Babylon 5 4x14 “Moments of Transition”

I was rewatching this episode for fic research today and I wanted to comment on how much I LOVE the scene where Delenn is inside the Starfire Wheel and Neroon is like “why is she still in there?” and Lennier is like “she’s making a point” and Neroon’s like “seriously?” and Lennier is like “WELCOME TO MY WORLD, BUDDY”.  It’s particularly funny because this is pretty much the first time Neroon acknowledges Lennier’s existence to his face and Lennier’s reaction to this from this guy he hates is so exasperated.  Like if the most important person in his life wasn’t currently at high risk of death, he would break out the hard core snark but is settling for the lower key stuff.

Do boys ship? Yes, they do!

I am currently on a rewatch of Babylon 5 together with my son who is a SciFi fan (I am still trying to find something we can watch as a treat when we will have finished season 5).

He is your typical 11-year old boy: If there is a couple on screen he makes ‘Meh’-noises and sometimes even leaves the room to come back when it is over. So I was quite surprised when he asked my halfway through season 3: Do Sheridan and Delenn love each other? I said: What do you think? He answered: I think they do. I am so happy, I want them to be together!

And now he tells everybody that he hates romance, but the there is one exception: He really, really wants Sheridan and Delenn to marry. He’ll get his wish.

And I can relate: I also shipped them very hard. Still one of my few canon pairings to tell the truth.

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Later he asked me: Is Markus in love with Ivanova? (He is a huge fan of Ivanova). I answered: I think he is. Then he shook his head: Poor Markus! Ivanova loved Talia. She won’t fall for him. Then he thought for a while: Even if she were bi, I think she’s not over Talia yet. And he is right.

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Bless him. When I was his age, I had no idea what bi meant. I am so glad, that it is normal for my children to know and talk about LGBT. My daughter ships Dean and Seamus from Harry Potter.

And bless him for being a shipper. I was moved to tears. I hope he’ll always be that open about his shipping!