Me... Myself

I like to read,
Yet don’t read books;
I love to write,
But unable to use heavy words;
I love music,
Yet an awful singer;
I am a foodie,
But can never taste well;
I love to laugh around,
Yet hide enormous tears inside;
I’m having high goals,
Yet carry a tedious posture;
I want to live life,
But struggle through every day and night;

I’m a sum of imperfect mess;
You will fall for me, every time you’ll know me..!!


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Hey there @teamdoubleoh I am vengeance and Venstar on AO3, but like, you can call me…Ven or 006 (my code number, name, thingie) or hey you.  You know my name.  

Anyhooo, this is my first time participating in the GAMES!!!!  I’m so pleased to be here and to be on Team 00.  I was squirreled away in the boonies of the United States, unable to play last summer so I’m here now, sssshhhh, everything will be alright.

strategies: i have none.  i’m more like a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person.  but i also hope not to suck.   

strengths: friendly S.O.B., humor, sarcasm, creativity…writing?  yeah sure, i’ll throw that in.  graphics and graphic language.  

weaknesses: boredom and i’m short and i don’t like spiders.  or rabbits.  or swings.

my favorite Bond, is ALL the Bonds.  Don’t make me choose, it’ll break my heart.


o n y x ++ 006

Quinn had always hated car rides. The bumpy roads, the sickness that came from reading, and she’d never been able to sleep. She was always so bored. She just stared out the window and watched everything pass by, her legs itching underneath her to move. It was one thing if she was driving, but Seymour refused, especially at her insistence that she and Rachel go together. But at that moment, with her hands twined in Rachel’s hair and her bright eyes shining at Quinn, the blonde forgot why sitting in the car had ever been a bad thing, only finding herself wanting more time in the private back seat with the girl of her dreams. It made the fact that they were filming in her home town so much more exciting. With a small cast and small crew, they only had about a week to get all the scenes filmed, and it wasn’t going to be easy. But it was with Rachel. Everyday, without anything else scheduled but watching Evangeline come alive and nights with Rachel falling asleep next to her- it had worked out that they’d become so..close- it saved money on two trailers and added to the advertising budget. It would save even more after a couple shots of Quinn and Rachel and the nameplate on their trailer got out to the paparazzi. 

She knew it would hurt though, especially after the few weeks prior to filming. The exponential growth of their relationship- it was going to make each and every scene a little more sweet and a little more horrible. Her fingers tangled further into Rachel’s hair as she pulled her down for another kiss, her chest humming with satisfaction. They were almost completely laid out on one side of the short limo, abusing the amount of space they had. “Baby,” Quinn breathed out gently, her eyes falling open. “I love you.” It was a little reminder, something they’d been doing all day, just knowing that they could say it. It made the blonde even happier by the second, her shoulders relaxing into the faux leather.