Reasons Joss Whedon is a Good Feminist

I was disappointed by how quickly Black Widow’s infamous “monster” line in Age of Ultron became ammunition against Joss Whedon. I had a different reaction, I felt as though Joss was using the Hollywood blockbuster, a platform that is classically rather sexist and misogynistic, to make a point about a woman’s right to choose. Black Widow’s pathos didn’t rest within the fact that she was not able to conceive but that she wasn’t given a choice in the matter, that she wasn’t allowed to be both a mother and an operative. Instead, misunderstanding led to outrage which led to condemnation, not only of the movie and the line but of Joss as a feminist.

I personally think Joss is a great feminist, nobody bats a thousand but I think Joss has an exceptionally good record of staying true to his feminist beliefs within his work. It is a darn shame that this has been swept over by the instinctual outrage of people who were gunning for him for any reason they could muster- like that Wanda was going to be a River Tam clone which turned out to be a categorically incorrect and premature assumption. 

So, without further adieu, here’s EverVexingHexes’ reasons why he deserves better than to be picked apart….

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