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  • Their First Date: 

They can’t go anywhere expensive (because let’s face it, it would take until they’re in college before they actually confessed their feelings)They would go to an old diner and catch a movie at the dollar movies.

  • Who kissed who first
Nico kissed Leo. Definitely.  He’d be dropping hints left and right, but Leo is oblivious and doesn’t want to push Nico into doing anything he doesn’t want to do. So Nico just grabs him by the shirt out of no where and lays one on him.
  • What kind of ring did they propose with
Leo proposed. He made the ring himself, out of the same type of metal used in Nico’s sword and some scrap metal from the Argo II. 
  • What their wedding was like 
It was simple and sweet. They got married in New York, in a small chapel in the nearest town to Camp-Halfblood so that all their friends could attend.
  • Where they spent their honeymoon 
Leo built a smaller, comfier version of the Argo II just for them. They sail around in it (and the mortals can’t see because Chiron taught Nico how to manipulate the mist). 
  • How many children
3, two girls and a boy
  • The name of their children
Leo would name the oldest, his son, after his grandfather, Sammy; second would be their daughter Maria and the youngest would be Bianca.
  • Any Pets? 
A cat or two, maybe a dog. It just depends on how well the puppy dog eyes work on Leo and Nico (hint: they’re super affective)
  • Kind of car they drive 
Leo would build the car himself. An old car, a Chevy maybe. It’d be grey-ish with red details. 

I think a lot of people are missing the point with Schmidt’s current storyline. Yes I agree that cheating shouldn’t happen and that it’s cowardly and I don’t understand the use of it when you can just tell the truth too, but through Schmidt’s storyline and what we know about him and the emotions he’s going through (like he said in the car about understanding it emotionally) we can understand it, or what it’s like to him. It’s more than just being selfish guys. I love Cece and Elizabeth and I’m glad they did what they did (and how their reactions were both different and that’s quite significant as the characters they are and their relationship and feelings for Schmidt). But Schmidt is still a good person, he’s not evil. That’s the point: sometimes good people make bad mistakes. It’s a lot of psychological things and will eventually lead to character growth just like Nick’s problems in season 2 did. Like Schmidt mentions, he has no idea what the hell he’s doing or how to handle his love life. He just knows that he loves these two girls and I think is trying to trust his emotions but they’re just making a mess out of him. He’s never really been in a strong, healthy personal relationship since like Elizabeth in his college years because of his Big Guy past and lack of confidence (which Elizabeth then helped him get). After that, they were all just sexual. And on top of that, he’s never witnessed a healthy romantic relationship with his parents so there’s a lot of that in there too. And you can tell he actually does care because of how he freaked out earlier and felt incredibly guilty. He wasn’t really completely freaking out about getting caught but more about hurting these two girls he loves even though he does admit that he knows it’ll end badly (and he even mentions that he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone). He just doesn’t know how to handle it and his emotions just dig him into a deeper hole. Now he’s in denial and thinks that it didn’t have to end that way and is just altogether hurt even more because he went from having the 2 girls he loved (and didn’t want to acknowledge who to choose and face the decision even if he should’ve which is the theme of this whole thing) to losing both of them so he’s trying to pin that hurt on someone else, Nick and Jess, because once again he doesn’t know how to handle it. You can’t judge him and toss him into the unforgiven pile for this one action because eventually he’ll learn from it and he’ll become a better Schmidt from it and we’ll learn more about him so try not to see just the black and white. I feel bad for Schmidt and his confusion and hurt for hurting these people he loves. I feel bad for ALL of them. It’s just a suckish situation and I think it’s great that the writers put it in there and it’s not just for drama because we’ll see the true Schmidt grow out of this situation and then layers to him that we haven’t seen before. It also makes you see the relationships between people like Nick supporting him through it even though he doesn’t agree with it, Jess supporting Cece, her best friend, but is not blaming Schmidt even if she’s mad at him because she cares for him too. And Cece taking it differently than Elizabeth and is more sad and broken about it than angry and cries and wants to just escape when Elizabeth does the latter and wants to approach him and lets her rage show through and throws the pie into his face. It says a lot about their characters individually and their relationships with each other and that’s why this storyline is valuable to their story. And man did the actors deliver it well and convincingly! All of these reactions are proof of exactly that.

Just try to keep an open mind… the last thing the writers would do would be to hurt us fans so they have their reasons…