619yoshi-k  asked:

I hate to be a bother but do you think I could request the possibility of maybe getting another appearance of Cece and Viche if the mood strikes you?

I’m currently in a mad rush of preparing things for a local comic convention and this seemed like a nice thing to draw for a break, so have some Cece and Viché sleeping like real squirrels. :) 

anonymous asked:

Talon looks like he could carry both Blue and Cece on his shoulders at the same time and for some reason I can't stop thinkin about it ;w;

anon this image hurt my heart bc so cute…….this is all i could come up w tho…….something tells me talon picks these 2 munchkins up like rag dolls on a regular basis

Wedding Hells - Trixya - Cece

This is also a hostage situation - shook - but some people want me to try and rewrite LPAG and i’m not sure if i can do that, but i wanted to practice with hostage and trixya, but the hostage is very low key, just to see if i could get in the mood. It’s short, and the ending is up to you, but enjoy. it’s honestly more fluffy than anything

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