Imagine...The Boys Comforting You

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Request: Would you be willing to write a story where The Winchesters comfort the reader who is having a pretty bad panic attack when tornado warnings are going through the area where the hunt is? 

Pairing: none

Your eyes were glued to the TV, watching the tornado warning scroll along the bottom. You kept glancing over to the door, wondering where your boys were. They were taking too long. Why weren’t they back yet? Couldn’t they see how bad the weather was outside? Or gotten an alert on their phones yet?

“It’s freaking awful out, Y/N,” you heard Dean say finally, your head buried in your knees. “You…”

“Y/N, you alright?” you heard Sam say, the power going out making you jump. “I’m guessing that’s the wind.”

“Come on,” said Dean, taking your hand and pulling you up. “You too Sammy.”

You followed Dean into the bathroom, Sam right on your heels with a few blankets and pillows from the bed. Dean turned on his flashlight and had you sit down by the tub, reaching into the takeout bag and handing you a container. Sam handed you a blanket and pillow, sitting right up against you as the three of you heard the wind whip outside.

“Want your dinner Y/N?” asked Sam softly, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as he dove into his bag. You nodded, thinking maybe eating would distract you. It worked for a little while but soon the food was gone and it was just the three of you cramped into the small motel bathroom. Dean noticed your growing agitation and nodded for Sam to slide over. 

Sam moved to the left, tugging you with him, Dean settling down with a blanket on your right, sandwiching you between them. Sam kept his arm around you, Dean un-fisting your right hand and holding it in his left. Neither of them said anything but they both got a little closer when the wind picked up.

“You’re okay, Y/N,” said Sam, moving his hand to rub circles into the space between your shoulder blades. “We got ya.”

Dean’s finger tips started drawing patterns on your skin, the two pairs of hands slowly relaxing you. You leaned your head on Dean’s shoulder, sighing as you felt the tension in you fall away. You shut your eyes eventually, feeling Sam’s lips press against your forehead when you were close to sleep, followed soon after by Dean’s.

“Sleep sweetheart. We won’t let anything happen to you,” said Dean.

When you woke it was quiet, the lights on in the bathroom. You opened your eyes and saw you were laying your head on Sam’s chest, his light snores filling the space. You could feel Dean pressed up against you, his steady slow breathing hot on the back of your neck. Both boys were passed out, gladly letting you use them as pillows if it meant you felt safer. You’d thank them when they woke but you knew they wouldn’t accept it, saying that’s what family does for each other.

Even still, you weren’t sure how’d you’d gotten to be so lucky to be a part of this one.

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“Ask me what my favorite colour is and I’ll describe the color of his eyes. Ask me what my favorite sound is and I’ll explain how his voice is the song I will never get tired of. Ask me where my home is and I’ll tell them about how it feels to be in his arms…. Ask me what Love is and I’ll just say his name.”

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My Top 18 Brotps Currently The Bane Of My Existence:

1. Oliver Queen & Barry Allen [ARROW/FLASH]

2. Seth & Richie Gecko [FROM DUSK TILL DAWN]

3. Finn Hudson & Kurt Hummel [GLEE]

4. Sam & Dean Winchester [SUPERNATURAL]

5. Ethan Chandler & Victor Frankenstein [PENNY DREADFUL]

6. Michael Scofield & Lincoln Burrows [PRISON BREAK]

7. Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon [THE WALKING DEAD]

8. Deadpool & Weasel [DEADPOOL] 

9. Jim Gordon & Harvey Bullock [GOTHAM]

10. Peter Romancek & Roman Godfrey [HEMLOCK GROVE]

11. Leonard Snart & Mick Rory [FLASH/LEGENDS OF TOMORROW]

12. Matt Murdock & Foggy Nelson [DAREDEVIL]

13. Stefan & Damon Salvatore [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES]

14. Clark Kent & Lex Luthor [SMALLVILLE]

15. Aidan Waite & Josh Levinson [BEING HUMAN]

16. Lucas & Nathan Scott [ONE TREE HILL]

17. Angel & Spike [ANGEL]

18. All the Avenger boys [MARVEL’S AVENGERS SAGA]

New Family

Title: New Family

Word Count: 1658

Warnings: Sorta angst. Fluff at the end

Pairings: All Platonic. Sam, Dean, Reader

Summary: Luck has not been in your favor recently and you don’t know what to do. Two people from your past appear and you hope you can hide the fact that you need help.

A/N: I’ve had this in my WIP folder for a while and I kinda worked on it a little. (Because I’m horrible and I can’t write a coherent thought to save my life.) I’m so behind that it isn’t funny. Hopefully y’all enjoy thus until I come up with something else. Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

     You trudged down the street and braced yourself against the wind. The weather had been getting colder and you had no idea what you were going to do. You had been on your own for about a month and it wasn’t going so well. You pulled your jacket tighter around you. It was the one possession you still owned besides the pocket knife in your boot. You passed the store and saw the newspaper setting in the window. There had been another murder. This made 4 in the last two weeks. You decided to take a chance and go to the scene. Maybe you could figure out what was killing these people. Making note of the address, you started walking across town.

