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Spuffy please 💜

  • Is better at research.

Neither of them. They don’t have the patience. When they do have to research, most of their time is taken up trying to secretly stare at each other or playing footsie.

  • Is the better fighter.

Buffy. Spike is in awe of her fighting skills.

  • Is more affectionate.

Buffy is quite affectionate but Spike is very affectionate if Buffy lets him be. He loves playing with her hair, giving her forehead kisses, holding her hand etc. Buffy likes it but sometimes Spike can be very distracting when he’s all over her.

  • Gets scared more. 

Neither of them. They get worried if they other is in trouble but they know they can usually handle it.

  • Comes up with the plans.

Buffy. Spike would happily follow her to the ends of the earth. That said, he’s happy to question her plans if he thinks it won’t work. Doesn’t happen often though.

  • Is wittier.

Both are witty. Buffy thinks Spike is wittier as he has a bigger vocabulary but no-one can touch her when it comes to puns.

  • Likes to sleep late.

Spike. But Buffy likes it too but she doesn’t let herself indulge in sleeping late.

  • Doesn’t mind the gross side of fighting demons. 

Spike. Buffy dislikes gross fluids or bits of demons getting on her or, god forbid, her hair.

  • Is really into pop culture.

Both of them. They have a fairly equal knowledge of pop culture. Although Spike does watch more trashy tv so sometimes he comes up with weird, quite uncool references.

  • Is better in bed.

Spike. Just because he’s older. Buffy is fast catching up though. She’s a quick learner.

  • Prefers the night-time.

Both of them. Buffy loves sunshine but the night is her domain and the time she feels most comfortable.

  • Likes magic.

Buffy wouldn’t say she likes magic but she recognises it’s importance and how helpful it can be fighting evil. Spike dislikes magic more than her.

  • Is more heroic.

Buffy. Naturally.

  • Has special (secret) skills not related to demon fighting.

Buffy is actually quite good at card games and regularly beats Spike at poker. After a century of looking after Dru, Spike is great at doing hair, he can do beautiful, elaborate hairstyles for Buffy.

  • Sings in the shower.

Buffy. Lots of upbeat pop songs. She doesn’t think she’s got a good voice but Spike things she sounds lovely.

  • Would be top of the class in school. 

Buffy would have been close to the top if she’d not had to be the Slayer. Spike when he was alive was very good at school.

  • Likes to read before bed.

Neither of them. Spike occasionally reads poetry books and Buffy makes him read the poems out loud.

  • Would make a good Watcher.

Neither of them. They are much better on the fighting side. Spike had a dream once that he was Buffy’s watcher but somehow things descended very quickly into sex.

  • Is an optimist.

Buffy. It’s not easy but she tries hard.

Thanks darling!


As You Were Spuffy Dailies Part 3 - More breakup.


Part 2 to follow as soon as possible