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these are just a few wlw positivity blogs that i follow! there are so many that im not following, and i would love to, so add some of your favorites and spread the love!!


please feel free to add your own wlw blogs!!

I finally got around to making a follow forever, I was meant to make one when I reached 10k but never ended up getting around to it because I went on vacation for 3 weeks. Anyway! here it is. These are all the lovely blogs that make my dash interesting and entertaining. Thanks for following me kids, love y‘all. (If i forgot you, I’m sorry ily2)

@alyciadebs, @abbygaytes, @amberleia, @alyciadebman, @ajanaomiking, @aliciaclvrk@alexvausi, @alyciajazmin, @alycidebnamcarey, @avenqers​,  @amy-poehler​, @alyica,  @bobbimorxe@brucebannur, @bbunit@badassmorse, @bellamy-octavia, @cstia, @clehxa, @crykru@charmingswan, @commandergalpal, @dianaprinnce, @daisyridly​, directorsharon, @deatheda, @elyzas, @el-diiablo, @elizatavlor@elizajanetaylr, @filmeditors, @felixdawkins, @gillian-anderson, @gayleksa, @gaygalaxys, @getghozt​, @glenn-rhee, @gayholtzmans​,   @gayyholtzmann@hansolo, @holtzbabe, @holtzmaann, @hltzbert,   @holtzghostgirl, @holtzbrose@holtzymannz, @jillianholtzmanjillianholtzmaann, @jilllholtz@jilliannholtzman, @jacqueerline, @jilhltzmnn, @jillianhotzmann​, @kent-clarks, @kathryn-mckinnon@kurtsbastians, @katebertholds​,     @katemcmiddleton, @leslexa, @lexiesqrey,  @lexas-clarke, @laurelcastillo@laurelance, @lorelaigilmoure,@lesbianholtzmann, @lexgriffins,  @leocuccittini, @lesknopes,@laurenholtzmann, @lindsemyorgan, @misselizataylor, @marqotrobbie, @missdontcare-x, @mckinnonsass, @marieavgeropoulos, @margvtrobbie, @nerdyholtzmann@nancyvwheeler, @nataliedorsmer@nicolshaught,  @natromanoffe,  @oblwankenobi@poedamearon, @paulfeigs@peterdonaldson, @quinnking​   @robertdowneyjr, @rumplestiltskin, @reginamillses, @riversgron​, @shaymitchell​​, @skyejacked@selinaikyle@sithvaders, @storybrooked,       @shelbywyatt, @spacelesbianrey, @spidersbutts@saltyparabolas,  @tinakris,  @tayloreliza, @taylormckinnons​, @thejillianholtzmann, @voltz-mann​, @wayearp@yo-batman.

Legend & The Young Elites Blogs

Because our fandom is pretty small, I’ve decided to make a list of all the legend and tye blogs so they’re easier to find.

If you don’t see your url here, and you’re a legend/tye blog or post a lot of content relating to both legend and tye, please message me so I can add your blog to the list.


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ASTRO Blogs that i reblog from most often: 

@asterocky || @astrofantastic || @binyoongi || @eunwooz || @moon-hyuks || @moobinthighs || @plutoxsanha || @rockybin || @myungjun || @binjinjin || @sixstarrybabies || @jinwoosmile || @eottaegatigallae || @noombean || @munwoo || @moonrockwoo || @pupkitty-bin || @binwoo

Some nice people who love ASTRO:

@astrockie || @sanhasmol || @tak-uya || @echovyyo || @salmonigiri || @lifespossibilities  || @wolfriver777 || @leedogmeme (how are you) || @mini-minies who also runs @pocket-sized-astro || @trastro (r u back) ||

((If anyone wants to rp a shenanigans blog, I found a few characters that aren’t already taken.  (Either these accounts are deactivated, or aren’t active but the blog still exists) (Also If there is a blog of one of the characters on the list, please inform me so I can take it off the list)


