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You know what AO3 needs more of? These two! I realize that it’s been a while for a lot of us in writing or drawing any Scogan stuff, but how about anyone who is feeling creative at least give it a go at writing at the very least a drabble for these two or creating some art to share on AO3 to show your support for Scott and Logan in whichever universe you choose? If anyone wants help with ideas, I’d be more than glad to offer help or if someone has an idea and wants someone to work with it, then feel free to share that as well in helping offering up inspiration!


Marvel’s Champions

Cyclops by Carlo Barberi
Ms.Marvel by Joe Caramanga
Viv by Will Moss
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) by Fiona Staples
Nova by Nick Lowe
Totally Awesome Hulk by Afua Richardson