and it was the same story with your brother. You probably should have opened up with the fact that the other male standing in front of you was your blood relative first; maybe Kise would’ve opened up a hell of a lot faster.

Aomine: As far as you’re concerned, your brother and Aomine still hate each other. What you don’t realize is that they both have a secret bond that developed over their shared interest in gravure and idols. Of course, neither of them are going to tell you that, so they still act snippy with one another.

Murasakibara: It honestly wasn’t too hard to get on Murasakibara’s side. All your brother really had to do was give him one of his favorite snacks (that you had suggested he bring way beforehand) and not expect him to share. Really, if you knew it would have been that easy, why didn’t you woo him that way too?

Mibuchi: Always trying to get along with people upon first meeting them, Mibuchi tries not to snub your brother the second they meet. He’s so glad he made the effort to stay kind too, because your brother is an absolute sweetheart that makes Mibuchi want to swoon.

Nebuya: You were surprised at how quickly Nebuya came to accept your younger brother.Just moments ago he had been silently complaining about meeting the younger lad and now, all of a sudden, he was pulling him into playful headlocks and promising to beef him up just like him.

Hayama: Feeling like meeting your brother now would be a waste of time (he’d meet him when at the family dinner; couldn’t you wait until then?) Hayama acts rather moody when he is finally introduced to the boy. That is, until he realizes that your brother reminds him so much of his younger self. Practically a clone!

Nijimura: Mature enough not to show that he was disappointed, Nijimura meets with your brother easily. Of course, you can tell the mood shift in him when he actually does start enjoying himself. It’s not every day that Nijimura can easily talk with someone he’d only met a few minutes ago.

Haizaki: He had verbally complained about hanging out with your brother all day long, even doing so in front of him when he finally arrived. It wasn’t until your brother made a quick, snappy comeback at Haizaki that his mood changed from foul to appreciative. Your brother had guts and he liked that.

Hanamiya: Your brother annoyed the ever living daylights out of Hanamiya and, in return, he made sure to do the exact same for him. That doesn’t mean the two of them didn’t get along though. In a way, this was their own form of bonding and companionship that you just didn’t quite understand.

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Hayama + Murasakibara + Kiyoshi + Izuki + Nebuya with their tiny S/O who climbs them like a monkey (and maybe tries to tickle if it works) after a tiresome day for the boys to make them laugh?

Nebuya is not in the character list but I’m not ruthless enough to delete this ask, so I’ll just take Nebuya out ( ◞・౪・) Sorry.


“__________, what are yo—ahahaha! Stop! What are you doing!” Hayama’s voice fills the room in full volume, laughing uncontrollably when your hands meet his sides, wiggling your fingers against his jersey-covered skin. Your boyfriend arrived home with a sullen look on his face, an expression you don’t really get to see much (which is a good thing). 

You figured tickling him might be a good idea, but seeing the mischievous glint in his eyes, you start to think that it’s a bad idea.

“Now,” Hayama says from the other side of the room, form bent in what seems to be a martial arts stance, “let’s start with two fingers first!”

Next thing you know he’s pouncing at you in lightning speed, fingers quick to target your ticklish spots. You squeal even before he makes contact, but amidst his attacks you’re still blindly trying to tickle him too—it doesn’t seem to be as successful because you’re shaking from your own laughter. You feel the fluffiness of the couch as he pins you down, ticking you with four fingers now.

One minute later, you’re breathless and red-faced. Hayama smiles playfully down at you before planting a kiss on your lips knowingly, a silent thanks for cheering him up.


When you cling on to him like a human-sized koala and send him a cute smile, there’s no notable change in his facial expression. But when he starts to lean back to throw himself onto the bed, you shriek, tightening your hold on his torso. The bed creaks really loudly at the weight of one grown human and one other grown giant. At least you’re not hurt in any way, except for your heart rate and breathing that have become abnormally faster.

“Atsushi!!” You cry, still clinging on to him on all fours. “Why!!”

“Tired,” Murasakibara replies monotonously, but despite what he just said, he doesn’t look like he’s sleeping soon. Instead, he’s looking right at you with half-lidded eyes, and you blink right back.