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Not Boring

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Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a request with something such as the reader has always been told she’s the ‘boring’ girl and she’s really insecure about it? But like Dean or Sam likes her any way and reassures her that they like her no matter what?

Pairing: None 

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Some rainy day fun…

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Little Sister [8]

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, sister!reader, Jessica Moore.

Words: 2770

[Character death, Angst, Fluff]

Tags: @annabethgranger123 @cookee50 @pizzarollpatrol @waywardbaby97 

A/N: This series has about 17,000 words by now, so congrats, you’ve read a novelette haha. But thanks guys, for sticking with me through this! I never thought it was going to turn out to be such a long series, the idea literally just started with some random inspiration. Again, thank you for all the nice comments <3

So, here you go: the last part of Little Sister!

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Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t only stir in your sleep while Sam was by your side, you actually started waking up. And merely seconds after he left, you opened your tired eyes, and you instantly knew, deep inside that something was different. You didn’t say anything, you were still in a state between being awake and asleep. However, you soon started feeling very weird. Really uncomfortable actually. It felt like your skin, your bones were crawling, and you started to get nauseous, your head spinning.

You tried getting out of the sofa, but you couldn’t. Just as you let out a whimper, less than 10 seconds after it started, all symptoms stopped, and now you felt like you were being strangled instead. Quickly sitting up, after whatever had left you feeling momentarily paralyzed had passed, you tugged at whatever was tight around your throat. You fumbled with controlling your limbs, and that’s when you realized it; you were back to normal. You weren’t 3 years old, and neither 5. You were 22 again. A jolt of happiness and relief erupted in your stomach, and you had to stop yourself last second before letting out a squeal because you realized that it was in the middle of the night, Jess was sleeping and probably Sam too, and well you were still stuck in what you understood was your pajama top.

After a rushed and embarrassing struggle you got the small top off, and you could pull the sweatshirt — your sweatshirt — over your head, and the bliss only grew. It felt so great to be back, you couldn’t wait to speak to Jess and Sam in the morning. You knew you should also probably take that moment to apologize for everything, as you remembered it all perfectly clear.

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I really feel like they have just brushed over a shit ton of the issues here with Mary. Like, fuck it, I wanted to love her. I like her, I do, but right now, there’s nothing there to make me even want to attempt to defend her.

She’s not doing this for her boys. She’s not. If she was, she would fucking stop and listen to them. Ask them more about what they’ve been through. What they’ve seen. What they’ve done. How they grew up.

They are actually canonly hunters of legend. The hunting community tells stories about them. The Hevenly fucking Host tells stories about them. The entirety of Hell has a fucking score sheet for who can fucking kill them to have stories told about them.

They are not helpless little newbie hunters. Right now, in this time, as it stand, Sam and Dean probably have more actual hunting experience (and experience with the supernatural in general) than John and Mary.

So using the excuse that the BMOL are amazing at this holds less than zero water. Considering the entire US branch was fucking wiped out by the fucking Knight Of Hell that Dean Winchester killed.

So no. No. She’s not listening, to them, or to the world as a whole, if she honestly thinks that the BMOL are a better choice than her sons.

my lit teacher gave us the option to write a paper on a character of our choosing and explain why the character does certain things. In other words I wrote a paper about how Dean says “fuck everything gotta keep sammy safe” and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself

Late night

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Characters - Y/N Singer, Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jake (OFC)

Word Count - 1400
Warnings - swearing, fluff, implied smut. 
Summary - Two late night visitors lead to a big secret being revealed. 
A/N -  Written as part of @kas-not-cas ‘ 2.5K follower challenge, my prompt is in bold. 

Hunting life could be tough, yet with a protective father such as yours, it became even more difficult. You’d left 2 days ago, successfully taking out a few ghosts. Your father was more than annoyed you’d taken on the hunt solo. 

Pulling your car into your father’s yard you looked for his car, finding it gone, you assumed he was out shopping or on a hunt of his own.

After unloading your car you settled on one of the sofas, a glass of wine in hand. Flicking through the channels on the TV you settled upon watching a wedding dress show.

“Y/N?” Your father’s voice rang through the house.

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Winchesters in Gotham (one)

“Y/N get out of here!” Sam yells just as the demon shoves you into wooden crate fracturing at least three ribs, while your trying to stand up the demon pulls out a switchblade and tries to stab you in the heart, you rolled out of the way. Instead of your hitting your heart the demon gets you in the bicep causing you to yelp. “Y/N go!” Sam says again as he shoots the demon.

