Ho conosciuto una ragazza che si fidava di chiunque perché credeva che se tu sei bravo con loro, loro faranno altrettanto.

Ho conosciuto una ragazza che parlava con gli sconosciuti senza farsi problemi.

Ho conosciuto una ragazza che non sapeva cosa fosse l'ansia.

Conosco una ragazza che ora non si fida più di nessuno perché tutto ciò che diceva glielo hanno rivolto contro.

Conosco una ragazza che ora evita le persone perché ha la certezza che la troveranno brutta e antipatica.

Conosco una ragazza che fa venire l'ansia a tutti per quanta lei ne abbia.

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Do you have examples for intp - infp relationships? That would be great.

Father/Daughter: Maurice [INTP] and Belle [INFP] from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Nakama: Nicco Robin [INTP] and Chopper [INFP] from One Piece

Enemies: Wilson Fisk [INFP] and Ben Urich [INTP] from Marvel’s Daredevil

Father/Daughter: Bubble [INFP] and Professor Utonium [INTP] from The Powerpuff Girls

Romantic: Ada Shelby [INFP] and Freddie Thorne [INTP] from Peaky Blinders

Friends: Dinesh [INFP] and Richard [INTP] from Silicon Valley

Friends: Luna Lovegood [INTP] and Neville Longbottom [INFP] from the Harry Potter Series

Friends: Molly Hooper [INFP] and Sherlock Holmes [INTP] from BBC’s Sherlock

Disney’s Descendants- What happened to the “good” parents?

So I watched Descendants with my brother thinking it would just be another cheesy movie to give us our daily serving of cringe. However, there was something so strangely surreal about everything I was seeing on screen I actually began to like it. It took a while but the film did grow on me, as silly, campy, and over the top it was, there was this basic charm radiating whenever the four main leads were on screen. 

With that said they were probably the best parts in the film. Mal, Jay, Evie, Carlos were pretty fun and enjoyable to watch. Although to be honest I wished they did more with Jay and Carlos since those two seemed to become background characters by the end of it. 

For all the ridiculous (see what I did there) things in that movie, the one big glaring thing that unnerved me was the lack of actual “good” parents. 

And I’m not talking about the villains, cause really that seems to be a given that they’d struggle or out right fail to be good parents given their selfish tendencies. I’m talking about the so-called heroes, princesses, and good guys that raised such pompous, entitled brats. This is super SPOILER heavy so read at your own risk. 

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afewmistakesago prompted: Gold realizing he’s head over heels for Belle. And Belle realizing the same. (The Belle part will be in the next chapter.)