“__________-chin’s cute,” he says, and you blush, not expecting those words to come out of his mouth, “__________-chin should take a nap with me.”

Now that you expected. You giggle at his childish request and close your eyes, resting your head upon his chest. Whoever has their sights upon the two of you would seriously think that you’re a koala hanging onto a log on the ground.



“You haven’t showered, have you?”


It’s no secret that Kiyoshi’s a reliable figure, both in basketball and in… well, pretty much anything he’s in. So to see him come back home with a sullen look on his face is certainly heartbreaking. However, you’re more than willing to help enlighten his mood.

Kiyoshi thinks you’re still in the bathroom, you note as you sneakily tiptoe behind him, trying not to make any noise. He seems to be oblivious of your presence, standing in front of the microwave in anticipation. Taking this as a chance to strike, your hands shoot to his sides where you know he’s ticklish, and he immediately yelps.

“Wah! Ah, _- __________, what—ahahahah! Oh, s-stop ittt!”

His laughter mixed with yours can be heard for at least another half a minute before Kiyoshi finds an effective way to stop your assault on him: picking you up. 

“Teppei, you’re not fair!” You say, feet easily over five inches off the ground. The way your boyfriend is holding you right now seems to be effortless, while you cling to his strong arms for support.

“Was was that for?” He asks with a smile, now that the tickle attack is over.

“You looked kind of down so I wanted to cheer you up,” you say, surrendering the grip on his arms to stretch your hand and playfully pinch his cheeks. “Smiiiile~”

He laughs at you, bringing you in closer to shower your face with kisses, with you still lifted up on the air. When you part, you wrap your arms around his neck and link your ankles on his back, clinging onto him as you continue to peck his lips even when he takes out the frozen food from the microwave.


“Shuuuun,” you whine, burying your face in the crook of his neck, “feel better, okay? I know you’re tired…”

“You’re lucky you’re cute, you know,” Izuki chuckles, taking out a bottle of mayonnaise from the fridge. You’re currently latching onto him like a monkey on a tree, not budging even an inch as he bent down to reach the bottom fridge or tiptoed to grab something from the overhead cabinet. 

“You kind of remind me of a monkey right now, __________, clinging on me like this,” Izuki resumes calmly as he puts some mayonnaise into a sauce bowl, as if another human being isn’t completely attached to his upper body.

“If I’m a monkey, you can be my banana! ‘Cause I love you,” you coo, kissing the back of his ear playfully. “Also I find you extremely a-peel-ing.”

At the pun, Izuki immediately stops whatever he’s doing and his jaw slackens. He slowly turns to look back at you, face shocked but eyes lit in excitement. You can only smile back at him with mirth, enjoying every bit of his reaction.

“Oh. My. Goodness.” He begins, “that was a really good pun, __________!! You’re the best!! Get off me so I can hug you!!”

And you do, almost immediately after he says the sentence. Izuki takes the time to spin you around in glee before kissing you instead of hugging you like he said he would, but a moment later he brings you into his arms for a long-awaited embrace. You hum happily into his chest, and you can feel the vibration of his laughter calming you down.

“But seriously,” you say, “I really hope you feel better. Tell me all about it, you know I’m more than willing to.”

“Thanks, honey,” Izuki replies, pressing a kiss on top of your head. Needless to say that your efforts cheered him up for the rest of the day.

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OmegaverseAU with omega!Uncrowned kings + Okamura having an alpha!female!S/O. maybe a scenario were the guys are experiencing their first heat after getting with their alpha?

Kiyoshi: It had all started that morning, Teppei thinks, the moment he had opened his eyes. He felt the familiar warmness engulfing his abdomen, as if trying to warn him of the upcoming events, though he didn’t really know how to bring the issue up to you, his still unmarked alpha.

Unluckily for him, nature didn’t really care for schedules and as he brought his fork to him lips, he felt as though he had wet himself. As he looked at you though, his previous doubts disappeared. From the look in your eyes it was plenty obvious you wanted this as well.

