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“Guess we’re old soldiers, hey Shepard?”
“Yeah, I guess we are.”
“We know the score. We know this is goodbye.”
“When this is over, I’m going to be waiting for you. You’d better show up.”

I’ve always loved the fact that Shepard gets to fireman-carry an injured Kaidan back to the ship not once but twice during the games.

So I kind of like imagining that she occasionally does that in social situations too, as basically her way of saying, “I’m bored, we’re done here.”

“Wh- Shepard, what are you… [resigned sigh].”


Playing a vanguard in the first game basically amounts to being the loud, shotgun-wielding tank of the group. This means that husks, thorian creepers, and other such mobs pretty much exist solely to waste my time.

Inevitably, one or two of them will get past my beefy ass and latch onto Kaidan while I’m distracted, at which point the fight becomes a race against the clock to chew through the horde before that lone husk gets through my dear lieutenant’s shields.

God will I be glad to have Biotic Charge back.

Character Headcanons: Sleepwear for ME3 Normandy Crew

I wanted to do a warmup exercise, so I poked around for some prompts and found one for sleepwear. Here’s the crew of the Normandy in ME3–or at least, a lot of them–and what they wear to bed.

These were written quickly and from gut feelings rather than by doing super extensive research, so it’s possible I have minor canon goofs here or there.

Shepard wears a t-shirt and cotton shorts to bed–habit from long years of sleeping in shared bunkrooms and being on the ready for an emergency call at two in the morning. Her personal touch on this is shirts with silly slogans. She started off with a rotation of just three (spacer-born habits means that she keeps her personal belongings to a minimum), but one day when an emergency call from the Council dragged her out of bed at an ungodly hour, with enough time to put on pants but not enough time for the full uniform, Joker noticed. Now he buys them for her, with increasingly ridiculous designs, whenever they’re on the Citadel.

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