The first scene of season 2, probably
  • Foggy: I'm so glad we're friends again, we make such a good pairdevil.
  • Matt: Please stop.
  • Foggy: No, but really. I'm glad to see an end to the whole affairdevil.
  • Matt: Literally just stop talking.
  • Foggy: You seem a little on edge, do you want to have a sit down in that chairdevil?
  • Matt: It's like you can't even hear me.
  • Foggy: Well, you know. Compared to yours, my hearing doesn't even comparedevil.
  • Matt: You've been doing this for eight months.
  • Foggy: Oh, I'm awaredevil.
  • Matt: It's getting old.
  • Foggy: I really don't think it's losing its flairdevil.
  • Matt: I am going to punch at least six things.
  • Foggy:
  • Matt:
  • Foggy: Take caredevil.
A Blind Man's Girl

Matt Murdock x Reader

A Blind Man’s Girl

A/N: I only recently got into Daredevil and I’m only on episode 4. But I really have this soft spot for Matt Murdock, so I thought I’d write a thing for him. It’s also short, more like a drabble. Sorry.

You sat on the couch and listened to the rain softly hitting the window, reading the book in front of you. Matt had been gone with Foggy all day, something that happened frequently. You weren’t complaining though. Having him gone gave you time to think when you needed it. When he was around, thinking became hard, having him in such a close proximity nearly made you stop thinking altogether. When you were together, it was like you both acted on impulse.

The front door suddenly opened and you didn’t have to look up to know that Foggy was here too. You kept reading as the footsteps came closer and you smiled as you felt a light kiss be placed on your cheek. Matt had a knack for always knowing where you were without being told. Shutting your book, you turned to him placing his jacket on the counter and Foggy going through the fridge.

“Welcome home, boys,” you said with a grin.

Foggy emerged from the fridge with a Shiner beer and saluted to you. “Milady.”

You laughed slightly and then noticed Matt’s tired face as he said, “Glad to be back.”

He must’ve been exhausted, even holding onto the counter to stand a little better. Sighing, you stood up and walked to the counter. You took Matt’s hand and then sent a polite smile to Foggy. “Hey, Fog, is it okay if you come back tomorrow. Matt seems to be a little tired.”

Foggy looked at Matt and then at you and shrugged. “Yeah, sure,” he said as he made his way to the door.

You thought he was gone but then heard him call from the front door, “How a grouchy blind man got a woman like you, I’ll never know!” Then you heard the front door shut.

There was a moment of silence before you busted out laughing. “I’m really starting to like him,” you finally said between breaths.

Matt just sighed and wrapped his arm around your waist. “Yeah, yeah, he’s a hoot.”

You stopped laughing and smiled lightly. You wrapped your arms around his neck. “He’s right, you are kind of grouchy. But that’s okay, I like you even when you’re grouchy.”

Matt chuckled weakly. “I’d hope so.” He leaned in and kissed your lips softly before resting his forehead on yours. “Can you lead me to the bed, Y/N?”

“Of course.” His arm stayed around your waist as you walked to your shared bed. He slowly stripped down to just boxers before peeling back the covers and sliding under the comforter.

You took the glasses off his face and put them down next to his phone on the night stand. Arms suddenly wrapped around your torso and pulled you under the covers as well. You laughed a little before turning to face Matt. “Matt, I’m not even in my pajamas.”

“You’re in sweatpants and one of my shirts. You can sleep in that.”

“Not only are you grouchy, you’re also fairly stubborn.”

He chuckled and pulled you closer to him. He rested his head on yours as you rested your head next to his heart. “Goodnight, Blind Man.”

“Sweet dreams, Blind Man’s Girl.”