Cece Drake is Big A Theory

A while back I was going through some theories I had about who might Big A be… As any good sleuth would do, you check characters off one by one, until I started to examine Cece Drake. I examined just two episodes of her and suddenly it hit me, “Why has no one noticed this before?” I thought to myself, looking at my screen, baffled to the point of disbelief at what I just realized… I think I finally found Big A. And here’s exactly why, from start to finish. 

Lets start with the pilot episode, we know 4 things for certain that happened that night.

1. Cece Drake was there (And I mean… So was the entire town of Rosewood… But moving on…) and met with Melissa Hastings (confirmed not only in flashbacks but from her own mouth) which Jason revealed (then he merely survived a death trap “A” set to shut him up.)

2. At some point that night, not only Bethany Young was buried alive, but so was Alison DiLaurentis… Cece (somehow) knew about both.

3. There were 3 yellow tops out that night: Alison, Bethany, and Cece 

4. Alison got the tapes from the N. A. T. club and locked them away in a storage unit, giving the key to Emily in a snow globe for safe keeping.

Cece tells Alison that her friends should stay over in her beach house in Cape May (revealed in 4x02) but Mrs. DiLaurentis said they’re not staying there… So they moved it to Spencer’s barn. Now, there were two sets of Alison bracelets and three sets of yellow blouses, at this point in time there is still one bracelet and one blouse missing. So, who has it? Sara Harvey. Yep, Sara Harvey, the girl who disappeared the day AFTER everything happened.

Yes, you read that right… Someone killed Sara Harvey, dressed her in Alison’s clothing and bracelet, and buried her in Alison’s place to make everyone think Alison was dead and long gone. The entire thing was one giant mistake… Cece hated Alison and the girls… And she had a right to, they got her kicked out of UPENN, mentally scarring her, they were terrible people and with a good leader they could’ve turned it around… But there were a few huge problems that happened that night. 

1. Bethany was mistakenly killed and buried by Melissa, thinking it was Alison.

2. Alison survived and Mona sheltered her, giving her a fresh start and giving Mona access to Alison’s clothing the night she was buried.

3. Mrs. DiLaurentis witnessed Cece hitting Alison over the head (leading to her ultimate demise which I will get to in a second) and finally…

4. There was WAY too many people out that night that weren’t supposed to be there.

So, the good girl died, the bad girl lived, and a (mostly) innocent girl from another town died because well… She was just an asshole to people and was gonna go anyway.  We can tell that Alison and Bethany were buried in the same place at two completely different times. Bethany was mistakenly killed AFTER Alison because the plot was already dug, if I had to guess who bashed Bethany on the back of  the head so hard to make an indent in her skull my guess would be any number of people who were out that night… Melissa, Cece, Ian… Anyone really. The point was it was a mistake and everything went downhill from there. 

Now, jumping along to the season 2 finale, Mona was revealed as “Original A” and went to Radley… Now let me break down this little monologue for you:

“I know they’re watching me, I don’t look bad considering… I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee tango? They think it’s over, loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what we want?”

Okay… Read that again… But this time, let’s break it up in two parts.

“I know they’re watching me, I don’t look bad considering… I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee tango?” -Mona

“They think it’s over, loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what we want?”-Big A who sounds a hell of a lot like Cece (before she even appeared 7 episodes later)

Now, if you don’t believe me, you can listen to the monologue here:

It starts around 5:14 

Now, back to the Physical Proof, which is actually my favorite part… One thing that stumped me more than anything was 4x12 “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” I thought that had me… How was Cece going to be A, while “helping” Alison being in the Red Coat? Soooo I watched the scene again and this hit me:  

Yeahhhh you see that right arm? Black hoodie under the red coat, she kidnapped Emily and put her in the mill in the black hoodie, then Wonder Woman’d into the red coat to make Ali believe she was on her side. Then somehow got up and was fine? Oh also, you see where the red coat is tied at the waist? That’s where the missing button was from in 4x11 where Spencer, Emily, and Aria were in the crawl space… Cece was the one spying on the DiLaurentis house, in the red coat and Alison mask…

Next, we get to Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder, which is a hell of a lot easier to explain than most things… So in 4x23 we see Ashley going into Alison’s old room and she starts rummaging through a bag of clothes, she then says “She bought these yesterday" 

Later that Episode, Mrs. DiLaurentis gives a bag to someone in the woods and gives them a bag… An episode later?

Episode 4x24 was pivotal for everyone, all this time Mrs. DiLaurentis thought Alison was dead, that SHE helped murder her… And Cece forced her to do it, so when Mrs. DiLaurentis found out Alison was alive and that she had nothing to hide anymore, she didn’t have to protect Cece anymore… She was going to reveal Cece for everything she had done and Cece couldn’t have that happen. Which is why they found this email from Mrs. DiLaurentis after she was murdered: 

You’re probably wondering how Shana and Ezra found Alison and the girls too, right? There were only two people who knew where they were… Noel and Cece, and Noel was with them so that just leaves our girl Cece. Cece was feeding false information to Ezra for years to help his book, stringing him along so every time he would get close she would cut him off at a dead end. Not to mention, Cece and Ali found Ezra at the same time at a party, Cece knew everyone before they knew themselves. So, Cece told Shana where the girls were, and Cece told Ezra where the girls were, probably as A to set everyone up for a huge failure and someone was going to get shot… 

Getting back to the season 4 finale, Cece got out of custody, told the police where Ali and the girls were, informed Holbrook about Melissa and Spencer, managed to kill Mrs. DiLaurentis, then go to New York and tell Alison… Escaping to Paris. Now, didn’t it seem extremely odd that A seemed to take a nap for a few episodes after Cece left and suddenly came back and everything went to shit again? And speaking of 5x05, Jenna, Sydney, and Mona went out in the woods to meet someone. Ironically, just when A came back.