  1. Nyo Prussia
  2. 2p Russia
  3. 2p Japan
  4. Nyo 2p France
  5. Nyo 2p Japan
  6. Nyo Austria
  7. Netherlands
  8. 2p Netherlands
  9. Nyo 2p Netherlands
  10. Nyo Russia
  11. Nyo 2p Belarus
  12. Nyo 2p Poland
  13. Nyo Lithuania
  14. Nyo 2p Lithuania
  15. Nyo 2p Prussia
  16. Nyo Belguim
  17. Nyo 2p Belgium
  18. Luxembourg
  19. Nyo Luxembourg
  20. 2p Luxembourg
  21. Nyo 2p Luxembourg
  22. 2p Hungary
  23. Nyo 2p Hungary
  24. Nyo 2p Liechtenstein
  25. Nyo Switzerland
  26. Nyo 2p Switzerland
  27. Nyo Bulgaria
  28. Nyo 2p Bulgaria
  29. 2p Bulgaria
  30. Nyo Estonia
  31. 2p Estonia
  32. Nyo 2p Estonia
  33. Nyo Latvia
  34. Nyo 2p Latvia
  35. Nyo Romaina
  36. Nyo 2p Romania
  37. 2p Nyo Ukraine
  38. Nyo Denmark
  39. Nyo 2p Denmark
  40. Nyo 2p Finland
  41. Nyo Iceland
  42. Nyo 2p Iceland
  43. Nyo Norway
  44. Nyo 2p Sweden
  45. Nyo Greece
  46. Greece
  47. Nyo 2p Greece
  48. 2p Nyo Spain
  49. Turkey
  50. Nyo Turkey
  51. Nyo 2p Turkey
  52. 2p Turkey
  53. Egypt
  54. Nyo Egypt
  55. Nyo 2p Egypt
  56. 2p Egypt
  57. Nyo Seychelles
  58. Nyo 2p Seychelles
  59. Hong Kong
  60. Nyo Hong Kong
  61. 2p Hong Kong
  62. 2p Nyo Hong Kong
  63. Nyo India
  64. 2p India
  65. Nyo 2p India
  66. South Korea
  67. Nyo South Korea
  68. 2p South Korea
  69. Nyo 2p South Korea
  70. Nyo Taiwan
  71. Nyo 2p Taiwan
  72. 2p Taiwan
  73. Nyo Thailand
  74. 2p Thailand
  75. Nyo 2p Thailand
  76. Nyo Vietnam
  77. 2p Vietnam
  78. Nyo 2p Vietnam
  79. Nyo Australia
  80. 2p Australia
  81. Nyo 2p Australia
  82. Nyo New Zealand
  83. Nyo 2p New Zealand
  84. 2p New Zealand
  85. Cuba
  86. Nyo Cuba
  87. 2p Cuba
  88. Nyo 2p Cuba
  89. 2p Sweden

These are the nations in the manga and show. There are no non-canon characters in this list. Or Micronations. Those will have a seperate list. If I missed any or there is (now) a shenanigans blog to this please tell me. ))



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Can u tell me any imagines blogs who u think need a bit more love? Thank you, Angela xxxxx (sorry if this sent twice and I love your blog so much!!)

send love to my favessss

@imaginesofeveryfandom - Charlotte deserves so much love. She was sent a horrible hate message a couple days ago so I’d appreciate it if you went over and just gave her lots of love

@talesandstoriesblog - Nenah takes care of me when I’m drunk okay and she bakes in the mornings and she’s great and lovely pls go give her love and request things and be nice to her

@envision-imagines - Rachel keeps me inspired and always encourages me to write. She listens to my rambles about fanfictions and helps me decide on plots. She’s wonderful please give her some love too

@sebbystanimagines - the lovely ladies who run this blog are, well, lovely and deserve some more love 

@imaginesharrypotter - the work that goes into this blog is amazing and both ladies who run it are exceptionally kind so go send love to them too

Assassin’s Creed Blogs

Your blog has been add to our list. You can sent us also a description of your blog, a promotion post, submit other Assassin’s Creed blogs you know or ask us any questions you have about our blog. We would appreciate if you can reblog this post to promote our blog.

Safety and Peace

- ACBlogs

@acreed, @acobsessed, @ac-confessions, @assassinscreedfanscommunity, @allsoundsasscreed, @dirtyasscreedsecrets, @assassinscreedglitches, @madeinmasyaf, @shaymefulacpuns, @fuckyeah-connor, @wolfkininitiative, @dailyfryes, @getfryedbythefryetwins, @soracormac

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do you have any recs for tumblrs like urs? like studyblrs and book-obsessed lit students?

@alwaysbringabookwithyou - loves YA, is about to start the third year of her degree in lit - was my tutorial partner and is my bestest fwend at Oxford

@timeswhenlucywasright - Shakespeare buff, just buff generally tbh - starting a masters soon

@blue–bonbons - now graduated, great for all your book aesthetic needs 

Similarly, @leonainitalics has a beautiful blog (check it out on the actual web, not just via your dash if you can) - I also follow her on Instagram

@treacherouslecherouslit - high quality posts

@studying-and-britain - very supportive student blogger

And @caffeinebooks and @the-literaryowl and @post–grad and @study-alvvays and @englishmajorinrepair - lovely people, lovely blogs 

Some other people who study lit/post about books and always seem up for a chat: @vladimir-nabokov-official @orwell-and-his-unicorn-horn @theskyisbi


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