Mercy Graves + her sweet new coat from one of the BvS extended scenes :’)

honestly, who do I have to petition for Mercy to come back in Justice League 2k17 ಠ_ಠ


       I was in some weird alternate world. There was this awful threat that nobody knew how to defeat or kill. They were like invisible amorphous blobs but they could turn into anything you could imagine. The only way to see them was to spot weird and wavering areas. They also only came out at nighttime so people would run to the nearest shelter once they saw the setting sun.

       My family, some friends and I were hiding behind locked doors but went out to explore a strange world after the sun rose. There was a heavily wooded forest in one direction and a broken city with slanted and destroyed buildings in the other direction. I insisted we head toward the slanted buildings and I heard somebody say “We have 90 minutes.” I assume night falls much quicker in the dream world I was exploring.

       Upon entering one of the buildings I discovered there were strange staircases absolutely everywhere. They would go up and suddenly go down without warning. They ended up leading to other rooms with different secrets but they were somewhat irritating to navigate due to how random they were. I went through countless rooms full of torn up and unrecognizable items and I made sure I was still with the group along the way.

       We ended up entering a room with tough metal floors and walls. Everything was torn up within the room just like the other’s but this room had heavy machinery and what I believe was destroyed armor. There were torn curtains despite the room having no windows. There was light still shining in from the other rooms which was our only means of being able to see.

       I blindly stepped further into the darkest edges of the room and then I woke up…

Artist problem:

When you’re still awake at 2:15am and your graphics tablet starts calling your name but you need to sleep (don’t have the space to set up)

Anyone else get that? (Warning: something insane is happening in the tags. Don’t even ask. Just know it involves C sharp singing phantom graphics tablets. Seriously - don’t ask. I need to sleep .-.)

the best way to write dream sequences is to do it while listening to dearly beloved. this is fact


“Oh, this makes a lot of sense… I’m going to take on twelve armed men with nothing but my good looks and a quick wit.”

jessica alba as dinah lance, black canary
(yes these are all clips from barely lethal except the smallville ones let me live)

bonus this old photoshoot:


Stress relief sketches of my precious freckled bb.
[Child Ace & all grown up Ace]
The 2nd one is from a dream I had of him recently, Ace smiled at me just like that in it. <3