Eren and Levi Play Pokemon Go
  • Levi:Good for you.
  • Levi:Wondeful Eren.
  • Levi:*rolls eyes and sighs* Well would you look at you, baby boy all grown up, doing amazing things. Now go catch me a legendary before I disown you.
  • Eren:I caught you... I consider that a pretty legendary catch.
  • Levi:...
  • Levi:You asshole.

Okay can like someone please explain that one part in the court scene?

Literally Levi was shown behind the railing just a second or two ago before Eren started yelling

but in the five seconds he had before he planted his boot in Eren’s face, how did he get over there?? And so fast??

Levi never seizes to amaze me.

100 reasons to appreciate Eren Yeager

He’s so genuine.
2. He’s always there for his friends.

3. Has always spoken for himself.

4. Has always stood up for what he believes in.

5. Fights for what he thinks is right.
6. He is so selfless.

7. Inspires people around him.

8. He is honest.

9. Would do anything to make his friends happy.

10. He is so brave.

11. Works harder than everybody else to achieve his goals.

12. He’s the most passionate and determined soldier.

13. Stood up for the survey corps after hearing someone talk shit about them.
14. Wants to give other people’s death a meaning.

15. Never stops training to improve his titan powers.

16. Barely gets time to rest properly.

17. He never wanted his titan powers but embraced them for the sake of humanity.

18. His will to fight is incomparable.

19. He is so important and needed.

20. Wants to be useful.

21. Works hard because he doesn’t want to let other people down.

22. He’s a very unique protagonist.

23. Understands other people’s feelings.

24. Has had the world ripped away from him.

25. Wanted to capture their enemies more than anyone else.

26. Just wants people to trust him.

27. Admires his superiors.

28. Fits perfectly in the snk universe.

29. He’s just tired and deserves to rest.

30. Even Levi was amused by his willingness.

31. Devotes himself to humanity and doesn’t expect anything in return
32. Has faith on his friends.

33. He is feared by so many people.

34. Has taught us we can’t win without fighting.

35. Misses his mom and her stew a lot.

36. Wants everyone to be safe.

37. He’s so emotional.

38. His “angry issues” are just a reflection of his mourning.

39. Fought the colossal titan by himself with no fighting experience.

40. Never hesitates.

41. He always stays true to himself.

42. Reacts to different situation the way a normal person would.

43. He’s able to let go of his humanity if that means saving more people.

44. He’s so mature.

45. Has gone through a lot of development.

46. Wants to avenge not only his loved ones but also his comrades.

47. So many other characters would be dead without Eren.

48. He is always ready to fight and help.

49. Wants his freedom and his peaceful childhood back.

50. People always ignore his efforts.

51. Trusts his comrades.

52. Fights for his comrades.

53. Wants to protect his comrades.
54. Fights even when he knows he won’t be able to win.

55. You won’t find any protagonist with his qualities and personality.
56. Too much pressure.

57. Learns from his enemies to defeat them.

58. He’s just a kid.

59. Literally punched a titan to protect Mikasa.

60. Would give his life for humanity.

61. Wants to prove himself right.

62. Understands what’s going on around him.

63. Has proved to be useful and reliable even without his titan powers.

64. So full of life.

65. Gets disappointed with himself and has anxiety.

66. Never lets his friends behind.

67. Made it to the top 5 in the 104th trainees squad.

68. Kept training to become a soldier even after being told he wouldn’t be able to.

69. Carries the fate of humanity on his shoulders and the burden of “not being a hindrance to humanity”.

70. People always expect too much from him.

71. Sealed Wall Maria and Wall Rose.

72. Cares about his friend’s dreams.

73. Amazing at hand-to-hand combat.
74. Doesn’t have super strength or great abilities or a powerful mind but he tries  harder than anyone.

75. Moves everyone around him.

76. He has so much potential.

77. Doesn’t want anyone to go through the same as him.

78. Has accepted the responsibilities of having his titan powers.

79. He’s so badass.
80. Helped capturing the Female titan.
81. Fought the Armoured Titan more than once.

82. Took down the Colossal titan.

83. Just wants to stop the world from being so corrupt and cruel.

84. He’s always aware of his mistakes.

85. Never gives up.

86. Always takes action.

87. Blames himself for so many things.

88. Sacrificed himself for his best friend.

89. Risked his life to save Mikasa from her kidnappers.

90. He is amazing at team work.

91. Too care of Mikasa when she needed him.

92. Actually learns from his mistakes.

93. Gets misunderstood all the time.

94. He’s so caring, loving and has a huge heart.
95. “Despite not being all strong in fist fights, that idiot always jumped right into the fray, never giving a damn if it were 3 guys he was up agains or 5.”
96. Has a fantastic moral.

97. Has learnt to control his emotions.
98. Prioritises other people’s lives.

99. So many people joined the Survey Corps because of him and his speeches.
100. He makes me happy no matter what.


Characters who have developed because of Eren (this is my opinion, the way I interpret the characters, you’re allowed to disagree) - Mikasa, Armin, Connie, Jean, Reiner, Annie, Levi, Historia, Hannes, Pixis, Shadis.

Stuff Eren has been through - seeing his mom being eaten, self harm, physical and mental torture, traumas, seeing his friends getting eaten, his limbs being eaten and chopped off, wanting to die, begging to be eaten, being accused of his father’s sins, being treated like a monster, being feared and not trusted, seeing his best friend being taken away from him, being forced to become a titan by his dad, being punched and kicked by people stronger than him so many times, almost being killed by Mikasa’s kidnapper, being kidnapped, exhaustive training, etc etc etc

To finish off, here’s three of my favourite panels in this manga. You’re welcome.