Getting out of the warehouse was easier said then done, you’re fairly weak because you haven’t had a decent meal in at least a week- you were being used as bait for your brothers. The blood loss isn’t helping anything either, black spots dance across your vision. You collapse against the hard ground, out cold because of how much blood you’ve lost. The last thing you remember before blacking out is a masked man with a bat emblem across his chest.

When you come around again you discover that you’re in a hospital and your older brothers are nowhere to be seen. Instead of your brothers is a boy about your age who seems to be watching over you. “Hey.” The kid says when he notices you’re awake.

“Hi…” You meekly answer. “Where am I?”

“Gotham hospital.” The dark haired boy looks at you concerned. “You doing okay?”

“I’ve been better.” You answer, you wince slightly when you move your injured arm. “Who are you?”

“Dick Grayson… and you are?”

“Y/N Winchester.” A man pokes his head into the room and asks if he can talk to Dick for a moment. Dick nods and leaves the room leaving you in silence.

“I don’t like this Dick.” You overhear someone state. The man sounds like he is standing outside your doorway.

“Bruce, we spent two days looking for her family… and within those two days we haven’t found anything!” Dick retorts. Your heart sinks. If Dick and this Bruce person spent two days looking for Sam and Dean without any luck; it more then likely means your brothers already left town… leaving you behind. After a few minutes Dick and this other man walk back into your hospital room. The man introduces himself as Bruce Wayne… and he’s your current legal guardian (reluctantly).

When you’re released from the hospital you realise that you left your phone on the backseat of the impala and you don’t have your brothers’ new numbers memorised yet. Cas isn’t answering your prayers either.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
You’ve kept to yourself since you came to Wayne manor, sure you would make small talk with Dick every now and then but that was about it. Everyone who lives at Wayne manor is human, you’ve subtly tested them. Saying Christo, giving them salt when they asked for sugar- things like that.

“Hey Y/N,” Dick says one day. “Bruce wants to talk to you.”

“Oh… okay.” You reply getting off your bed and following the dark haired boy. “You wanted to see me Bruce?” You ask softly when you and Dick enter the study.

“Yes.” Bruce answers. He stands up and pushes a hidden button revealing two poles behind the book case. One pole says Dick the other says Bruce. “We hardly tell anyone this but we’re making an exception for you. You’re not an average teenager are you?” Bruce pulls out your gun out of a drawer and sets it down on his desk.

“Huh, I wondered where I put that thing.” You shove your hands into the pockets of your new pants. Bruce was nice enough to buy you a some new clothes so you wouldn’t have to wear the same outfit day in and day out. The red phone on the desk lights up and Bruce calmly answers it. The man on the other line is apparently a police officer.

After Bruce gets off the phone he and Dick make a run for the poles, before Bruce goes down he looks at Alfred, the butler. “She’s allowed in the cave, she’s one of us now.” With that Bruce slides down the pole. Alfred closes the bookcase and leads you to a hidden elevator, and the two of you go down in silence. When you exit the elevator you are shocked when you realise that you are standing in a superhero’s lair. The shock doesn’t last long though… thanks to Dick.

“Oh my god. Dick please put some pants on!” You exclaim looking away from him. Dick is in a black superhero mask, a yellow cape, a red shirt with short green sleeves… the most disturbing part of the outfit is the fact Dick is in his underwear. Which you didn’t want to know the color of.

Surprisingly the costume for Batgirl fits you, but you don’t want to be the next Batgirl. Bruce, well in this case Batman tells you that it’s just a temporary name.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam and Dean POV-
It’s been a month since the boys last saw you. Your footprints and the blood trail just stopped, the only thing that gave your brothers a hint about what happened to you was the sulfur nearby. Another demon had taken you away from them just when they got you back from one.

“For all we know she might be, might be…” Dean can’t bring himself to say it, you couldn’t be dead. He didn’t want to even think of the possibility that you were dead.

“We’ll find her Dean, we always do.” Sam says placing a hand on his brother’s shoulder. Dean nods playing with your phone in his hand. He found on the floor of the impala next to the place you normally sit. When Cas pops in your brothers look up from what they are doing. “Did you find her?” Sam asks.

“No, I’m sorry.” Cas answers. Dean sets your phone on the table next to him and puts his head in his hands. Guilt of not helping you get to the car safely rises in his chest. Your eldest brother starts to blame himself for your disappearance. Everyone jumps when your phone starts playing (default ringtone). Dean picks it up and sees a number from New Jersey.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Gotham, your POV-
Although you don’t want to, when you get a new phone (a gift from Bruce) you dial your old cellphone number just to let your brothers know you’re alive. “Hello?” Dean’s gruff voice answers.

