Youngjae was wearing a fan gift (navi blue shirt, brand: MONKI) which a Baby fan gave him through his present box at the concert venue on 19/11. (Cr: puqxpuq)

While the blue beanie was a fan gift on yesterday’s (20/11) concert. (Cr: H_SAN888)

Seems that Youngjae was really efficient in opening gift boxes lol
I guess he just wants to use it in front of the fans to show his appreciation.

Pict Cr: Y-Jay-World


☆ 1: Zara Blue Poplin Shirt $60
☆ 2: Zara Leather Front Cardigan $139
☆ 3: Zara Legging Style Trousers with Suspenders $90
☆ 4: Zara Quilted Messenger Bag $80
☆ 5: Zara Semi Sporty Shoe $100
☆ 6: H&M Long Sleeve T-shirt $50
☆ 7: H&M Denim Leather Jacket $60
☆ 8: H&M Chino’s $30
☆ 9: H&M Tube Scarf $13
☆ 10: H&M Leather Brogues $80
☆ 11: H&M Weekened Bad $50
☆ 12: Zara Ethnic Jacquar Shirt $60
☆ 13: Zara Faux Suede College Jacket $90
☆ 14: Zara Embossed leather Boot $169
☆ 15: Zara Printed Trousers $80
☆ 16: Zara Travel Bag with Leather Straps $189
☆ 17: Topman Navy Yarn Wool Jacket $180
☆ 18: Topman Supreme Being Billet Shirt $150
☆ 19: Topman Navy Jacquard Skinny Suit Trousers $150
☆ 20: Topman “House of Hounds” Stone Grey Boots $170
☆ 21: Topman Select Homme Weekend Bag $110
☆ 22: Ezekiel The Magnum Jacket $98
☆ 23: Black Scale Bandana Tee $40
☆ 24: The Ages Vegan Leather Pants $85 
☆ 25: Hex Cross Body Bag in Grey Denim $48
☆ 26: Vlado Valentino Shoes $100

I love how LUNAFLY never fails to thank lukies for the fangifts they receive. They tweet and even mention the names of the fans like wow you really know your gift won’t go to the trash lol i bet they even brought an extra luggage for the fangifts so they can bring them all to korea *tears*

Soooo, this is the sample beanies. I’m planning on doing DORK for Donghyuk but I feel like it’s sooo common. :( And for Yunhyeong, i’m planning on doing Stay Weird. hahahahahhaha. I dunno what to do for DH, YH and Junhwae. :( :( Any ideas? Please help. i actually want to give Taehyun the “Princess” one but I doubt that he’ll wear it.



OK, probably most of my followers will scroll past his but please read:

Those are gifts that my friends have sent to BAP, so IF YOU SEE ANY OF THESE ON ANY BAP MEMBER, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Or just point out somewhere that this might be a fangift, I check the BAP tag frequently, but I might not notice if any of the boys wear these gifts.

Okay, now go back to your peaceful scrolling.

>_> I just realized....

So when fans buy clothes for KPOP Idols….and the idols end up wearing them…

How do the fans know the clothing sizes?

I mean,the clothes are never too big or too small….they always get a shirt,shoes or jacket that’s perfectly fit.

I was just wondering…cause that shirt that Kris wore in the airport was a gift from fans,it fit him perfectly,how did they know his shirt size?

I can’t look at someone and know their size in clothing or shoe size…I’m sure someone in those fans can do that but still….

ROCKJJ Fangifts to Jaejoong

Nanjing FM and our (JJ Fan Club) fourth anniversary is very close, so we decided to combine the FM gifts along with the 4th anniversary gifts to be presented on stage to Jaejoong, even though we were unable to introduce them all due to time constraint. We always wanted to give Jaejoong the best, the most suitable, and most useful to his needs, actually we just strive to do our best to give him our sincerest, purest of intentions. { gist: Our feelings of friendship toward him will last even until the next life.}

To do the website with a low profile, but to support Kim Jaejoong into the spotlight is our principle.

Credit: ROCKJJ
Translated by: LovingJYJ of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3