Shitty apartment and a lot of dreams
They say no one will ever be complete
But you fill my holes
Make me full

I tried to die november 6th
Life was hard I was over it
But you watched over me
You never left me be

You watched me as I rotted
Too scared to try and stop it
Now my rotten body is growing flowers once again I feel new I feel whole
You or I will not let the past take it’s toll

We will grow like dandelions and they can try to blow us away
We may be weeds but we’re beautiful in our own way
The past is scary as well as the future but I know we’ll be okay

So I’ll be your princess, your love, your whore
I’ll be your true love and so much more
If you’ll be mine
My love, it really does feel right this time

—  for my love @lemonteagoth