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can I get Aomine, Kageyama, Tsukki scenario when their wifes tells them that she's pregnant with baby girl (the boys really really hope they'll have son for their first child)? thanks and sorry for my bad English :(

You English is fine, bby! <3 And this is adorable, asjdkflajlkfdsa. It’s also pretty long, so under a read more. :)

(Also, I had to get a feel for Tsukki’s character again, and I rewatched “Moonrise” and now that I know what happened with his brother, I just… OW. My heart. Like, stabbed straight through and I was legit crying because it hurt so much. I mean, Kuroo tells him that Hinata’s gonna take his place and Tsukki just freezes, and I just… I’m crying again, dammit…)

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