Daredevil Fic Recs

Matt/Foggy Fics

Audio Tracks - goggledmonkey -  College era. “Foggy and Matt watch porn and Foggy narrates (badly).” Foggy’s opinions on the DVD are what make this for me.

Beyond Touched - salmon_pink -  Set after Season One. BDSM. Bondage. Matt/Foggy, testing the limits of Matt’s enhanced sensory perception.

(Smile) Like You Mean It - anon -  Matt’s used to Foggy’s saying “I love you” in conversation; they’re bros, after all. When Foggy’s heart rate starts going up when he says it, Matt can’t handle the idea that Foggy doesn’t care about him anymore. (Rated G. I know, I know, I’m as surprised as you)

Academic Integrity - anon - Fluffy smut. Smutty fluff. College-era Matt/Foggy.

Matt/Foggy/Karen Fics

Ah, you think you’re so pretty - onvavoir - Karen/Foggy/Matt. Established Foggy/Matt FWB relationship turns kinkier when Karen gets involved and gives orders. Snuggly aftercare a must.

Triumviri series - saathi1013 - Matt/Foggy/Karen. A delightful smutty evening, followed by truthbombs, which results in more smut.

Foggy/Karen Fics

easy mark (for arguably dubious ideas) saathi1013 - First time pegging.

Gen Fics (!?!?)

Foggy Reads Matt’s Mail - anon - super herpes.

Foggy threatens and swears at Captain America - anon - Foggy goes Momma Bear on Cap.

Source material aside, did you find yourself watching Daredevil on Netflix and thinking: Matt Murdock is a very capable blind man in New York, why does he need the cane, the sunglasses, and the wide-eyed stare?

Can’t characters be blind, be handicapped, be gay, be Jamaican, be anything other than straight white American men without writers or directors or costume designers slapping the easiest, most stereotypical labels on them?

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Josh Sargent to talk about the pitfalls of this cinematic shorthand, how certain stereotypes unknowingly misrepresent the people they try to epitomize, and why even “a good stereotype,” is still wildly reductive of an entire population of people.

Unspoken Stereotypes Movies Trick You Into Believing