Side Note: In the preview for the next episode, Holbrook seems pissed off… Well of course he’s pissed off, Cece just gave him false information on a million cases to string him along, letting her (an ACTUAL murderer) go. Didn’t it seem odd that Holbrook went all creepy cop major the minute after he talked to Cece, then brought the Hastings in for questioning about Spencer? These aren’t coincidences people…

Now getting to Mona and who I think killed Mona and why: It was Cyrus. Yes, yes I know, I know… Why Cyrus? What reason would he have to kill Mona? Girl… Calm yourself. Firstly I think Cyrus and Cece are the actual twins on the show, Alison recently revealed that Cyrus called her to meet in the woods. She waited there for hours and came back to see that Mona was murdered, it was a set up from the beginning. Mona had to die, she had to die the minute she betrayed Big A and went back to helping the liars. While Mona was in Radley for confessing to Wilden’s murder (which Cece actually committed and for some reason the entire thing was dropped from existence AFTER Cece’s little talk to Holbrook) she was talking to Wren, he says:

Wren:"Lets take a break, I’ll come back when you’re ready to be honest with me”

Mona: “Why would I do that?”

Wren: “You used to be”

Mona: “Yeah, that was before I learned where your loyalties were.”

Meaning… His loyalties to Cece.

From Wren we learned that Cece and Mona had in fact met, and Cece thought she could “Help” Mona because what Alison put her through was similar and she came out the other side… So, Cece had a way in and out of Radley at will whenever she wanted, which is most likely how she told Mona to bait Toby and bring him into it with his Mothers death. It’s also how she framed Paige, getting him to plant evidence on her.

During Spencer’s meltdown and her time in Radley, she finds out Wren was sneaking her in and he asks who told her that Mona was in there… He answers “Melissa” sooooo here’s the thing, Cece and Melissa are supposed to be huge buddies, they go on vacations together, talk about bodies together, meet in the middle of the night… You know, the whole BFF’s thing. Cece knows she buried someone, but I don’t think she told him about Melissa, she only told him about Spencer and her drug problem causing Holbrook to take Spencer in on a murder charge. Every damn time someone starts asking questions about her she points the finger the other way… She did it for both Paige and Melissa talking about Paige’s rival with Alison and Alison blackmailing Paige about her sexuality, she also said Melissa wanted the pictures that Ali had.

Speaking of which, the way Cece says things, and the information other people have about that night are totally wrong… Spencer says that Cece told Ezra “I watched Spencer and Alison fighting and Mrs. Dilaurentis paid me to keep quiet” but… That didn’t happen because she was supposed to be meeting Melissa to get the pictures from Alison, which Alison says absolutely nothing about, she doesnt even mention seeing Cece the entire night. She said she did get them… But that’s also a lie because Alison had already locked the pictures away in a storage unit. 

So, just a little review: 

Black Hoodie and Black Gloves? Check and Check

Violent Tendencies? Check

Ability to know where everyone is at all times… Check…

And finally… In and out of the picture enough to make you super suspicious about her but you just think “Nahhh”? Check.

Oh btw, don’t you love how absolutely sure Cece was about Mona being dead and Mrs. DiLaurentis being dead after those two things happened while she was supposed to be in Paris? Come on now… And Alison didn’t look like she knew Cece was coming, but I mean… Cece just keeps a spare of Alison masks around for you know… Reasons… 

What Marlene has said about Big A is that she thought of the idea towards the ending of season 2… Okay well, in television you can’t exactly go back and un-do everything and put things in. But what you CAN do is incorporate characters in flashbacks to tie them into it. Cece was the only person added to the cast that has a direct connection to every single person on the show and who they directly tie into, like the frat party referenced in 1x18 that got Cece kicked out of UPenn, and even the Pilot episode and beyond. Well I think you’ve done enough reading, so I have some old theory videos that still outline the physical proof… But listen to the facts over here and discard the others. If I think of anything else, I’ll post some more :)

Part 1 Theory Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ACavJ0urQE

Part 2 Theory Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdFal4fSois


Thank-you to lifeisforlivinggggg and brityoung11 for the tip!

After going back to rewatch the scene when we saw A breaking into Mona’s house the two different scenes showed A having two different hair lengths.

The first image above looks quite a lot like Alison’s hair colour, length and curls where as the next image shows what A’s hair looked like when he/she walked into Mona’s room. The hair is a lot darker and shorter. So this is what we are thinking…

  • Either is is a production error and they want us to truly believe it’s Alison that killed Mona.
  • That perhaps there was two different people inside Mona’s house that killed her. Perhaps Alison and Cece (that is if Cece is back from France)  that would link to the hair.
  • Or its a completely different A person and they were wearing a wig to play on Mona’s emotions.

Thanks again to lifeisforlivinggggg and brityoung11 for the tip!


“I thought Wilden got Ali pregnant and killed her”-Cece
*girls go after Wilden*

“Who took that picture on the boat? The one with you, Ali, and Wilden. Who took it?”-Emily
“Melissa Hastings”-Cece
*girls go after Melissa*

“Well, what were they fighting about?”
“Emily. You know Ali wouldn’t admit this, but I think she was scared of that girl.”
*girls go after Paige*

Dear PLL’s. Maybe if you STOP LISTENING TO CECE… You may actually figure out that SHE’S THE ONE YOU’RE ACTUALLY AFTER.