• What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Joss Whedon spent at least half an hour of the two hours of movie time during The Avengers to dedicate to the relationship between Clint and Natasha. They obviously have a very deep and personal bond, he spared her life and gave her a second chance and she used it to join the good side. Throughout the whole movie they show time and time again that they care more about each other's safety than anything else. Not to mention that little Easter egg in Captain America 2, that arrow necklace that Natasha is wearing when they're in their casual clothes. The franchise was obviously setting up for Natasha and Clint to become an item, and what the fuck happens in Age of Ultron? They just throw that out the fucking window, all that buildup for nothing, all that PERFECTLY GOOD CHEMISTRY FOR NOTHING jesus fucking christ I can't take it
  • what she says:i’m fine
  • what she means:i think i’m in the minority who actually loves clint barton aka hawkeye. he is underestimated and often seems not to be in the group. i feel sorry for him bc ppl don’t notice him. he is a good man with the most wonderful abilities. my heart melts and i just wanna hug him and tell him he’s an amazing hero who saved our world. he is so precious and absolutely a cinnamon roll.

so I am just curious, Kate says (she has not spoken in an hour, not that this is unusual, hawkeyes believe in the companionable silence of the First Caffeine of the Day)

is it always like this.  bullshit and bruises

–bullet holes– (Clint’s leg really hurts)

and magic, and bullshit,

—that was bullshit twice—

just in general a life for which there is never and will never be enough fucking coffee the morning after?

pretty much, Clint says

… well right on then.  we are out of coffee.

—bullet hole, Clint says.  stairs.  (Clint is not in the mood for stairs.  stairs are not much fun with four good legs, they’re just plain fuckery with two good, one dodgy and one with a bullet hole.) Simone?

Simooooooone. <3