Hanamiya: It was 3am on a spring night and you were sound asleep…that is until you heard loud banging on your apartment door. Startled, you grabbed a hoody and made your way consciously towards the door, mentally preparing yourself for whatever you were about to see.

However, nothing could have prepared you for the sight of your usually snarky and bitch-faced boyfriend now on his knees on your threshold, wheezing and drooling slightly. You were only confused for a moment but then pulled yourself together as his gaze met your eye, still as sharp as ever and almost threatening. You could only smirk slightly as you grabbed his arm and pulled him inside, wondering how long that look would last.

Reo: You were dozing off on the couch while watching a movie on your laptop when you heard a loud thud in the bathroom. Reo was currently in there, so you could only hurry towards the room in question in worry. Knocking on the door and calling his name was the first thing to do, but as you received no response after the third time doing so you hurried into the bathroom, now worried shitless.

Immediately after opening the door you noticed the smell of the room and Reo’s drenched figure sitting on the floor of the shower, breathing heavily. As you made your way towards him, you could only clench your teeth in desperation. 

Only when you crouched in front of him did his gaze focus you, his nostrils flaring at the pheromones you were now giving off. He managed to mouth a simple “Please” as you brushed his bangs out of his eyes, your thumb slipping from his brow to his mouth, catching his bottom lip and running over it, only to quickly grab his head in a deep kiss.

Hayama: You were peacefully sitting on one of the railings in the skate park, texting your friends and watching over your omega at the corner of your eye. He was having fun, as always, and that’s how you loved seeing him the most. You smile to yourself at that thought, eyes closed as you inhaled slightly preparing to heave a sigh. That’s when you caught a wiff of something dangerously sweet and that’s when you heard a crash somewhere in the distance. 

Not sure what made your eyes snap open more quickly, you got off the railing to look around, only to see your boyfriend hunching over his board in a corner of the park. ‘At least he wasn’t the one that fell’ you though as you began to understand the situation, making your way over to him with a worried face. He looked at you with his normal smile, though his eyes told a different story. “Ahaha, uh, sorry ____-chan. Can we go home now?”

Nebuya: “Ah shit–___, wait!” you turned to face your boyfriend who was, weirdly enough, falling behind your running pace for the umpteenth time today. You were currently situated in the country, having decided to take a little break from the city, but as Nebuya still didn’t want to take a break from exercise, he dragged you into the forest near the house you were staying in at dusk. 

He had mentioned not feeling well but further dodged the subject as you pressed for details and asked if he needed any help. Now he stands there, out of breath with his hands on his knees, emitting a sickeningly sweet aroma. “Looks like I will be needing your help after all.” I guess it’s time to get a different kind of sweaty.

Okamura: Kenichi was never a guy that wanted to cause trouble for anyone, so when he called you in the middle of the night apologizing profusely but still begging you to come to help him, you knew something serious was up. You were sleepily trying to get him to tell you what was going on but every time you asked him to elaborate you on the situation, he sounded like he wanted to blow up from embarrassment. 

Only when a couple of minutes have passed and he started panting slightly and started just begging you to trust him did you start to understand what exactly his problem was. Not that you weren’t already on your way, but now you decided to tell him to hold on because you were definitely coming.

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UK + Nijimura +Haizaki.. They find out that their s/o is some sort of a dangerous creature (vampire, werewolf, etc) but s/o doesn't know they figured it out and still keep it a secret

Kiyoshi: You would tell him in your own time, right? After all, what other explanation would you have for owning a basement freezer filled to the brim with bags of blood. After months of you not confessing to being a vampire, Kiyoshi begins to wonder if he should just tell you he’d found out himself, or if he should continue waiting.

Nebuya: There had to be some kind of magic that kept him from normally seeing your talons and wings, but looking at you now there was no doubt about it in Nebuya’s mind: you were a harpy. He didn’t want to admit that fear gripped him when he saw your claws. He hoped they’d never be used on him one day if he told you he knew your secret.

