Without the sun, life on Earth would be impossible. It provides food for the plants that feed us, and warmth so that we don’t freeze to death. But the sun has a dark side. It is, after all, a giant ball of fire in the sky, whose 27 million degree Fahrenheit surface is tossed about by burning tsunami waves 62,000 miles high. And at pretty much any point, it could burp out rivers of charged particles that could paralyze technology on Earth.

A new documentary premiering tonight asks the question, “What can cause our normally benign sun to erupt in such fury that it can threaten the world’s power and technological infrastructure?“ according to a press release.

To answer that question, [Solar Superstorm] takes audiences into the inner workings of our star. It follows the path of hot magnetized gas from deep inside the sun, through its tangled journey through the Sun’s churning outer layers and on to explosive magnetic eruptions so powerful they can affect the Earth.

The documentary is narrated by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, and it’s based on supercomputer simulations that are making it easier to understand where solar eruptions come from, and how to predict them. Also, it’s gorgeous.

The National Center For Supercomputing Applications has five clips that you can watch on their site.


Daxton Grimble for wonderinsimsland BC:


  Heyyy….I’m uhh… Dax (short for Daxton). You can call me Dax though, I don’t really care. Unless you call people by their last names then this intro is very awkward. Oh God… I’m rambling, sorry. You can probably tell it’s my first time doing this sort of thing can’t you? So of course I’m hella nervous. I’m not usually like this though, even ask some of my friends about me, like that one time I was drunk and accidentally got a permanent tattoo. Haha good times. Update: That tattoo was removed later on as my mother found out causing me to be band from living under her roof. But you could say I’m the local douchebag at times.

“Daxton!! Don’t you ever say that word again, hear me!?”

“Sorry Mom, it just slipped out”

  Oh God…that was my mom, sorry. She’s actually the reason I’m going to be competing against these other guys as she wants me to meet my “true love” just like she did when she met my father. Unfortunately, my father passed away last fall causing my mom, brother and me to feel great grief. Anyways, forget about that, the true reason was that Bex was absolutely beautiful and I mean a beauty like no other. I just can’t even. You need to see her to understand. She’s the peanut butter to my jelly hahaha. Lame, I know but it’s true.

Any other interesting things we need to know about you?

- I’m an aspiring singer that plays the guitar on occasion, and I’m actually 26 but people tell me I still look 16 :/ (I wish for some company when I eventually go on tour, maybe Bex could tag along).

 - I’m very self-conscious about my body, especially my stomach. I just feel bare when I don’t have a shirt on. (Something I need to overcome).

 - Even though I may seem like a jerk, I actually volunteer, help elderly across the street, buy food for the homeless, etc. (More people my age need to be involved in their community).

- I grew up in Twinbrook and so did my little brother, David. (It’s funny I never saw any twins there).

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