“Hi Dean… it’s me.” You reply. Your brother seems skeptical. “Perhaps the word Poughkeepsie rings a bell.” You went with that particular code word because it wouldn’t send your older brothers into a panic unlike funkytown and there’s something on my shoe. “Or how about the first motel in the phone book if we get separated?” Dean suddenly goes into overprotective brother mode, once he knows it’s actually you and not some elaborate prank.

“Where are you and are you okay?”

“I’m feeling fantastic. As for where I am, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Dick leans against your doorway and mouths batphone. Telling you that the police commissioner needs Batman, Robin, and Thrush. “I’ll call you back, need to go.” You say into the phone. You hear quite the list of profanities as you hang up.

“What was that about?” Your friend asks.

“Nothing really. I just called an old friend of mine.” You answer as the two of you head for the study. Once in the study Bruce tells you that the Penguin was at large again. “The Penguin?” You ask suddenly confused. Since you became Thrush you’ve met only a handful of bad guys that roam the streets of Gotham- the Penguin wasn’t on the list.

“He’s a foul man, I’ll give you details when we’re in the cave.” Bruce says before sliding down the pole.

“A bird pun, really?” You mutter to yourself as you go down the other pole changing into your super suit. You roughly based your suit off of Batgirl’s suit, but it is different. For one thing your cape is made out of (favorite color) fabric your suit and mask are a shade lighter than black and around your waist is a utility belt similar to Batman’s.

You race Robin to the batmobile to see who gets to sit shotgun. Although you haven’t known Batman/Bruce and Robin/Dick very long, the three of you act more like a family then you and your brothers ever did.

When you meet the Penguin he is with a man you know really well- and that man is Crowley. You clench your jaw slightly unaware of the fact you clench your jaw the same way Sam does. Making the king of hell suddenly suspicious. “Who are you?” Crowley directly asks you.“You remind me of someone I’m not overly fond of.”

“The feeling is mutual.” You retort. “Name is Thrush.”

“Tell me Thrush… do you happen to know Sam, Dean and Y/N Winchester?” You knew Crowley was going to throw something like that at you, just not that blunt.

“Who are you, exactly?” Batman interrupts glaring at the king of hell. He wasn’t sure how Crowley knew your real name but he wasn’t going to chance risking your secret identity to get answers.

“Where are my manners.” Crowley sarcastically replies. “My name is Crowley the king of hell.”

“New sidekick Batman?” The Penguin sneers. Leaning against his umbrella. “Let me guess she is all talk and no fight.”

“No, it’s the other way around Penguin.” Robin points out just as you knock one of the Penguin’s henchmen to the ground and render him unconscious with a swift kick to the back of the henchman’s head. “Holy knock out…”

“Now is not the time for your bad expressions Robin.” You say, now fighting another henchman. Crowley watches from a distance, to him Thrush’s fighting style screamed Y/N Winchester. The henchman you’re fighting nails you in the ribs. You fall to the ground feigning an injury so the henchman would let his guard down.

On the way back to the batcave, Batman asks about the king of hell, and how he knows you. “I’ve known Crowley for years now.” You explain. “I never know if that demon is going to be any help or stab everyone in the back.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Bunker, Sam and Dean’s POV-
“Hello boys.” Crowley says causing your older brothers to pull out their guns and point them at the demon.

“What do you want Crowley?” Dean demands.

“Harsh squirrel. Here I was in a generous mood and going to give you some information on your sister.” The term ‘your sister’ catches your brothers’ attention. “I guess you’re not interested in finding her. Guess I should take my leave.”

“Crowley wait.” Sam says standing up and lightly grabbing Crowley’s arm stopping the demon in his tracks. “Y/N has been gone for almost a month now… will you please help us bring our little sister home?”

“Well since you asked so nicely… I believe that your sister is in New Jersey under the name of Thrush.”

“How do you know?” Dean asks in response not wanting a false hope.

“Well for one thing the girl, Thrush, clenches her jaw the same way Moose over here does, and the other thing is you Winchesters have a unique fighting style.”

“Wait hold up… what do you mean by fighting style and did you see what ‘Thrush’ looked like?”

“Unique fighting style as in, can bring a fool to his knees in seconds. Thrush… a lovely thing really, feigned an injury so the person she was fighting would lower their guard.” Sam and Dean share a look. “And to answer your second question I didn’t get a good look at the girl. So I can’t tell you what she looked like.”

“I admit it, faking an injury like that is something Y/N is constantly doing.” Dean says itching the back of his head.

“It still shocks me that some one like Y/N can be related to the two biggest idiots on the planet.” Crowley mutters.

“What was that?” Dean asks.

“Nothing.” Dean throws Crowley a skeptical look but doesn’t say anything. “If it is any help Thrush was with two others Batman and Robin.”

To be continued.