Mibuchi: He knew your voice had been so enchanting the first time he’d heard it, but Mibuchi would have never guessed you being a siren was the reason why. He’s horrified when he sees you drown someone in the waters and he doesn’t keep his knowledge a secret for long. How could you be doing something so cruel to people?

Hayama: It’s hard for him to keep quiet the first time Hayama sees you transform from human to werewolf, but he manages to go unnoticed by you. Or rather, you simply mistake his scent as coming from the jacket he’d let you borrow that day. He harbors this secret to himself for the longest time, going awkwardly silent every time the both of you are near a dog.

Haizaki: When the two of you got together sexually, Haizaki had always noticed he’d feel more tired than normal afterward. He should have guessed that it was because you were a demon feeding on his energy, but honestly who would think that as their first explanation. He wonders if the only reason you see him is for his energy; for once he feels like the one being used.

Nijimura: Having heard about shape shifters before, Nijimura had a pretty good guess that you were one of them. Still, hearing the crunch of your bones as you morphed into a different being altogether was sickening to his stomach. He wondered if the way you looked whenever you were around him was what you actually looked like or if it was all just a trick.

Hanamiya: Always jokingly calling you a witch, Hanamiya wouldn’t have guessed you’d actually be one. Then he saw the potions on your desk and the crazy ingredients you kept in your fridge. There was no way you could talk yourself out of this one; even the most eccentric people couldn’t explain half the things you owned.

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Aomine, Kagami, Kise, Wakamatsu, Hayama, and Haizaki, most to least to fall for a prank?









First three may be more on the gullible side depending on who’s conducting the prank. If it’s someone they trust I don’t think they’ll even blink and step right into it (Kagami and Hayama in particular). Kise might be slightly less trusting than them, especially if we’re talking about Manga!Kise but let’s say Kasamatsu were the one doing the prank/luring him into it, he wouldn’t question anything, since Kasamatsu doesn’t seem to be the type to participate in silly activities like pranks. 

So yeah again it depends on who’s conducting the prank lol

As for the last three, they’re a bit more suspicious, especially Haizaki. I’m pretty sure he’s got the street smarts so ingrained into him he will find it surfacing during different situations that are not, well, on the streets. Aomine and Wakamatsu probably are too used to Imayoshi’s conniving ways: they’re either trained to see through manipulation or Imayoshi’s brains rubbed off on them! 

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uks come over to visit their so's family for the first time and the family is like a really lively one and coddles the boys

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi only grins sheepishly and scratches awkwardly at the back of his head when your mother throws herself against him and proceeds to pat him down, much to your embarrassment. Knowing you mother, you had mentally prepared yourself for something like this, but even so, you hadn’t expected her to take such a direct approach in ‘getting to know’ your boyfriend. 

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya wants to do nothing but tear your little sister off his arm and dunk her in the nearest trash can, but surprisingly, for your sake, he actually grins and bears the assault from your sibling. The dark look followed by the smug smirk he shoots your way suggests that he wants something from you in return for being so obedient around your family - Hanamiya isn’t one to do anything for free, after all. 

Mibuchi Reo: Mibuchi dips his head and smiles politely in response to your mother commenting that he’s ‘pretty enough to look like a girl’, and you make a mental note to thank him later for being so patient around your blunt parents. However, he almost falls out of his chair when your mother continues on her chatter - claiming that she wants to braid his hair, and Mibuchi has to sit still for the next fifteen minutes whilst your mother plays around with his dark strands. 

Hayama Kotarou: It’s a good thing that Hayama always has so much energy - because so does your Dad, and for once you think that there’s finally someone other than your mother who can keep up with him. After pestering your boyfriend with way too many personal questions, your father suddenly challenges him to a basketball match - you don’t even know if your father knows how the game works - and much to your surprise and exasperation, Hayama eagerly agrees. 

Nebuya Eikichi: Nebuya stands frozen still whilst your family fawns over how tall and muscular he is, unused to receiving so much attention. He ends up basking in their compliments once the initial shock is over, however, and you hang your head in defeat with he starts explaining his training regime to your family - because once Nebuya starts talking about his muscles, or just simply muscles in general, it’s almost impossible to make him stop.