New painting from Atsuko Goto ( @gotsukooo ) for ‘LAX / LHR’ - Thinkspace X StolenSpace | co-curated exhibition

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 3rd 6-10PM

Taking Place At: StolenSpace | 17 Osborn Street | London, England E1 6TD | United Kingdom

Featuring affordable 12×12 inch (30x30cm) works from over 130 artists spanning the globe alongside 32x32 inch (81x81cm) works from an additional 16 leading artists.

The largest survey of the New Contemporary Art Movement to take place in the UK to date.

Full lineup at thinkspacegallery.com in the ‘Exhibitions’ section.

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My names Laura, I’m 18 and live in England.

I love keeping fit and running is super important to me. Being outdoors, camping, hiking relaxes me but don’t get me wrong I’m all for a Netflix binge or duvet days.

My aim is to travel as much as possible and find a job that makes me happy. I’m going to Uni in October and I’m ridiculously excited. 

I’ve done this before and met some really cool people. I’m only looking for friends as I’ve already found the love of my life :D


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Do you think wolves will ever be wild in England again or will they only be able to be seen at places run by charities? sorry this doesn't make sense, i wasn't entirely sure how to phrase it. Thank you, I love your blog, it's incredible!

Though early writing from Roman and later Saxon chronicles indicate that wolves appear to have been extraordinarily numerous on the island, there are currently no wild wolves in England, nor in the rest of the UK. In 1500, the last wolf was killed in England. In 1770, Ireland’s last wolf was killed. They were exterminated from Britain through a combination of deforestation and active hunting through bounty systems. 

If wolves want to return to England on their own, they’d have to swim back there. The closest country where wild wolves reside from where they could swim to England from would be France. So yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Over the past few years there however have been several initiatives/ideas for reintroducing wolves in the UK, such as this plan for Scotland, so who knows! Another interesting article: [x]

Pine martens’ return could bring a red squirrel resurgence

by Emma Sheehy

The return of pine martens to central Ireland has been followed by a resurgence of red squirrels, writes Emma Sheehy. Now that the predatory mammal is being seen south of the Scottish border, the same could happen in England. The heavier grey squirrel is easy prey for pine martens, and their demise could open up ecological space for the native red to recolonise.

A pine marten has been spotted in England recently, the first in more than 100 years. The reemergence of Britain’s second-rarest mammal, a cat-sized relative of badgers and weasels, is a great story in itself. But it may have another upside, as pine martens could be bad news for one of the UK’s least popular animals: the invasive grey squirrel…

(read more: The Ecologist)

photograph by Thomas Broxton | Flickr

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England stereotypes?

Another enemy jk

  • They drink tea with every meal and between meals.
  • They love their monarchy or they hate them.
  • You also like to invade Spain on summer and maybe move here when you are old.
  • All teenagers are either chavs or like the characters from Skins.
  • It rains all the time and it’s freaking depressing.
  • Your food is also awful, made mostly of roasted and stewed meats.
  • It’s spaniards #1 destination when we look for jobs in foreign countries.
  • You own a rock full of monkeys in the Peninsula aka Gibraltar.
  • You have the worse fashion sense of all the european tourists.
  • There are a lot of accents in England.
  • Your slang is A++
  • People from London are posh.
  • You have a problem with alcohol.
  • You apologise a lot.
  • English hate the rest of Europe.
  • Doctor Who.

Thank you!