Yesterday I was scrolling my dash and a Buffy gifset just so happened to come up, and it made me want to scream. If you haven’t seen Buffy, long story short: Buffy fell in love with a vampire with a soul named Angel, but he lost his soul and became evil again. He killed people and terrorized and traumatized Buffy and he had a plan to unleash hell on earth through this portal he was going to open. She went to fight him with the plan to kill him, but at the last moment, just after Angel had opened this hell portal, her friends worked a spell that gave him his soul back. Suddenly he was himself, kind and innocent and in love with her. He didn’t even know what he had just done.

Buffy kissed him, told him that she loved him and to close his eyes, and then she stabbed him and pushed him through the portal into hell because that was the only way to save the world.

Buffy sacrificed the person she loved most to save humanity. Because she’s a hero

This is why I can’t fucking stand what just happened on Supernatural. This is why I am so sick of all this shit. Because Sam and Dean aren’t heroes anymore, they’re just selfish killers. What the fuck have they done lately that has been in any way admirable? That didn’t have ulterior motives? That wasn’t about what THEY want? In fact, the closest they’ve come to heroism is when Dean was going to kill Sam and banish himself for the sake of the world. But then Dean killed Death and Sam didn’t stop Rowena from completing the spell even when he now knew that it would mean releasing the Darkness. 

This is heroism:

This is selfishness: